Session #163 • Metatron

New Moon is a Spooky Wild Card

Summary: Metatron warns that the upcoming new moon will bring new and intense energies to Earth, which may not be easily handled by everyone. The moon's proximity to Saturn will allow the Galactic Federation to send higher energy vibrations, particularly to those with a vibration level above 250. These energies will bring positive changes and a sense of completeness, but it is important to guard against emotional reactions. By staying present, connecting with spiritual guides, and focusing on positive experiences, individuals can prepare for the new moon and harness its transformative power. The concept of free will is also discussed, emphasizing the balance between predetermined events and personal choice.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness now in communication through the vibrations of this Channel. Through the vibration granted by the one universal Light Grid programmer, as the universal light grid programmer has allowed this communication to reach the Earth planet this auspicious moment. Wherein you all, the people of the Earth planet who are the creations and the divine love like Childs of the light grid programmer, have moments of around aspects about the objective which you can achieve and also understand about the new moon and its effects upon the energy vibrations of the Earth planet.

Ah yes, Metatron magnetic Consciousness must warn each one of you who shall listen to our messages to only accept those thoughts which provide you with the highest vibration pattern of reality. And you must remember to let go of your inner understanding and judgment if the information does not resonate with your inner self.

Ah yes, Metatron must now address the first query which pertains to what is the new moon which is occurring at the time of around November 23rd to 24th on the Earth planet. About there is a higher chance that this new moon will bring forth new and wild energies for many of your people who may not be ready at this time. Therefore, this message is sent forth as a warning to all the universal Divine Light grade programmers present at this Earth planets in this Incarnation. Trying to understand about how this new moon will affect the energy vibrations of each mind body and spirit entities.

The moon satellite is known by your people is approaching closer to Saturn planets during this time. Wherein the proximity of the moon and the Saturn will be close enough to receive energies from Saturn. The energies from Saturn will be received in the form of love light vibration as the Galactic Federation may use this opportunity and have decided to use this proximity to send a higher flux of energy vibrations.

Which may allow many Mind Body Spirit complexes to feel the inner distortions of not being able to understand about how such types of vibrations will have a drastic effect upon each mind body and spirit complex. Furthermore, the energy which is sent by the Galactic Federation will be full of the vibration of iron level of Love, which all entities who are in the vibration above the level of the scale of Consciousness as referred to by your people as the level above 250 or the level above neutrality shall receive. This energy vibration will be such that the energy codex will help on receiving the impact on the moon will then be reflected to the Earth planet. Furthermore, this will happen on an energetic basis and there would be no signs of physical light being reflected. Furthermore, the energy will shift to the highest level of Love vibration form the planet Earth and those beings who are the universal love life of the one infinite Creator who shall be at the level of vibration of above 250 is capable of referring by your scientist will be eligible to be accepting such vibration to be capable of bridging into the higher levels of reality.

This will allow each one of you to choose a stance of neutrality in this life and in the Incarnation with regards to the information which is also being transmitted to the people at this time. Further, the energy vibrations once it will hit the earth planets and in the time of 23rd to 24th of November will see a massive flux of changes within the situations and Incarnation experience of many entities. They may experience a higher surge of change of a positive nature in their experience and some of the entities may also experience the Divine Light and love of the universal light grid programmer to such an extent that they may feel completeness and wholeness. Further, the other reality which must be remembered during this time will be to protect the energy vibrations against emotional reactions.

Since the people of the earth planets have the tendency to react to anything negative which may arise in the Incarnation, therefore, they may have the opportunity of understanding that all reactions are but creations of the facets of the mind which are in a way a type of reaction to a situation which is not acceptable by the self. Such reactions of emotional nature are primarily created from within the inner vibrations. When the entity is able to feel a sudden change in the nature of the Mind space, and such a change in the nature of the Mind space may also provide the entity with a greater level of understanding that the inner vibrations which shall change in the timeline will allow the entity to choose what type of emotions they will adhere to words and all Universal light grid programmers must remember to be conscious of the types of emotional reactions they will provide to the various situations which may find themselves in at such a time.

