Session #161 • Galactic Federation

The Euphrates River

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through vibrations, discussing the drying up of the Euphrates River and the significance of this event. They clarify that it symbolizes the awakening and ascension of 2.6 billion people, not the destruction of mankind as predicted in biblical prophecies. They also provide five methods for connecting with one's higher self, including lucid dreaming, meditation, astral projection, journaling, and using imagination. The Federation states that these methods will help individuals communicate with their higher selves and gain a deeper understanding of their inner consciousness.

We are the Galactic Federation and we now communicate through this instrument’s vibration from our location in the Saturn planetary sphere. As recognized by the vibrations of your people, the Galactic Federation is here to guide all of you at this time and this journey of recognizing about the true inner purpose to align with the vibrations, which will be of use to each one of you at this time.

Furthermore, with a Galactic Federation shall warn each one who shall listen to our messages that our purpose for this communication through this Mind Body Spirit complex is to allow each one of you the opportunity to experience a higher vibrational state of distortion, which will allow you to choose what is valid or invalid based upon your own inner experiences. Furthermore, the first query placed in the mind complex of this instrument relates to the vibratory sound complex location as Euphrates as known by many of your people in your language terms. Furthermore, at this timeline, there is that concern over the happenings which have been occurring at the location known as the Euphrates River.

Furthermore, the Euphrates river, which as we can sense, is located in the location known as in your vibratory sound complex as Middle East, is considered as one of the longest rivers in the world. However, at this timeline, it seems to be drying up almost completely. Furthermore, we must state that there have been certain discoveries which are being found upon the receding water that have been discovering cave systems and other structures which have been found located under the river. Furthermore, many of those prophecies which were written in the booklets of your people, as known in your language term as the Bible, and in the Book of Revelations, there are many chapters, specifically chapter 9:14 through 9:15, wherein there have been predictions which were already made.

The prediction states that it will release the Four Angels bound to the great river Euphrates and it also states that the Angels were released to kill a third of all mankind. Therefore, we must state that however the statements which happen understood by your people are not accurate, we must now correct the intrusion using your own free will to either accept our thoughts or reject them. We must state that according to the prophecy which is written in the booklets known in your vibratory sound complexes Bible, the Euphrates River drying up would cause massive changes at the end of 2.6 billion people crossing over from the planetary sphere. We must state that this is, however, an inaccurate representation of what is being said in this timeline. We must see that the drawing up of the Euphrates river in a true sense of your language term signifies that the new Earth will include approximately 2.6 billion people of your planets.

Furthermore, this is possible as more and more people begin to awaken to the truth of their inner consciousness and as they begin to realize about their own inner self in this timeline, to try and to understand the vibrations which happen available to the people of your planet, that there are many people who are awakening and the symbolism of the Euphrates river will allow many others to awaken. This includes one-third of the population of the Earth planets in your current calculation terms, which is 2.6 billion, who will reach the vibration of Love eventually as they begin to awaken more and more. This also signifies in the way the coming of the new Earth and also it signifies the ending of the cycle of the old Earth.

Furthermore, this process of the ending and the creation of the cycle of the planet Earth will allow for entities to not only receive the new vibration but also they will find it becoming capable of receiving a higher level of understanding within the inner domain of the self. Within the Euphrates River, there will also be many artifacts which will be found. These artifacts primarily include those remnants of the old civilizations which have existed around this River. These artifacts may also be considered as rare materials by your people and in the coming days, such artifacts will be found which will allow your people to understand greatly in detail a higher level of understanding of your existence in this planet.

Furthermore, the full process of graduation of the earth planets will only happen after the time of 2030. Since up to the time of 2030, there are two timelines which are possible, as we have already stated in many previous sessions through this instrument’s vibration sound complex. We should now address the other query which relates to what are the five ways to connect with the higher self portion of each mind-body and spirit complex in this timeline of your existence.

We must state that there are many methods which can be used. However, we must also state that these methods which we are now going to provide will be the best methods which can be used by many of Your Mind Body Spirit complexes to communicate directly with the respective higher self-social memory complex.

