Session #160 • Metatron

Dark Secrets About Kanye West

Summary: Metatron, a magnetic Consciousness, communicates through this channel to provide information to all beings. November 11th is a powerful day for manifesting the future reality based on the vibrations chosen in this timeline. To manifest the desired future, one must cleanse their energy body and use imagination. It is also a day to be grateful and strengthen the connection with the higher self. However, one must be cautious of desires attracting negative beings and selling their spiritual essence.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness in communication at this time through these channels vibration for the purpose of allowing and answering the queries. Furthermore, I am communicating in the Divine Light love of the universal light grip programmer at this time for the purpose of providing information to all beings who shall come in contact with our message. Further, I, as Metatron magnetic Consciousness, must also state that today I am connected on this spacious timeline to this channel as the universal Divine grid programmer has given opportunities to open at this time of the time period nearby to the space-time of 11th November as credit by this channel which signifies the creation of the numbers considered as an important day form the people must remember to use this opportunity at this timeline by remembering the five aspects of the self which opens up at this time.

Furthermore, firstly at this time each entity has to realize that November 11th is but a time for manifesting the future of reality. This may be considered as the most powerful day in your timeline wherein the universal Divine Light Grid programmer aligns you to the vibrations which you entertain in this timeline. Which means that based upon the vibration which you are choosing in this day, you will find the same reality in the future timeline. And this day may be considered as the greatest day for the purpose of manifesting the highest vibration timeline in this reality. This will allow each one of you to recognize within the inner perceptions of the self about the workings of inner reality which will a theme entity and each one of you who are present in the Earth planet at this time to manifest your own future reality.

The best way to do so is find the process of firstly cleansing your energy Body by letting go of any emotional trauma which you may have stored within your energy centers. And by letting go of this aspect, you will then welcome forth new energies which will allow you to align yourself into the highest perception of the vibration of inner reality. And the size perception of the vibration of any reality will align and allow you to manifest your future by truly focusing and remembering all the vibration of having already the desired fulfilled. This will allow you to manifest your future reality.

Furthermore, also one of the tools which will assist in the creation of the future reality in this timeline is the process of using imagination complex of your people to allow Your Divine love light spiritual complex to become capable of manifesting the desired future reality.

The other aspect which the people of your planet must remember at this time is to understand that November 11th may be considered as a day of being grateful for what you have in your life. It may be considered as a day wherein throughout the year you have to look for and mention all those things for which you are grateful at this time. Furthermore, this type of gratefulness will emanate also a vibration and will eventually allow you to have more experiences and things to be grateful of in your life. This may be considered as the most powerful day in this timeline which will allow you to be grateful at this time in your life.

Further, I as Metatron would recommend the people of your planet using your own discernment and free will to write down 10 aspects for which they are grateful towards in this timeline. And by doing so, they will be able to find those things which will aid them in this reality of being grateful in this timeline.

Further, we shall now also state the other thing which must be remembered by each Universal love like child on this day of November 11th. Which is this is the time period wherein the connection with the higher self is strengthened during the time period. Which means that the people of your planets will have higher probability of allowing your silver cord to become more connected with the higher self of each Universal Divine grid programmer. This means that the connection with the higher self is strengthened during this time period because of the choices made by each entry in this Incarnation Rhythm and cycle of transition and recognization of the highest perception of reality.

Furthermore, this connection can be also strengthened by entering the Silence of the self in this timeline. The inner self must be opened up in such a way that there must be silence within the self. By focusing on the space within will allow the higher self-connection to be of such a high nature that there may be also messages which may come forth as feeling vibrations from the higher self’s portion at this time.

Furthermore, we as Metatron magnetic Consciousness must also state that during this time period many entries may also during their dream state have the connection and the ability of sensing the future reality as well as have the ability of sensing other types of vibrations which may be available for each entry to sense in this time.

Further, more ah yes Metatron must now also state that during this period of November 11th each individual Universal Light Grid programmer can find itself in this timeline having the ability of creating awareness with the inner self and with the Creator. This means that each individual mind body and spirit complex has the ability of creating the vibrations of in a reality in this timeline which can be perceived through the process of learning to understand their inner aspects of the domain of the Mind Body and the spirit complex.

Further, the entry or the Universal Divine grid programmer has to realize that in this Incarnation reality is constructed by the inner self which is constantly communicating with the higher self portion which is also able to transmit information to each individual portion of Consciousness to Grant the required understanding.

And the final aspect which may be available to each individual complex of Mind Body and Spirits in this time of November 11th is that there must be precautions taken by each one this precaution may be such that furthermore the entry in question known as the instrument wants to understand about the concept of selling the spiritual Essence to the so-called devil as known by the people of your planet. Furthermore, I as Metatron using the vibration patterns of light and love of the universal defined rate programmers shall now address this aspect.

The socalled selling the soul to the devil concept was created primarily because many entries in the Earth planet who are always vibration of desire which is a lower level of vibration are prone to be receiving such types of contacts from negatively oriented beings as such types of contacts are primarily created from them domain of the inner self which means that such types of contacts are also able to be created for each entry in the Incarnation is able to sense a higher perception of inner understanding which furthermore has the opportunity of aligning and allowing each entity to understand that the vibration of desire is what attracts such types of Soul selling to the devil or the negatively oriented reptilian social memory complex.

Furthermore, during such time periods any Soul which we correct this Channel with an excess desire may be approached by The Reptilian social memory complex in their dream state and they offer Soul contracts to such entities which are created based on their desire and based on what they can get in exchange. Usually, the desire is for the purpose of gaining fame or monetary benefit as known by your people in exchange of delivering subconscious programming messages of the reptilians which is if accepted by The Entity and its higher self is created after the soul contract is created events begin to happen which allow the Universal lightweight programmer with whom the soul contract was created to experience fulfillment of all of its desires which may seem miraculous to many and this type of fulfillment well furthermore allow The Entity to recognize that its vibration within the timeline is of a nature which may be considered as of a higher perception in this time.

And once the entity is able to understand the inner working about the pathway of the inner self such type of fulfillment of the events will then allow the entity known as The Reptilian to then use the positions of power and influence over other entities to influence them and to create fear or confusion to the masses and this creates the vibration of fear or confusion to the societal complex of the human Collective. Furthermore, if the entity is not able to complete its mission of spreading the message of fear confusion and other underlying messages of the reptilians then such entities are usually in the space-time experience set forth with mental breakdown as well as emotional breakdown which causes havoc to their success. This is usually the case which has happened with and it is known as in your language system terms by your people as Kanye and as well as there are many other so-called beings who have experienced this type of vibrational reality. Furthermore, ah yes Metatron now must leave you in the Universal Divine grid programmers love and light turn to the mountain of light within yourself. Bye.