Session #162 • Pleiadians

Remote Viewing & Elon Musk

Summary: The Pleiadians provide insights on remote viewing, stating that it is a skill that can be taught and mastered by activating the right side of the brain. They also discuss Elon Musk's actions on Twitter, attributing it to a dream involving the Orions and the instruction to replace humanoid entities with reptilian hybrids. The Pleiadians emphasize the power of love light and how activating one's inner light can bring positive change and joy. They suggest using the muscle responsible for smiling to access higher states of consciousness and expand one's inner light.

We are the Pleiadians now communicating through this instrument’s vibration for providing our thoughts and insights with regards to the queries which can be sensed in the mind complex of this instrument’s vibratory patterns.

Before we start to share with you our thoughts and insights, we would like to warn each entity who shall listen to our messages at this timeline to remember to only accept those insights which resonate deeply with the inner hearts and leave behind those which may not find resonance with the inner heart portion of the self.

Furthermore, the query which pertains to the understanding of as known by your people as the process of remote viewing, we must state that the process of remote viewing has been used by many of the secret societies and the people in power to understand how Consciousness can be used to enter into any space-time location for the purpose of finding out information regarding the happenings in that space and time.

Further, many of the entities on the planet are able to acquire great information about a distant or a non-local space-time location, personality or various entities and events without using the physical senses. This is also the reason why many entities on the Earth planet may refer to remote viewing as the seventh sense known by your people. This is also associated with many of the abilities of your people from time to time, having intuitive flash or insight into the future that turns out to be correct. This is an example which is a common occurrence in your planetary vibration, wherein entities are able to focus their attention on moving through space-time to a particular timeline, and upon reaching such a location in Timeline, they are able to find information pertaining to the type of events and insight which turns out to be correct.

Further, there may be a difference between natural psychic abilities and remote viewing, wherein the process of remote viewing is considered as a skill which can be taught by The Entity’s inner portion to align with the aspects of how remote viewing can be used for the purpose of viewing accurately the space-time record information. Furthermore, the process of remote viewing is a primary sense which can be activated by tuning into the vibration resonance which is activated when the right side of the brain is activated more and more. This is done within the experience of your incarnation by firstly choosing a type of sequence of exercises such as breath work as known by your people, or other types of internal focusing exercises which will allow the left side of the brain, which is considered as the analytical portion, to sit down. After which, the right side of the brain is activated which creates a harmony within the interaction, and disharmony within the interaction between the super conscious and the right side of the brain can be used to activate this ability of remote viewing.

Furthermore, the process of remote viewing can allow for a higher flowing intuitive and analytical portion of the mind to shut down, whereas the right side of the brain, which is good at discerning the difference, can separate signals and can detect any type of vibration. Furthermore, the other query which relates to how can the Mastery of the process be attained, we must state that the process of remote viewing can be mastered by any entities upon your planet by choosing a certain area which needs to be remote viewed and by sitting in a closed room, closing the eyes, and focusing on that area. This will allow such an area to be detected inside the Mind complex, and upon training the self accurately, the events of that space and time will be visible inside the pineal gland area. This is how remote viewing can be mastered by many entities at this time. Furthermore, we as the Pleiadians must also state that there may be other types of sub abilities, such as the ability of sensing vibrational entities, as well as other abilities which may be activated during such a process. However, the process of remote viewing is only used for the purpose of sensing other space times in your location. This can also be used to sense the future timeline of a particular space-time container, which may be available through the process of interconnectedness with all components of the universe. The basics of the working of remote viewing may be considered as the interconnectedness of all components of the universe, since all portions of the universe are connected together. This is the process which allows remote viewing to exist and occur.

Furthermore, the other query which the entity has placed today relates with an entity known as Elon Musk and why is he removing the so-called staff from the company as known by your people as Twitter. In this regard, we must state that the reason why the entity known as Elon is doing such an action is because the entity known as Elon, in its dream state, was approached by the Orions wherein they were giving him a future of higher level of success in the field of using the company known as Twitter. However, we must also state that there is a higher chance that the entity may have misunderstood its dreams, for in the dream state, it was shown and given certain tools and methods which will allow it to be successful. And one of the tools which was agreed upon by both the Orion social memory complex as well as Elon Musk, the entity is the factor that the entity known as Elon is to remember to only allow hybrids or reptilian hybrid entities to work on the company known as Twitter. And this is the reason why many of the humanoid entities have been forced to leave Twitter in order to replace them with reptilian humanoid-looking beings, which shall be escorted through spacecrafts in the coming days. Furthermore, we the Pleiadians must state that this is the main reason as we can sense upon scanning the vibrations of your planet, which may seem unusual to many of you at this time.

Furthermore, the instrument also desires to understand information related to how to use the power of love light. We must state that the power of love light is, in a way, the lighting up of your life and the world with your soul. You can use the power to light your life and the world by fully switching on the inner light and awakening your soul on all levels of your being. The light which resides within yourself, inside every human being, has the power to change every circumstance, experience, and awareness. This is a single switch which carries the divine connection of a soul, which allows such a soul entity to have its own personal power and love for all beings in the universe.

Furthermore, this type of light, when fully activated, can allow an entity to live on Earth in a fully submerged state of light beingness, which is accompanied by the process of fulfilling their hearts desires as well as their soul’s purpose and simply being joyful in all moments. We must state that there are many beings upon your planet who may be considered as the enlightened beings who have offered many methods of reignition or full activation of the inner light switch within each chakra of the bodily complex. And to bring forth wisdom and light which will allow many to accept the power of light’s love in life. Furthermore, many entities must remember that this inner switch can allow a person’s life to change from hard difficult circumstances to a positive one, and from a place of deep suffering to a place of healing and completeness.

Further, we as the Pleiadians must also now state that the human soul’s inner lights, when activated, will guide itself to its own inner hearts and will allow the key to opening one’s heart to experience true happiness on Earth. This type of teaching and healing will illuminate all of your energy centers, also known as chakras by your people, in order to receive the full activation of the lights within yourself and bring a change to your inner beingness. This will also bring a new awareness of how to live life as a light being. This will allow for the sharing of love, the deepening of love, and the switching of love for life, as love is a divine energy which is present within each soul in her heart. It will allow the love to soften, deepen, and unite as a soul with other souls and make life worth living.

Furthermore, there may be many types of distortions which are available in each entity’s inner hearts. The key to success lies within the process of slowing down and deepening the soul connection within yourself, and then to share the inner love deeply. This is the inner love which will have and allow the experience in life of your Earth planetary sphere to allow the inner heart to fully expand. And throughout your challenging situations or catalysts, you will be able to use this light body within yourself to expand to the universal energy of light and love. Furthermore, we must state that this process of activating your lights within your inner self will allow deeper healing to take place for all other human beings and entities who shall come in contact with you. And we must state that a new doorway will begin to open in your life to support each one of you to access your personal power and true relationship with the inner soul.

The method which can be used for the purpose of expanding your inner light is to use the muscle in your face which is responsible for creating a smile. And this muscle, if used as if the entity is smiling, even though their circumstances of the outside world may not reflect this attitude, if the entity were to smile and use this muscle, it will eventually and automatically allow its energy core of the inner light to shine. And this will also allow the entity who shall use this method to enter into a higher state of consciousness. Which will eventually allow this higher state of consciousness to expand and reach other beings in the universe. This is the simple process which can be used at this time.

Therefore, we as the Pleiadians now leave you in light and love. Bye.