The first method which we, the Galactic Federation, shall advise the people of your planet to focus on at this space-time experience is known as lucid dreaming. Wherein the higher self-social memory complex is able to communicate with the mind-body spirit complex in the dream state, which is also considered by many of your people as the domain of your subconscious portion of the minds. Furthermore, in the state of consciousness when all other aspects of your conscious mind, such as the mind wherein you have inner thought forms dialogues and conscious judging of the outside illusion complexes, therein lies the creation of a moment which opens up the gateway to allow this communication to occur. It is also the stage which may be considered as close to sleep, known by your people as rapid eye movement state, which is also seen in this type of sleep. Furthermore, in this portion of the activity, the brain is able to be active, however, the bodily complex is completely relaxed.

This type of sleep is able to provide with a higher level of understanding and remembering of the dreams which occur during the REM sleep state, which is also crucial for each entity to understand about remembering their dream state. Furthermore, we must see that the higher self-social memory complex of each entity represents unification and the sixth density Consciousness. And you can, and many of you may use this process of calling upon your higher self prior to entering the sleep state and place questions, which will allow you to take those questions to your higher self through the subconscious portions of the Deep Mind. Eventually, you can master this process and will receive answers.

Furthermore, the other aspect, as known by your people, is to meditate or to focus on the inner silence. Furthermore, this type of meditation, when done by the Mind Body Spirit complexes of your people, will allow your people to firstly enter into the silence of yourself, wherein each Mind Body Spirit complex can truly connect with the deeper potions of the inner consciousness and connect with the deeper portions of the inner self. And once this connection is made with the deeper portions of the inner self, this connection will allow each entity to have a higher awareness and vibration, which will be able to be opened up during such meditations. There is also a great understanding that any connection with any being can be made through the silence of the self, as all connections are but creations of the inner consciousness, and this connection will allow the higher self-consciousness to connect with each other and with the mind-body spirit complex in this incarnation will be able to communicate at this time.

Furthermore, there is another method which may be considered as an out-of-body experience, as known in your vibration sound complex patterns by your people, which may be considered as astral projection. Wherein the higher self, which is represented by the energetic consciousness of unification, the first stage required for this aspect is to transcend the identification with the physical body, the mind, then under aspects of incarnation at this time. Furthermore, in other words, when entities realize that they are not the physical body, they will begin to comprehend the unification with all matter and all beings in the universe. And this will allow the higher self portion of the consciousness to have a deeper impact of connecting with the entity who is trying to astral project into the social memory complex consciousness of the higher self. This can be done via the process of sensing that the entity is able to not only become a part of the higher self-social memory complex but also is able to use this connection to consciously connect and sense how it feels like to be a member of the social memory complex of the sixth density higher self-consciousness.

Furthermore, there is also another method which may be used by your people, and this method is known as in your language system terms as journaling or intuitive writing. Wherein each mind-body spirit complex desires of using this method can ask certain questions, which then can be read and attention placed upon such a question with the mind complex will eventually allow this question to be traveled to the higher self if the attention is placed at a rapid and for a long period of your space-time experience. Furthermore, by letting go of the hand portion to allow the hand portion to write a message without any control will allow the connection with the higher self to be stronger in this timeline.

The other aspect can be done by the process of using what is known by your people as imagination. As imagination that is known in your language terms is one of the greatest aspects of your inner self, which is able to conjure any reality and is also able to allow you to experience the nonphysical reality. Whatever can be sensed in the domain of imagination already exists in this incarnation reality. However, in the third density plane, the results of one’s imagination are not seen rapidly but they appear after a certain space-time continuum. Therefore, the receiving of such images and the receiving of such types of imaginative sequences allow for an energetic traveling of the entity’s consciousness into the highest vibration of understanding about the inner self. Furthermore, this type of imagination sequences of connecting with the other reality is also a great way for learning how to communicate with the higher self-social memory complex. By your people using the imagination aspect, entities can begin to become a member of the higher self-social memory complex and eventually understand how it is like to be a part of this aspect.

Furthermore, we as the Galactic Federation, must state that this is all we can sense an answer at the space time, we leave you now light and love of the one Creator. Go forth, rejoice, bye.