Session #16 • RA

My Past Lives & Incarnation Lessons

Summary: The text discusses the various past lives of an individual, highlighting their experiences and lessons learned in each lifetime. It mentions that the person's current lifetime involves learning the lessons of service to others. The text also suggests that the person has lived multiple lifetimes on Earth and other star systems.

I am ra, we greet you in the love light of the one, the infinite creator. For all is one and the one is you, and you are the creator. Today, this instrument seeks to get information regarding its various past lives that it has lived till today.

Firstly, this is this instrument’s seventh lifetime on earth as a human being, learning the lessons of third density in order to get ready for the next fourth density of consciousness. Before that, this instrument’s origins lie in the star system known to your kind as the platinum star system. Its real soul name is closer to Carlo in your language terms.

Today, we will tell the brief past lifetimes of this instrument to make you understand how reincarnation works and the various lessons that need to be learned in each lifetime before the current lifetime.

This instrument was born in a land known as Shanghai, China on March 15, 1944. His name at the time in the earthly language was Losing. During its lifetime in China, he played the role as a teacher of martial arts. His lessons in that lifetime were to learn the lessons of love. However, in this past lifetime, this instrument could not completely understand what it meant to love. He was killed in a so-called gang infiltration of the opposing martial arts forces that used to operate at the time space, at around August 14, 1992. And then reincarnated into the current lifetime that it is living now.

Prior to this lifetime in China, he was born in the lands known as Russia on 24th October 1876. In that lifetime, his name was Andrea Chesnakov, wherein he lived his lifetime as a woman on earth. During this lifetime, this entity’s lessons were to learn forgiveness. He used to be a Soviet composer and a teacher. It was robbed by her own brother at that time. In addition, this instrument was able to forgive this entity who had robbed her at that time. Hence, its lessons of forgiveness were completed in that lifetime. Its lifetime completed on 14th March 1942.

Prior to this lifetime, this entity was born on 12th December 1805. During this lifetime, he lived as an Australian pastoralist and politician. In this lifetime, this instrument had to learn the service to others, to the various entities that were incarnated on earth along with it. During that lifetime, however, it was not able to fully serve others at that lifetime because it was not able to fully serve others some of the self service caught in its way during that lifetime. Hence, it was not able to completely learn the lessons of service to others. And in this present lifetime, he also has to learn the lessons of service to others. This entity died on 20th October 1875.

Then, in the previous life before that, it was born as an English girl on 17th December 1737. And it was killed during a cart accident with its parents the following year at a young age. This lifetime did not allow much for this instrument to learn the lessons and gain experiences.

Then, before that, this instrument was born in the year 1st November 1643 as an English man again. It was named John Stripe by your kind. In this lifetime, it learned a lesson about history and became a biographer for the king that ruled at the time. This lifetime was very productive for this instrument’s soul as it learned a lot of lessons regarding wisdom and gained some experiences to ponder upon its soul evolution as well. The entity during that lifetime wrote many books, some relating to the biographies of the famous personalities that lived at that time space.

These are all the lives this instrument has lived on this planet. Before that time space, it lived many lifetimes on the lower third density to second density consciousness on the Pleiadian star system. At this time, this instrument can only handle this amount of information. Further information may be provided at a later period of time when it becomes more ready.

We’ll leave you now in the love lights of the one, the infinite creator.