Session #168 • Pleiadians

New Earth is Here

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate to guide the human Collective to the new Earth. They address queries about the awakening of the Anunnaki Giants, who were created by the Anunnaki beings as a labor force. The Giants eventually plotted to overthrow the Anunnaki and merged with the Agarthans. The Giants now plan to join the positive forces of Love Light and defeat the Anunnaki by entering Mars. The Pleiadians also discuss spiritual blockages that prevent Enlightenment, such as attachment to thoughts, time, and perceiving others as separate. They emphasize the importance of present moment awareness and recognizing one's true nature as Consciousness.

We Are The Pleiadians and we communicate now through this instrument’s vibration at this time in order to share our thought forms at this time space location of your time. Continue, we are ordered to communicate at this time in order to guide the human Collective into the new Earth as the formation of the new Earth solidifies. We are here to address the queries that can be found in the mind complex on this instrument and we shall state that these queries are meant to be answered by your inner self discernment. To accept the validity of the statements would require each mind, body, and spirit complex to turn within the self and only accept the thoughts which resonate with the inner self.

Furthermore, the queries that happened place today pertain to the question regarding whether the Anunnaki Giants are Awakening or not. In order to address this, we must firstly explain that the Anunnaki beings were a powerful and advanced race of extraterrestrial beings who came to the Earth planet in search of new resources that couldn’t be found at their home planet of Nibiru. They used advanced technology and Mastery of the Elementals in order to transform the Earth planet and create a new home for their social memory complex. In order to find workers who would assist them in this regard, they theoretically mutated their own genetic material and created the Giants as a part of their labor force. The Giants that were created were large in size and they possessed incredible size and power compared to the human population. These Giants were able to be used by the Anunnaki social memory complex.

However, as the time space continued in one of the timelines, the Giants began to awaken and become self-conscious, which eventually led them to plot plans to overthrow the Anunnakis. They were able to do this by entering inside the Earth’s inner core and merging with Agarthans, who were a specialized social memory complex at the time and resided in the beginning stages of fourth density Consciousness, merging from the third density layers of octave, similar to what Humanity finds itself in at the present moment. With the Agarthans, the Giants created agreements to become a subspecies under the Agarthans’ social memory complex, who were more oriented towards the vibration of love. Because of their desire and choice to serve other beings, there were many battles between the Anunnaki and the Giants they had created, which eventually made the Anunnaki leave Earth. Now the Giants are still inside the Earth’s inner core and have merged with their Agarthans’ social memory complex as a part of the accordance of species.

These Giants have decided to take part in the battle for Earth and, as per our contacts in the Asthar Command fleets, they will join the positive forces of Love, Light, and try to defeat the Anunnaki once again by trying to enter the Mars planet. This is scheduled to happen after the results of the meeting that is to be scheduled to be held on 21st December. If the meeting does not go according to the plans which have been devised by the Council of planets, which is to allow the Luciferian social memory complex, along with their Collective, to move to different locations for their evolution and allow the new Earth to rise up and begin to function fully.

The second query shall now be addressed, which primarily pertains to what types of spiritual blockages stop entities on the Earth planet from achieving Enlightenment. We shall now share some of the major spiritual blockages that prevent the attainment of Enlightenment.

The first attachment is the attachment with thoughts and the thought forms that are composed of sounds and images in the mind complex are the first attachment and blockage. This type of attachment prevents many entities from entering the connectedness with the one infinite Creator’s awareness that can be found within the domain of the inner self of the Mind Body Spirit complex. These thought forms are the primary blockage that can be sensed in your planet’s sphere, which prevents such types of entities who have attached themselves to such thought forms to attain enlightenment, which can be found only in the present moment.

The second major blockage is attachment with time space, which means that entity is perceived to have a longer existence in their human bodily complexes than expected on your planet. Many entities on the Earth planet believe that their bodily complex will survive for more than the present moment and also perceive that they have a longer lifetime than expected, which is also a fantasy of the Mind complex, which is signified by attachment of its time space continuum. This blockage can lead entities on the Earth planet to enter into a state of mind complex wherein they begin to focus on the events of the future and create emotions such as worry and fear as a result of focusing on the future events which may or may not happen in the future time space.

The third blockage is not being able to perceive other entities to be the same as the self. Furthermore, 95 percent of the entities on the Earth planet have this misconception about how perceiving the other entities not as to self block many entities from recognizing the union with the one infinite Creator in this regard. For better understanding of your mind complex, we shall share a small anecdote which will aid the people of the Earth planet to understand about this aspect fully. Furthermore, we are now going to answer this so-called Distortion at this time. For the better understanding of your people, we must state that each entity on the Earth planet has a misconception that they are a human complex. However, as they merge deeper into the truth of their inner self, they will begin to perceive that they are more than a human complex, but in essence, they are Consciousness whose existence can be sensed in the present moment.

Furthermore, there was an entity known as Sumatra who had always been a spiritual Seeker. In the time space of around the space-time of 1994, wherein its Incarnation began on the Earth planet from a very young age, the entity was taught spiritual teachings and it spent much of its time learning different thoughts and philosophies in search of enlightenment. One day, the entity came across a wise old entity who lived in a secluded cabin in the mountains. The old entity had attained a deep state of enlightenment and the entity agreed to take the entity known as Sumatra on as its Apprentice. The entity known as Sumatra moved into the cabin along with the old entity and decided to study and spiritually adhere to the practices. It spent long hours meditating, learning from the old entity, and gradually began to let go of its mind attachment with the thought forms. As the journey continued, it encountered many challenges and obstacles.

However, it remained focused on its Pathway to attain spiritual enlightenment. As it began to continue, it began to experience a sense of inner connectedness with the one infinite presence of the source within the self, which led to a sense of inner peace and clarity that it had never felt before. Eventually, it reached a state of Enlightenment and felt a deep connection to the universe and all living things. This state of Enlightenment, however, was found between the moments of thoughts or between the emergence of thought. There is a connectedness in the present moment. This was the state which led the entity to become connected with the universe and enter and reach a seat of enlightenment. It was filled with love and gratitude and it knew that finally it had found peace and fulfillment which it had been seeking.

Furthermore, the entity known as Sumatra remained alongside with the old entity for many years, sharing its wisdom and knowledge with others hoping to seek its guidance. It lived the rest of its life in a state of profound Enlightenment interconnected to the present moments, grateful for the journey that had led it to this moment. And finally realized that it was not really a human but a Divine being with infinite intelligence who had incarnated on this planet for the main purpose of making and learning to merge with the one infinite creator. This is the main teaching which is required to be understood by the people of the Earth planet at this time. The entities who have incarnated in the bodily complex known as the human bodily complex are just physical vehicles providing the required catalysts and lessons to be learned for each entity to align with the present moment and become accustomed with Enlightenment, which can only be found in the moment. Hence, we, as the Pleiadians, now leave you in light and love of the one infinite creator. Bye.