Session #171 • Metatron

This is the Last Reincarnation for Everyone

Summary: The text discusses the process of escaping the reincarnation cycle by learning certain lessons. The first lesson is recognizing that all beings are interconnected and part of the same universal light grid. The second lesson is serving others selflessly, emotionally and financially. The third lesson is focusing on a single point of consciousness for an extended period of time. The final lesson is mastering the present moment by letting go of the egoic sense of self. These lessons are essential for individuals seeking to escape the cycle of reincarnation.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness, now connected through this Channel’s vibration at this time. I, Metatron, am here connected in the Divine Light and love of the universal light create programmer, the creator of the universe. I am present here through the divine presence and this instrument’s inner vibration in order to address the queries that are found in the mind space of this instrument, which relate with the perceptions of understanding about the aspect of learning methods to Escape The Reincarnation cycle at this time.

I, Metatron, must now state that there are certain things that have to be fulfilled in order to enable each Universal Light Grid programmer’s Divine love and light child to become capable of Escaping The Reincarnation cycle, and this process is very simple to be understood by those who are The Seekers of the light and love.

The first lesson that all among the Body Spirit complexes need to learn in order to Escape The Reincarnation cycle is through the process of recognizing that all beings are one and that’s the same Universal Divine Light Grid programmer having experience in different physical bodily complexes is the true nature of reality and that all is one universal Light Grid programmers essence.

This understanding being the first vital understanding which is required for all who desire to Escape The Reincarnation cycle because without this understanding, its virtual Essence will not recognize the validity of interconnectedness with all beingness. Therefore, for this lesson to be learned, many will reincarnate again, yeah, even though many times this Distortion understanding may be difficult to be crossed by many Mind Body Spirit complexes.

It is vitally important to understand and know that many of the entities on the Earth planets and other third density planetary spheres confuse their true Essence to be the minds or the body complex which they have chosen to Incarnate into to experience learning the lessons in each Incarnation cycle. However, this confusion or attachment with only the minds and the body prevents the unfound the true essence of the spiritual connection, which is the Divine presence of the universal Light Grid programmer.

This Distortion of confusion is ever present in the third density reality because of the Dual nature of the Mind. The complex which perceives the self to be separate from the rest also the perception understanding about the true nature of the self becomes tainted because of the lack of full focus on recognizing the true value of the self being the Eternal one, the universal light great programmer’s Essence.

Furthermore, this is needed by a lack of transparency in the act of the birthing process. Wherein the previous Incarnation memories are lost from the Mind complex of each Universal Divine Light Grid programmer’s love light child switch further causes confusion and leads to this understanding that it is this body and Mind’s complex only.

However, this can be found and perceived to be false by deeply understanding about the spiritual aspects of the self that lies in potentiation to be activated, which leads each entity to find out that they are Spiritual Beings instead of just mind body spirit complexes.

Furthermore, this understanding that we state here obeying the most difficult to grasp for many entities who have incarnated on the Earth planet for a short period of time or for a few incarnations because they become attached with the workings of the third density illusion complex as entities reincarnate again and again in the same types of situations in different planetary spheres.

They begin to search within themselves for recognizing themselves to be the true self of the one, the Creator and can provide a better understanding of their Divine love light nature. The second understanding required to be understood to escape the process of reincarnation is to learn how to act and serve like the Divine Universal light grid programmer.

This is one of the most neglected process understanding in The Awakening of each Mind Body Spirit complex on the Earth planets, the neglect the aspect of service to others. However, I, Metatron magnetic Consciousness, must clarify what are the types of services to others which is required to truly make an impact.

The types of services to others that is required is the helping of others to such an extent that the other seems to be the self. This type of service to others has been practiced by a few individual entities from the Earth planets which, in a way, practice to providing services to others through the process of helping others in the form of helping them and their third density affairs whether it be emotionally, physically, financially, or mentally.

All the above are services which will grant the Universal Light trade programmers Divine lovely child to enter the domain to understand that it is the one creators and it will Escape The Reincarnation cycle.

This process may be considered as one of the hardest to achieve because many a times on the Earth planet Incarnation becomes difficult and knowledge of the self-esteem is tainted because of the egoic attachment with things, objects, and the achievements of the self. Furthermore, out of the above service to others types, the first type and the second type which may be considered as assisting others emotionally and financially is considered the most valuable and the most difficult to pursue in the Earth planet because of the attachment style of each Universal Light trade programmer Divine love like Childs to the concept of currency or money as known by the people of the Earth planet.

Furthermore, the third lesson that is required to be Mastered by those seeking to end The Reincarnation cycle is to take focus on a single point of Consciousness for a large period of time and is usually practiced on the Earth planets.

This focus of attention on a single point of Consciousness that signifies Mastery of the single point Consciousness which is available on the Earth planet to all entities to learn from further this is the valued by the current systems which are used by the so-called systems of mainstream technologies that are prevalent in the Earth planets which are using instant change of focus of attention span what provides with a great hindrance in the achievement of these aspects.

This process of focus on the single points can be strengthened during either sleep States when the focus can be on one point of awareness on the bodily complex or focusing on one image in the mind’s complex during meditation or and the other way of focusing on a single point of awareness for an extended period of time the other aspects and the final aspects to be mastered is the Mastery of the present moment which requires all entities to be capable of sensing their inner silence which is the gateway to the Divine love light of the Light Grid programmer because all creations began from Silence of the minds.

The Mastery of Silence may be considered as the final step which will eventually allow all entities who Master this aspect of this association with thought forms and the egoic mind voices that will allow each mind-body Spirit complexes to master this interconnectedness with the Divine silence within the inner self.

However, this would require a giving up of the old self and sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to the old self. This aspect of letting go of the old self is the vital point which will allow each to master the present moment’s awareness. The letting go of the old self means shutting the egoic sense of self which is created through thought form attachments wherein every micro second each mind complex of the universal Light Grid programmers Divine Love light Childs on the Earth planets have their thought forms changed and their conscious attention focus on those thought forms which creates anxiety and stress within the mind.

This is the main Distortion blockage which prevents many entities on the Earth planet to find their true sense of connection with the Divine Light Grid programmer. Therefore, the letting go of this aspect is most difficult for entities on the Earth planets currently to learn from. Therefore, I, Metatron magnetic Consciousness, now leave your beloveds in the Divine love Lights of the universal Light Grid programmer turned to the mountain of Lights within yourself. Bye.