Session #169 • Pleiadians

Life-Changing Predictions for 2023 and Michael Jackson's Soul

Summary: The Pleiadians provide messages about future events in 2023, cautioning that they are dependent on individual choices and vibrations. They predict a resurgence of a virus in January, a global pause in February, and a shift in belief systems in May. They also mention changes in political leadership, the collapse of the Chinese government, and the rise of cryptocurrencies. On a personal level, they discuss catalysts for awakening and the potential for direct contact with extraterrestrials. They also provide information about Michael Jackson's past lives and offer guidance for the end of 2022.

We are the Pleiadians and we greet you now in light and the love of the one infinite Creator. We are communicating now in the light and love of the one infinite Creator’s presence through this instrument at this time in order to share our love lights messages that may appear in the form of thought forms in the vibratory sound complexes of your planetary sphere. We would recommend any entity that shall come in contact with these messages to use inner discernment and listen to only those thoughts that deeply resonate with the inner heart of the self.

Before we address the queries, we have to say that the meeting with the Council of planets and the Lucifer social memory complex was in favor of the new Earth program that will be initiated, which means that the Lucifer social memory complex, for the time being, have decided to not interfere with the progress of Earth. However, they may still be stationed on Mars. There have been agreements of noninterference of Free Will of Earth that has been decreed and accepted by them.

Furthermore, the first query pertains to the Future timeline of the Earth planet. We shall, however, before sharing such information, state that since the future timelines are dependent on the vibrations of each entity and choices made by each entity during each moment that gives rise to the Future. In the year 2023, we shall share some of the events that will happen and cannot be avoided if human and social memory complex doesn’t change its vibrations. We shall share this information both on the collective and individual level of consciousness so that each entity can understand this information with the inner heart of the self.

In the beginning of the year 2023, around the month of January, there shall be an old so-called virus by your people that will re-emerge upon the Earth planet, which will again rise up because of the focus of the planet’s attention upon it. And there will be possibilities of the old situations and events which occurred in the past to happen again. There will be many entities who shall live into fear-based messages that will be spread from such events, leading to more focus of attention on such events. And this will lead to the raising of the conscious attention upon these events that will increase the intensity of these events.

In the month of February, there are timelines wherein the Earth planet will pause for a period of 15 days. This pause will be caused because of a global pause to bring the transmission of a certain type of vibration across the various entities on the Earth planet to a stop. In the third month, the Earth’s vibration will begin to reassemble itself and entities on the Earth planet will have normalized lifestyles and will start to live normalized like before if the attention is taken away from such events. In this timeline, there will be massive discoveries about the so-called lies and conspiracies throughout the various parts of the planet.

In the fourth month, the Human Social memory complex will try to enter into the satellites of the moon again with an in-house human entity in order to explore the surface of the Moon. However, there will be severe challenges that could be faced due to unwanted changes in the mechanisms of the procedures used for such protocols. In the fifth month, the Earth planet will have a change of belief systems due to a massive event involving the so-called pope in your timeline that will bring forth a newfound belief upon the self rather than upon any outside forces. The human Collective will begin to regain its power at this time.

In the sixth month, we can sense large Fireballs in the sky near an administrative Center in the Eastern portion of the Earth planet in the location known as China, which will cause changes in the systemic patterns of Earth. The so-called Chinese government will most likely collapse, leading the People of that region with unfounded freedom from operation and regaining of free will. In the seventh month, there will be talks of centralizing all currency circulating on the earth. However, it will not go according to the plans made by the elites because the people who have awakened will wake the whole planet up against their plans to control Humanity. At this time, the so-called cryptocurrencies will reach their maximum value despite strong regulations against them made by the so-called governments of your planet.

In the eighth month, an old battle will end that will bring a wave of relief amongst the human population. In the ninth month, the people of Earth will begin to have direct contact with extraterrestrials from a location known as Sirius B. In this timeline, this will bring forth a much-awaited interplanetary communication system. In the 10th month, there will be a wait for events to happen; however, none will occur. In the 11th month, an important political leader will change its course, and this will allow opposite sections of the planet to unite together, forming a more Collective-like Consciousness on Earth. In the 12th month, the whole world will smile and enjoy for the year that paused the progress made and the new unfound Liberation attains.

