Session #165 • Galactic Federation

The Last Wave of Darkness

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through vibrations to provide information about the upcoming event of the Looking Glass in December. Negative entities plan to use an energy wave to amplify volcanic activity in the Yellowstone region. Consciousness trapped near the dried-up Euphrates River causes sounds and vibrations. Individuals can shift their consciousness by choosing between love and fear. Nostradamus had multiple incarnations to fulfill its mission as a spiritually focused entity.

We are the Galactic Federation and we shall now communicate through this instrument’s vibration patterns at this time for providing our thought forms in order to communicate with this instruments in her heart sequence. This will allow the instrument, as well as those entities who shall be in need of this communication, to understand the information which shall be provided at this time. Furthermore, the entry known as the instrument has requested many queries of which we are now going to address and share with you our information, which is related with the greater understanding of the Mind complex activity at this time.

We are now going to address the query which is in question, which is about the next event of the Looking Glass, as known in your language terms. However, before we start sharing this information, discernment is advised to be used at this time by all man body and spirit complexes who shall come in contact with our messages. Furthermore, there is but one message, and that is each entity in this timeline must remember that The Next Looking Glass event is happening in the month of December, wherein the entries known as the Orions and The Reptilian humanoids have plans to firstly use their creation of an energy wave distortion amplifier system, which they have created in the Martian planet, to send a wave of energy to the Yellowstone volcanic region. This may cause the volcanic activity in that area to be amplified if such a wave is not stopped by the people of the planet.

We must state that this region is highly volatile and if the energetic waves reach the volcano, there may be many types of explosions and volcanic eruptions, which may lead to the creation and understanding of the patterns of reality. This will furthermore allow such a volcanic activity to occur in that time, and there will be many patterns which will be revealed, such that there may be many entities who may not be ready for such types of eruptions in your space and time. Furthermore, we, as the Galactic Federation, must state that this event’s approximate timeline is around the December 24th, as known by your people, wherein the negative entities have found an appropriate timeline, as per the Looking Glass information, to activate this volcano.

The Galactic Federation must also state that there may be many types of distortions in this timeline which can be activated at this level of consciousness, and as such, there may also be many types of understanding of the creation of reality. The entity has to realize that this can be stored via the process of providing a shield of energy wave where, indeed wave around the Earth planet by using individualized portion of consciousness under meditation and connecting with the source within the self of each entity who are willing to act as the amplifiers of the love vibration. This will protect the Earth planet for any negativity emerging from the Mars planetary sphere. Furthermore, this is also the so-called last wave of darkness which is approaching your space-time in this timeline. It may be the last attempt this year by the negative entities to try and overturn the vibrations of the planetary sphere towards their own behalf.

We shall now address the other portion of the query which pertains to what are The Sounds coming out of the Euphrates river. We must state that the river Euphrates has dried up and many types of consciousness trapped within its shores. This happened around the period wherein the civilization known as the Mesopotamians and there were other civilizations who were available at the period of around 4,000 years approximately, wherein these people were interacting and learning the lessons at that period. There were many beings and entries of the human collective consciousness who had retained an understanding of functioning in the basic third density beginning stages of reality. However, they were unaware of the full consciousness which is now available to the people of the Earth planet.

Hence, at that time, there were many types of entities who were from different planetary spheres and as well as from the Angelic realm, who had incarnated in the form of human collective consciousness to assist in the transition by teaching them several teachings and knowledge which was required to be learned. However, because of the lack of full understanding of the functioning of the human collective consciousness, many of these Wanderers became entrapped in this location because their souls were entrapped in the vibrations of the beginning third density reality, as they were unable to realize that they are Wanderers with a mission.

Hence, these entities all were found attached to the location known as the Euphrates river, and this is the distortion which is being felt at this timeline. The voices which are being heard are from those entities who are located near the Euphrates river base, which means that these entities who have wandered off from their cores have chosen to stay as Elementals beneath the river Euphrates, and they have made their home in a way beneath the River Euphrates. This is the reason why many entries here sounds and vibrations emerging out of this River.