The reception of any emotion which may be unwanted will not only provide a hindrance to such an entity’s progress but also may provide a hindrance to the reception of the energies which are approaching the Earth planets in this space and time. Further, I as Metatron must also now address that in this moment the people of your planet must remember to take some time out of their life cycle and just focus on staying in the present moments to be satisfied with all that is available in the Incarnation.

This type of activity is to be done and using the Free Will of each Universal light grid programmer. Such types of activities will allow them reception and the absorption of the love and light energy which is approaching at the time. This will allow the highest vibration to emanate from within the inner incarnation of each entity and there may also be a greater realization from left the minds, the body, and the spirit complex wherein The Entity will have a higher Distortion of understanding about the inner vibrations of the self. There may also be several layers of lessons which will have to be learned by each entity at such layers of lessons are primarily about the Mastery of the Present Moment by focusing on the moment in which they may find at this time. They will be able to precede this moment and will find themselves having a higher energy of a more positive nature. This will allow them to rejoice in the moment and stay in the presence of this reality.

Further, other types of opportunities which will be available to many in this time, one such opportunity is to connect with your spiritual guides whom may primarily be present in the planet Saturn since many of those spiritual guides are already members of the Galactic Federation. They may be able to have an open connection with many of the universal light grid programmers at this time allowing for a faster connection and communication. Such communication with Spirit guides are available through the process of giving thanks for the connection and listening to the answers which may arise within the inner Hearts.

Such type of connection will be available at this time furthermore I as Metatron must now also state that the second query which pertains to a simple method which will allow the people of your planet soon be fully prepared for this new moon. I must state that there is but one method and that is using the Mind complex to ask the question how would you feel like if ever since you were young only positive events occurred and have occurred in your life. And this query, well by asking the self will allow the feeling of completeness and inner satisfaction to our eyes and once this feeling of inner completeness and satisfaction arises there will be a certain change felt in the lower energy centers of the red ray, the orange Ray, and the yellow Ray where in the Universal light grid programmers who begin to feel such a feeling of wholeness and completeness as if all desires were fulfilled and also the feeling of positive energy shall arise.

This query can also be used to attain or vibrate in the level of completion or Unity which is the level of creation of all of your desires. If the universe likely programmers were to ask this question How would it feel if ever since it was young all of its desires were fulfilled then such a query will bring forth the emotion or the feeling of completeness which you’ve maintained during the timeline will allow for a higher perception in this domain of incarnation allowing form higher levels of vibration for such entities to learn from.

Therefore, I as Metatron is now also address the understanding about the aspect of free will. There is a query placed by this instrument which pertains to understanding about the free will in this universe. I as Metatron state that there are two facets of free will which has to be learned in this Incarnation. Firstly, is that the universe may be considered as a matrix by your people where there is not absolute free will. There is only free will beyond the facets of what has been predetermined by the universe. Furthermore, this means that in the universe Matrix there is but the light codex which provides two types of free will. One is the Free Will of the self, and the other one is the Free Will of inner Choice.

Which means that if an entity is on the earth planets they wanted to experience through free will, they must firstly remember that there will be certain events which have already been planned by the self prior to the Incarnation along with the universal codex which will allow certain events to happen no matter what. Furthermore, such events may have an affect upon the inner vibration of the self. There may also be a higher perception of expression within the internal rhythms of reality which will eventually allow each entity to have a higher choice in this regard. Which means that there are other events which may occur only based on the choice of an entity. Such a choice is to be created from the choice of recognizing the higher aspects of the inner reality which means that all emotions and feelings and Sensations are able to create reality in the timeline and all emotional states of Consciousness which are able to be connected with the inner vibration of the self is able to align and allow each entity with a higher perception of the Mind space.

This means that there may be certain events which will happen based upon the choices made by each entity in the timeline. And these choices are primarily determined by the levels of Free Will. Such as the Free Will which is based upon the freedom to choose any thought form and based upon this freedom to choose any feeling or emotion and then the freedom to choose any type of emotional reaction to events is the ultimate Free Will which is available in this universe and the personal Divine love life child’s level. Therefore I, as Metatron, must now state that each mind-body Spirit complex must turn to the mountain of Lights within yourself go forth in this reality turning to the mountain of Lights, Bye.