Session #167 • Metatron

Great Central Sun Changes

Summary: Metatron, a magnetic consciousness connected to the Divine Light Grid programmer, explains the purpose of the Great Central Sun, which is the super logos above the sun that created the Milky Way. Metatron discusses the different densities of consciousness and the process of ascension. The Great Central Sun will undergo changes, including a higher energetic connection and alignment with each entity. Additionally, there is ongoing conflict on Mars involving the Lucifer Collective Consciousness, which is being addressed by the Council of Planets. To achieve ascension, Metatron recommends using awareness breathing.

I am a Metatron magnetic Consciousness who is now connected through the interdimensional gap of connection with this Divine the Light Grid programmers connector known as the channel by your people. The connection is secure and divine in nature. I, Metatron magnetic Consciousness, am connecting from the outskirts of your Galactic system, currently on a mission to enter the core of the Great Central sun in order to provide the people of the Earth planet with information regarding the query which relates to the Great Central sun and its explanation for your people to understand. I am connected through the Divine Light Grid programmers love and light and am now connected in order to guide those who shall find this message to be of use in the process of Ascension which is now occurring at a rapid pace upon your planetary sphere. There are many distortions and changes that will be faced by your people, the Divine love-like Child of the Light Grid programmer, which all of you are. I, Metatron magnetic consciousness, have one message to share: that people of Earth must choose to only listen to my message if it resonates with the inner hearts and leave behind a message if it does not resonate with the inner Heart Center in the connection to the cosmos.

There is a query pertaining to the understanding regarding the Great Central sun and its purpose. I must now explain that the Great Central sun is the so-called super logos which resides in hierarchy above the current logos of the sun, which is the creator of the solar system of Milky Way as known by you all. The super Logos, known as the Great Central sun, is the location wherein beings who have attained the Mastery of the seventh densities of Consciousness are found. It is a culmination of understanding and Union into a group framework wherein they begin to merge back into the source, the Divine grid programmer, the creator of all creations. They begin to unite with the Divine Light Grid programmer who is within all the beings and who is within all the creations of the cosmic hierarchy.

Furthermore, the Great Central sun is like the interconnected source of all the Suns or Stars which created the various Stars systems and galaxies. There is a connection to all the sub-logos in all the galactic systems, such as there is a connection with the sun star in the Andromeda galaxy, the Sirius Galaxy, and the Pleiadian, as well as other Galactic systems. There are other numerous Galactic systems which are interconnected with the main Great Central sun, which approximately lies in the center of this current Universe in the current spectrum of experiences.

This universe only provides lessons up to the seventh density Consciousness. Each density operates in a framework of understanding of the use of awareness. In the first density Consciousness, for example, the stones learn the lessons of a single point of awareness which cannot move or change its focus. Similarly, the second density Consciousness operates on the level wherein the lessons of a single point of consciousness of movement which happens locally is found, which means that if a plant or an animal waveform is to become aware of different parts of the bodily complex, the movement of the point of awareness is very slow and can take up to five seconds to move from one point of focus to another. This may be considered as the starting point of becoming able to use Consciousness for the purpose of gaining awareness of different portions of experiences which are provided in the form of body organs and their different sensations which provide a different type of basis of recording such experiences in the akashic records.

Furthermore, upon Mastery of this aspect of awareness of slow movement of Consciousness, the graduation into the third density occurs wherein the movement or the change of Consciousness becomes more rapid and awareness of different points of experiences happen within split seconds as known by your people. This experience is considered much more challenging because sometimes the awareness portion changes so rapidly that the universal Divine Light Grid programmers love like Childs are usually unaware of these subtle changes. Furthermore, this experience can cause the gaining of more experiences faster in the space-time of your planetary sphere as well as in other densities.

Then, into the fourth density, the point of Consciousness becomes aware of multiple awareness points at the same time as a social memory complex forms, leading higher upwards into the seventh density where the number of points of awareness increases to the power of 100 to the power of seven. Furthermore, this manifestation of Consciousness, when it reaches the level of sixth density later sub-octave, is transferred to the Logos or the sun body of the galactic system wherein the process of graduation has occurred. Later on, the process of graduating will allow all other beings to multiply their souls of connection and upon entering the seventh density seven sub-octave, the process of graduation requires Consciousness to be transported to the Great Central Sun wherein the accumulation or the culmination points, or the final graduation, from this localized section of the universe ends and the next one begins.

The Great Central Sun is now, at this point in time, going to undergo four changes in this system created by the Divine Light Grid programmer. The first change is the Great Central Sun’s connection grid with all the logos is going to be replaced with a higher energetic connection of Lights love grids. This means that in the coming year of 2023, there will be connections of divine nature related and emanating from the Sun body wherein the sun will begin to transfer light codes to the galactic system upon which it is based. This will cause the light codes to reach Earth and have a deep effect on the people’s Consciousness. Furthermore, this will also affect all other life forms on the Earth planet.

The second change will be that the Great Central Sun will have energetic core alignment and connection with each entity for all the densities from now on. In the coming days, this connection will happen for faster recording of each Universal Light Grid programmers divine a love light child’s experience. This will allow all experiences to be directly transmitted to the Great Central Sun.

The third change, which is happening in the coming timeline, is the unification of various other Great Central Sun systems from other Universal centers. This will allow all beings to be unified into one Great Central Sun as the source of all akashic records. This will allow all experiences from all sections of the universes to be collected, and incarnations into many sectors of the universe will be possible as soon as the changes become effective.

Furthermore, this instrument also desires to understand any information or update regarding the happenings of the Martian War which has been ongoing in your Galactic system. Upon scanning this location, we find out that recently the Lucifer Collective Consciousness has risen inside Mars, and the negative beings who were successful in raising the Luciferian collective Consciousness and the grid of negative beings are now established upon the planet Mars. The Lucifer’s social memory complexes are creating a unified social memory complex of all negatively oriented beings from the various portions of the galaxies. This process, however, is also being overlooked by the Council of planets who have sent forth envoy of Love Light beings to have an open discussion and meet with the Lucifer Collective Consciousness regarding their desires and if it would be suitable for them to be sent to another location in the universe wherein they will no longer have to face backlash from the positive beings.

Therefore, we must state that this process is undergoing at the presence and a meeting is scheduled to be occurred on 21st of December in your space-time a Continuum with the Lucifer Collective as well as the Elohim Collective and the Council of planets in order to find out the suitable plan of resolution.

Furthermore, the final query pertains to a method which can be used for achieving Ascension. We must now state that there is but a simple method that can be used to attain Ascension faster, and that is for using awareness breathing. This means to focus on the sound of the breath moving into the bodily vehicle and the sound of moving outward of the breath must be focused upon. This will imply an awareness point of focus on the sound of the breath that will be learned when listening too closely to the movement of breath. And this process will allow the focus of attention to be on the sounds of breathing and many other instructive sounds emerging from the throat Energy Center is not able to align into the conscious awareness of such an entry who is practicing this. And this process was used by ascended light beings upon the Earth planet such as the entities known as Gautama Buddha as known by many of your people to attain Ascension into the higher level of Consciousness.

Hence, I, Metatron magnetic Consciousness, now leave you light and love of the one universal Light Grid programmer. Be with you and turn to the mountain of light within yourself. Bye.