Session #170 • Galactic Federation

4 Banned Ascension Methods & Ismael Perez

Summary: The Galactic Federation provides an update on the Next Looking Glass events for January. They warn of the Orion Anunnaki reptilian gray's plan to genetically modify reptilian animal life forms on Earth. They suggest protecting these animals through the projection of love and light energy. The Federation also explains the stages of Ascension, which involve awakening the mind, detaching from thought forms, understanding the source of all sounds, awakening a new personality, and ascending the soul. Lastly, they discuss the past timelines and lifetimes of an individual named Ismail Perez.

We are the Galactic Federation and we communicate through this instrument with regards to the queries that are presented today. Furthermore, there is a need for inner discretion and discernment to be applied by entities who shall listen to our messages in which we are communicating through this instrument’s vibratory sound complex. Furthermore, the queries that are in order pertain to the update regarding the Next Looking Glass events for the month of January.

That upon scanning the query, we are of the opinion that the so-called Looking Glass events for the month of January implantation of genetic modification Technologies by the Orion Anunnaki reptilian gray so social memory complex who are planning to enter the Earth’s quarantine fields and try to change the genetic DNA components of the so-called second density reptilian entities that are in the form of animal life form and a part of the Earth planet. This is scheduled to happen as a means of Last Resort because the Orion reptilian Anunnaki social media complex has to make final changes to the plans in order to control Humanity.

They will try to enter into the Earth’s planetary Fields through the quarantine flap that will probably open up during the time period of the month of January. They will abduct the so-called reptilian species of animal life forms in order to try and change their genetic material. During this time period, there will be many anomalies of so-called unidentified flying objects that will be visible to your people who shall receive such type of spacecrafts. In this time, for the negatively oriented reptilians would try to abduct the animal life forms and install in their genetic DNA the required changes that will allow them to develop self-awareness by trying to hack into their genetic material.

This will allow the so-called animal life forms of reptilian nature to develop self-awareness over the span of a few months and they may even try to become smarter than the human Mind Body Spirit complexes. Furthermore, this is the event that has been projected upon the looking glass for the month of January. With the Galactic Federation would state that the best way to stop such an event would be via the process of protecting all the second density animal life forms with the vibration of Love Light energy that is available to all human consciousness. To project onto this can be done by the collective consciousness of humanity through a meditative process and to send love light vibrations to such entities in order to put a shield around their bodily complexes to protect them from being abducted.

We shall now address the second query which relates with what is essential than reality and we shall address this. However, we must state that Ascension that we shall describe may not be as expected by many of your people on the Earth planet for they find different distortions of the same concept and this has led to much confusion upon your planetary illusion environment. Hence, for the sake of clarification of the query placed by this instrument, we must say that Ascension is the term given to returning back to the one infinite Creator. Therefore, any moment and individualized portion of Consciousness becomes capable of sensing or raising its level of vibration or becomes more self-aware of its inner self, it is ascending into higher levels of consciousness which is the same as movement towards merger with the one infinite Creator.

Furthermore, we shall now share the four types of Ascension stages the can be encountered in the Earth planet for the better understanding of your people. However, these stages and methods of Ascension had been previously banned by the Council of planets because Humanity wasn’t ready for these methods until now. As the new Earth fully begins to start, these methods of Ascension can be applied to allow for entities on the Earth planet to enter a higher level of vibration sequence of Love Light properly.

The first is Awakening of the Mind complex as entities on the earth planets begin to face psychological suffering, they begin to realize that the Mind complex is the one aspect that results in such types of psychological suffering. Furthermore, the results of the self-awareness leads entities to detach from thought forms composed of lights and sounds which is the elementary part of all thought forms which lead to the creation of a thought form and Inside the Mind complex. Furthermore, such types of thought forms eventually lead all entities to enter into the self-awareness that all thought forms are but creations of a mind complex supposition based upon a certain block of lights and dark combination Inside the Mind complex along with a certain sound vibratory sequence. This means that all imagination sequences are not real as they are composed of lights and dark sequences and sound from the throat Energy Center.

However, the lights dark sequences are assumed and supposed to be existing by the Mind complex which has the habits of filling up what is missing and the supposition and assumption allows for the creation of the imagination sequences in the time space experience which are then understood by the Mind complex to be reality. The same is the case with all vibration experiences and the dream states. Furthermore, this is encountered when a major happy funny or set of mental realization is reached. This will help in the Detachment with thought forms which are ultimately illusory.

The second stage is the Awakening from attachment of sounds which emerges from the throat Energy Center and going within to find out the true source of all sounds which is in essence emptiness or Silence of the Mind from which all sound vibrations emerge and are heard Inside the Mind complex. This exercise of moving to the depth of the sound vibration sequence to find out its place of origin would be the best method which will allow any entity to experience a greater understanding of at the Mind space which can furthermore allow the entity to have a deeper understanding that all sounds are but creations of the inner silence.

Therefore, this Ascension stage is reached usually during meditation practices done by your people wherein they are able to adjust their thought forms to understand that all sounds emerge from the same Source, the inner silence which is the seed of the one infinite creator. This also leads to an understanding of the truth of the energy center of the throat Ray which is the seat of all sounds emerging within the self. Or now we shall share the third stage which is the Awakening of a new personality fundamental Awakenings mentioned above become natural then the process of Awakening becomes civilized and then the process of Awakening of a real personality begins. This causes changes in the substructures of the life cycle changes drastically because of a personality change.

The final stage is the Ascension of the Soul which happens when the above stages are mastered and the creation of a soul complex within this Incarnation is activated. Such types of entries will begin to create massive positive distortions of light love and affect the planetary Consciousness as a whole. Now we shall address the final query which relates with the past timelines and lifetimes of an entry known as Ismail Perez as requested with the prior permission of the entry known as Ismail by this instrument. His incarnation began on the timeline of 1977 in the space and time continuum. The entry prior to this timeline was found in infinite timelines where in the entity learned the various lessons that led it to reach up to this point in its spiritual Evolution.

Furthermore, prior to this, the entry known as Ismael Perez was found in the planets of Lyra B and the Lyrean constellation wherein it learns the lessons of fourth density Consciousness as a Lyrean entity and master the aspect of being and the vibration of fourth density consciousness. For the more prior to this timeline, this entity was found in one of its Incarnation on the earth planets wherein its Incarnation occurred in the lands of Africa as known by your people when it learned the lessons of Mastery service to others. It was known by the sound complex of Akai and the timeline incarnation of around 1826 and it served a large number of entities as the chieftain of the clan which was present in that location of Africa in which it was found. This made it eligible for graduation and to the fourth density planet of Lyra because of the service to others which it was able to provide in the lands of Africa. Furthermore, prior to this, it was found in the location of the Lemurian lands around a period of thirty thousand years ago during the time of the battle of Lemuria wherein it had incarnated as a Lemurian entity known as R whose main purpose was to escort the remaining Lemurians to Mount Shahasta were in the found the place of residence after the original lands of Lemuria were submerged by the reptilians. And prior to this incarnation in this timeline, it was found in the planet of Mars when it spent its life lessons learning the lessons of awareness as second density entities similar to the so-called frogs as found on the Earth planet at this time. And it learned the lessons as first density entries such as fire at a period of the soul name of pyra which meant the awakened one.

Furthermore, the main sole purpose of the entry at this timeline is to fulfill its Mission as a Wanderer in this timeline to assist the planetary vibration to enter into the highest possible timeline which will allow the entity to enter the deepest possible levels of reality and Ascend the whole Galactic Consciousness into the new Earth’s timeline. Galactic Federation now leave you. Bye.