We, as the Galactic Federation, are now going to address the other portion of the query which pertains to the understanding of a spiritual method which will assist those who want to shift their consciousness at this time. We must state that every moment is an opportunity for all entities to choose between the vibrations of Love or fear. The vibrations of Love or fear are the basic choices which can be made at this time, which means that all entities who are able to firstly tune into the vibration of love will have the opportunity of firstly sensing this reality and also in a way they are able to let go of the vibration of fear.

Every moment, there must be a choice made by each mind body and spirit complex to either Feel Love or fear. This can be done by becoming self-aware of the lower energy centers in the location as known by your people as the stomach area, where in such a focus can be placed and this focus can allow the vibration distortion of understanding of firstly realizing how to feel the vibration of Love Will Allow which to feel this vibration. Furthermore, we, as the Galactic Federation, must also state that this density upon which each entity finds itself in is called the density of choice. In this regard, there is a choice to be made in every moment, either to tune into the vibration of Love or fear. Furthermore, this choice will allow the dynamics of the two pathways: the choice of choosing to use the vibration of love for service to others and to use the vibrational fear for service to self.

The vibration of Love is an example of service to others, whereas the vibration of fear is an example of service to self. Furthermore, in this density reality, it is the central theme of all incarnation cycles in the third density to make this choice between the higher and lower vibration, between the light and the dark, or between the love and the fear vibration, and between service to others or service to self.

We are now communicating with those that have made this choice of service to others, and we, in our third densities, also during our various experiences, made that choice which chose the part of light and love. This allowed us to serve others, and now it is your time to do so by making this choice. When you do make this choice, you must realize that you will begin to work with the one infinite creator’s force, and that force will allow you to continue in whatever pathway you desire to continue in, either the part of service to self or service to others. Begin to allow you to feel the power and resonance which is able to allow the internal rhythms of space and time to be activated in this timeline.

Furthermore, many entries in this reality forget that each action is emerging from either the vibration of Love or the vibration of fear. We shall now share the answer to the final query which pertains to the past and the current lifetime of an entity known as Nostradamus by your people. We, as the Galactic Federation, are now going to address that the entry known as Nostradamus had an impact upon the planetary sphere as a Seer of space-time, and predictions were given predicting future events which have led to the culmination of many of these events happening in your space-time.

We shall now move backwards from its current timeline incarnation location from 1503 wherein it had incarnated upon the Earth planet, and it crossed over in the time of 1566. Prior to that, it was found in infinite timelines and possibilities, and for the better understanding of your people, we shall only share one of the timelines of its incarnation cycle. Prior to incarnating in that timeline, it was found in the space and time location as known by your people as the timeline of 1840. It was known by the name of Jan in the location as known in your language terms as France. It had incarnated at that time for the purpose of learning lessons as a spiritually focused entity, whose focus was on learning to understand and better experience the spiritual inner nature of the self and focus on the internal vibrations of understanding about its own inner nature.

Furthermore, this entity in that timeline was able to fulfill its mission as a Wanderer the second time, which was the primary purpose for which it had incarnated at this time. This was the second timeline it had chosen to incarnate as a Wanderer on the Earth planet. Prior to the first incarnation, it was found in the timeline wherein the entity was able to spend its timeline in the location of Atlantis, around a period of 45,000 approximate space-time years. At that time, this entity had obtained the vibration of fourth-density consciousness by making the choice of choosing the vibration of love. This incarnation furthermore aided this entity to the highest understanding of the mind’s, the body’s, and the spirit complex’s totality.

Furthermore, this entity was also in that timeline given many opportunities of learning to understand the inner aspects of the self, primarily to become self-aware, and then to choose the pathway it chose. The pathway of service to others in that timeline, after which this entity, having learned many lessons in that timeline, was able to find itself in various locations and timelines wherein the main purpose of this entity in that reality was to learn to experience how to understand the inner vibration of the self. It was able to learn about the first and the second-density consciousness experience in that time in the planets of Arcturus A, wherein its first-density experiences and the second-density experiences began. It was known by the soul name of Imar, which means to overcome obstacles.

Furthermore, the entity in this timeline, prior to that, was found in the location space-time as known by your people as the location of Sirius A. It currently finds itself in the location of the Sirius A planetary sphere, learning the lesson of advancing into the highest vibration of learning wisdom and to understand the lessons of later fourth-density sub-octave completely. Hence, we as the Galactic Federation now leave you. Bye.