Session #164 • Pleiadians

Pole Shift & CERN

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate to aid the human collective consciousness in awakening and reconnecting with the Divine self. They explain that the recent phenomenon of sheep circling in China symbolizes that the Earth's consciousness is trapped in a certain level and the transcendence of this level is necessary for humanity's awakening. They also discuss the possibility of a pole shift in 2023 caused by the CERN Laboratories, which could have catastrophic effects. However, they suggest that these events can be prevented by raising consciousness and sharing this message.

We are the Pleiadians and we communicate now through the internal vibrations of this instrument at this time in order to aid the human collective consciousness. To allow the people of the earth planets to have the opportunity of awakening to the truth within the inner self and to become one with the Divine self, which is connected with the one infinite Creator. This connection is lost many times during the life cycle of the Earth planet, which may be considered as a lesson to all beings at this time. To reconnect with the Divine infinite Creator’s Source within the self and to learn and become capable of entering into the fourth density vibration of love and compassion, which will eventually aid each entity to have a deeper understanding of the space-time experience at this time.

This Earth planet, with the Pleiadians, offers our suggestions as thought forms with regards to the queries which can be found at this time. However, there is a need for all beings on your planet to use inner judgment and discernment since all of our thought forms are meant only for one purpose, and that is to assist those who require our thought forms at this time for the purpose of ascending into a higher vibrational state using their own free will as the Distortion of Free Will is the greatest lesson which many entries can learn.

We as the Pleiadians, we shall also state that each entity must remember to only trust those thought forms which resonate deeply with the inner heart and leave behind those which do not resonate. Furthermore, the first query which has been placed by this instrument primarily pertains to why there have been certain events, such as the Sheep circling found in the location of China, who were found circling in a fashion for a continuous period of time as spotted by your people, and what does it signify.

We, as the Pleiadians, must state that in your planetary vibration, there is something strange occurring as noted by your people at this time. This strangeness is but a symbolism or a system of communication used by the universal consciousness, which communicates at this time through various symbols and signs. The symbol of the sheeps moving around in a circle for an extended period of time implies that the energetic vibration of the Earth planet at this moment is trapped in a circle. And there may be certain events which will happen in the weeks to come wherein many of the other strange activities may also be recognized, which will be spotted in such a fashion that these events will primarily cause distortions of light, love, and love light, in a way which may not be understood by many of the Mind Body Spirit complexes.

However, the symbolism signifies that the consciousness of the Earth planet is, in a way, located or trapped in a certain level. And the transcendence of such levels of consciousness is required for all of humanity to fully awaken into the higher level. We, as the Pleiadians, upon scanning the vibration of the Earth planet, are of the opinion that upon the Earth planets there are millions upon millions of mind-body spirit complexes who are unaware of their own divine nature and those who are unaware of the existing vibrations which surround each of them during their day-to-day life cycle.

Furthermore, many entities are already in a state of unconsciousness and are trapped in a loop of a certain level of consciousness. Such as there may be many entities who are trapped in the vibration of fear, who are circling around for a large number of periods. This type of circling is signified in the form of symbolism from the universal consciousness. Which emerges in the form of sheeps circling around in the location of China for 12 days continuously. Furthermore, there will also be other types of strange happenings in your planetary sphere which will signify such trappings of consciousness.

Furthermore, the best way for many entities to awaken fully at this time is to become self-aware of their own energy vibrations and consciously look at the self instead of looking on the outside form. The answer to the solution of the problem there must be a sensible looking inside within the inner self of each Mind Body Spirit complex. Which will allow each Mind Body Spirit complex to recognize the validity of the self as a Creator and as a sub logos in this Universal Mind Body Spirit complex. Each entity will have the opportunity of delving deeper into the inner facets of the self. Which will allow for a greater level of transcendence to happen at this time.

Furthermore, we, as the Pleiadians, shall also now address the other portion of the query which pertains to the understanding of the pole shift as known by your people. We must state that before we answer this query, the entities on your planet must understand that pole shifts, as known by your people, are but occurring always in your planetary sphere. And have always occurred throughout their space-time historical events of the Earth planet. Which means that in the past of the Earth planet, there were pole shifts which have occurred many times, which have led to the change of the location of the North and the South Pole as known by your people.