On the personal level, there will be many catalysts and awakenings which will happen amongst all the entities of the Earth planet. These challenges of catalysts will allow each to awaken to their full potential and awaken from their separation and awaken from their separate sense of attachment with their body and minds. And they will begin to unite with their inner self by mastering living in the present moment. Furthermore, there will be light seen upon the moon which means that many entities will enter the moon satellite again in the time of 2023 that will allow the human Collective to finally find evidence of extraterrestrial activity on the moon. However, some of these may be found in the beginning phases of this section of time.

The second events that we can share relate to the change of human consciousness to such a drastic level that the so-called events related to the communication systems will have a huge slowdown in a month in the middle of the year. Furthermore, there will be many opportunities for entities on the Earth planets in the year of 2023 to explore the inner self and connect directly with the one infinite creator’s presence, which will allow the entity to deeply align with the deepest sense of self and let go of the ego minds.

We shall now address the second query pertaining to the Past lives of an entity known as Michael Jackson by your people, whose incarnation had started on the timeline of. We shall state the answer to this question. However, we are permitted to only share one timeline of the past incarnation of the entity known as Michael Jackson that will allow for a full understanding by your people.

We shall move backwards in time from this current incarnation and share information regarding the past lives of the entity known as Michael prior to this incarnation. It was found in the timeline around 1802 wherein it was known by the name of Walter in your vibratory sound complex terms. Wherein it had incarnated in the lands known as United States, wherein its main lesson was to overcome its desire to find true love. It faced many challenges due to this aspect of its inner self and was not able to truly find true love within its incarnation.

Furthermore, after learning the lessons of this lifetime, it was then able to understand that desire was the cause of its psychological suffering and it crossed over in the timeline of 1882. In this incarnation, it had practiced the art of donating the so-called money to other entities who needed it, which allowed it to use the universal law of the one infinite Creator to create a large ratio of positive karmic balance. However, it was not able to reap the Harvest of its positive karmic actions in that lifetime because it crossed over.

This was carried forward into the next incarnation wherein it incarnated as the entity known as Michael Jackson. Prior to this timeline, it was found in the lands of China at the time of around 1645 and was known by the vibratory sound complex name of Ting. Wherein it learned the basic lessons of interacting with other mind-body-spirit complexes. In this incarnation, it further allowed it to master its inner vibratory rhythms to understand truly the use of language for communicating with other entities. This incarnation was of a true nature, a tool which aided the entity in the journey of mastery of its true inner self.

However, the basic distortion of the yellow-ray energy center became imbalanced during this timeline that allowed the entity to face many challenges with regards to the ego minds. Prior to this timeline, it was found in the lands of Atlantis wherein it spent around 17 Incarnation Cycles learning the lessons of self-awareness which the entity had to master. In this timeline, it was guided by many other higher density beings. During this time period, the main lessons it learned were the lessons of a later second density entity in the form of animals resembling dogs.

Prior to this period, the entity was found in the planet of its origin at a timeline of around 988 million years ago in the planet of Mars, wherein it was referred to in the language terms as “ab,” which meant “the child of the Creator.” Rather than, it learned the essence of the first density consciousness as water element and later on as fire elements. Therefore, currently, the entity finds itself in the planet of Earth, learning lessons of a later third density again in order to learn lessons of love and graduate into the fourth density consciousness.

And hence, we the Pleiadians shall now address the final query pertaining to a simple method which can be used at this time. Since this is the period of the end of the year of 2022, we the Pleiadians social memory complex would recommend the people of your planets to recognize that you have had a journey of transition of a higher nature you can look back at your old self in the form of memory in the beginning of the year 2022 and you can compare yourself at this time at the end of the year 2022 and you will find that you have changed drastically many of you light workers and Wanderers have changed to such a level that you will feel that you are a different personality because of the knowledge you have gained through this time because of the self-awareness of the unconscious patterns you have gained at this time you have awakened to such a higher level that the progress made by many of you is affecting the whole planet as the whole planet dances in the light and love of this Rhythm that which each of you has adopted in this time the adoption of light and love will allow each one of you to even move further in the year 2023 we congratulate all of you in your journey of transformation and if you have recognized any progress made we must also state that you should congratulate your own self and be grateful for the progress made by yourself in this year and we shall now leave you beloveds in light and love of the one creator bye.