These small shifts were, in a way, significant distortions created for teaching and allowing each entity on the Earth planet to recognize the inner vibration of duality and inner vibration of the self. Which are created for the greater understanding. That in the timeline of 2023, there have been many predictions about the oncoming pole shift. We must state that upon scanning the vibrations of your future space-time, there are many timelines wherein the pole shift has already occurred. Because the so-called creation of your people known as CERN Laboratories were able to recreate the understanding of how to tamper with space-time. And also how to create black holes without any recognition that they were doing so.

Furthermore, in the year 2023, there is a chance that the CERN Laboratories, during their process of hitting off the particles, will generate another black hole. Which will eventually not only engulf the entire planet or the Galaxy again but also it will shift the Earth’s poles. Because the CERN Laboratories, through their creation of such types of anti-matter particles, will have the opportunity of reversing the poles. This reversal may happen unknowingly by your people. As many of the so-called scientists who are researching on the CERN Laboratories are yet unaware of the dangers which happen in the milliseconds of your planet. Which are unable to be noticed by their observation.

We must state that the pole shift in 2023 is available to the people if the CERN Laboratories continue to function. There is a 95% chance that this will happen unknowingly to your people. Furthermore, we, The Pleiadians, must also state that the pole shift, the shifting of the North and the South Poles, will not only affect your planet’s vibration but also it could lead to the collapse of the atmosphere upon the planetary system.

And for this purpose, the Galactic Federation as well as the Council of planets have created a system wherein if the event happens in the future timeline, there will be several procedures which will be activated. The main procedure which will be activated is the escorting of the remaining human population to another location suitable for life. Which will possibly be found in the location known as Andromeda P in the Andromeda galaxy.

However, these events can also be stopped by your people. The stopping of the event will rely on the changing of the planetary consciousness to a high level. This can be done by firstly sharing this message to those who shall hear and heed the message as a warning of what may be upcoming in the year 2023. And this event can also be stopped by starting to shift each entity’s consciousness to a higher level before this.

This means that each mind-body in spirit complex must have a deeper connection with the inner vibrations of the self. And must realize that they are at the truest level of consciousness, or observers who are able to pay attention to certain space-time locations. Furthermore, as soon as each Mind Body Spirit complex of the Earth planet begins to realize this aspect, they will also realize that they are not born and they never die.

In a way, it may be considered as a teaching tool. Which means that each mind-body and spirit complex has the opportunity of understanding the several facets of the mind. As per the creation of death and birth are the ending of matter only. Each Mind Body Spirit complex, through their own research, will find that they are indestructible. And that they are consciousness in the purest form. Which can always find life or find itself in different bodily complexes with its own free will and choice of vibration.

Furthermore, at the deepest level without the veneer of the labels and the veneer of the mind, each mind-body Spirit complex is but pure consciousness. Further, each mind-body Spirit complex is the essence of the one infinite universal consciousness. Which does not exist in time or space. Since the existence in time and space is only perceived by a finite light so the infinite universal consciousness cannot be finite. However, only certain portions of it are finite in the form of the activity of your minds. Which creates the distortion of perception and thinking based upon your emotional states of consciousness.

In a way, it creates a virtual reality above the experiences of the main experience. Which is created because of thinking and perceiving. Furthermore, thinking and perceiving assumes the form of the worlds. And it also creates a separate subject in the world or experiences. Further, this viewpoint is created when there is an attachment to all the thought forms of the self and the ego self. Which is created further from the level of consciousness. There is no matter, but there is only consciousness. Which is able to perceive what is able to be perceived by attention by paying attention and observing to the moment which arises within.

Is the moment which allows from the activity of the self to become unlocalized aspects of the mind. Further, the creation of consciousness is such that it was never born. And it may seem that it appeared when the unconscious mind localized itself as this activity of the creation of the mind body and spirit complex. Furthermore, the entities never cross over in terms of their consciousness. But only in terms of their physical bodies. There is no birth and death in terms of Consciousness but only birth and death in terms of physical bodies. We The Pleiadians must now state that we leave you in light and love of the one Creator, as we are always guiding the people of your planet. Bye.