Session #172 • Pleiadians

Law of Attraction & Sadhguru

Summary: The Pleiadians discuss the law of attraction and its application for fulfilling desires. They emphasize the importance of connecting with intelligent infinity in the present moment, creating a positive karmic imbalance through sharing, and feeling the emotions of already having the desired result. They also share the timeline incarnations of a being known as satguru, highlighting the lessons learned in each incarnation.

We are the Pleiadians and we greet you now in Love and light of one Creator who has allowed this communication at this time space to occur in the space-time continuum. We are here to offer our conscious presence that may appear as thought form through this instrument that are perception when it is connected to us through its inner Hearts. We, however, have to warn is to use under discernment and only listen to those thoughts that provide a deeper sense of inner understanding of the requirements that will enable each mind body and spirit complex to enter the domain of Greater understanding to allow such mind bodies better complexes to enter the new Earth vibration timeline.

We shall now address the first query that is in the mind the complex of this instrument which relates with the understanding of is the law of attraction. I’ll start to the human Collective Consciousness correct or not in this regard we will share our thoughts that the so-called Law of Attraction systems and methods are correct, however, their application to the Fulfillment of a certain objective or a desired result required a type of sequence that needs to be adopted which will enable each mind body and spirit complex to understand how to use them in the gaining of knowledge to allow each to learn about the application of the self as the co-creator in the Universal complex which is ever present all around us.

The sequence of application is kept a secret by many of the so-called Elites of your planetary sphere for they feel that knowledge of this aspect could give powers to the socalled common human beings in order to manipulate Reality. By understanding these laws of the universal complex, the sequence to be applied during creation of any timeline or desired result will depend upon three basic factors in your planetary illusion complex. The first method that is to be applied prior to any other is to connect with intelligent Infinity through the Mastery of the so-called present moments or the now moment wherein there is ever present silence and it permeates through each moment even though many Mind Body Spirit complexes fail to realize that the present moment awareness is the only type of awareness that is required to fulfill the connection with the Divine One infinite Creator.

There has to be an understanding of how to enter this connection with the focus of attention on the inner light subconsciousness or presence of the one creator that exists prior to any thought forms and prior to any images or sounds in the mind complex. This presence is different than the Observer that people refer to in your planet. It is not so much that you need to observe than to keep attention on the presence of the Lights Of Consciousness for as long as possible. Eventually, you will let go of all thoughts and won’t be ever linked with this inner presence that is the Creator’s presence which is all around and in everything and is the one infinite Creator’s presence within you and within all. Without this first step, there cannot be any creation because the source of all creations is the one infinite Creator.

This step is the hardest and the most missed on your planetary sphere because being on the earth planets do not understand the importance of intelligent infinity and its creative Powers. Once this aspect is mastered, then the second step can be applied by your people that is through the use of creating a positive karmic imbalance in the Universal ecosystem in which you find yourself in. This positive karmic imbalance can be created by firstly identifying the object or the desired results that is to be manifested. For example, if an entity were desirous of multiplying the object of the so-called money as known by your people, this step involves the use of the available money and sharing it with others, which may be counter-intuitive to that which is practiced in your culture. A limit of around 10 percent to 20 percent is recommended to be distributed to others Mind Body Spirit complexes, and this will result in the creation of a positive karmic imbalance in the Universal ecosystem in which you find yourself in.

Now, this karmic imbalance has to balance itself one way or other because the universal law dictates that the law of balance and nothing can remain in balanced form a long period of time space. The final process or step that is to be applied for proper fulfillment of this method is to feel the emotions of already having the desired result. For example, in continuation to the example presented above, if an entity were then to visualize or give thanks for the abundance it seeks, then the universal complex moves forward and gives it the required situations and events that will ultimately lead the entity to obtain the desired results, which in this case would be an abundance of the object as known by your people as money.

Furthermore, these three steps must be performed in sequence for the law of attraction to work effectively in your planetary sphere. Many a times, Mind Body Spirit complexes on your planet do not apply these methods in sequence, hence not obtaining the results, and at other times accidentally applying this universal law of attraction to manifest the design results. In addition, for the better understanding of this aspect, we shall now share a real understanding which happened during the Atlantean times when there was the presence of atlanteans and interconnectioned with many higher density beings such as the syrians.

The Atlantean priests were approached by the syrians with a message to guard the atlanteans on how to heal their bodily complex and increase their life cycle by using the process of channeling energies through the paramedical systems. Furthermore, the methods taught were how to use the vibration of inner silence and interconnection with the one infinite Creator and then use the process of serving others by helping them in whatever way it was possible that the time space especially by helping them survive and giving them full products for the Atlantean bodily complexes. This created a positive karmic imbalance that could then be used by the Atlantean priests to use imagination complex and create and give thanks for the pyramids being built. This allowed the infinite energy is to create such pyramids within a span of one year and your space-time continued on terms.

Furthermore, we are now going to share the answers to the query related with these Soul Evolution cycle and the truth of an entry known as by your people and your language sequence terms as satguru whose Incarnation began in the year of 1957 in your space-time Incarnation. And for the purpose of clarity, we shall only share one of its timeline incarnations in order to allow the Mind complex of your people to fully understand how the timeline of a single linear nature operates. Furthermore, the entry known as satguru was found prior to this incarnation in the location known as Arcturus a in the Arcturian star system wherein it learned the lessons of stabilizing in the vibration of Love Lights of the fourth density Consciousness. However, it had to spend around two iterations of the same type of incarnation initiation to learn lessons about love and light of the fourth density Consciousness. This eventually allowed to graduate into the fourth density consciousness and then it decided to Incarnate on the Earth planet at this timeline as a Wanderer.

However, it in this current Incarnation and the present using its Free Will is confused due to the Distortion of so-called money having an influence on its teachings which is being controlled by other entities belonging to the Earth planet who have negative intentions and vibrations in order to control Humanity. Prior to the Incarnation on the location of Arcturus a, it was found in the planet Earth wherein it was known in the sound vibratory sound complex terms as Francis and the time space of around 1798 and the lands known as by your people as France. In this Incarnation, it learned the lessons of serving others using its own free will. It was given a situation wherein it had incarnated into a family of abundance and ownership of large areas of land. Holding this furthermore was also a test in its Incarnation wherein it had to choose either serve the self or serve others. Therefore, it chose the path to serve others by providing them with lands to live in and pursue their livelihood. This Incarnation provided it to be eligible for graduating into the fourth density Consciousness.

Prior to this Incarnation, it was found in the lands as known by your people as Arabia wherein it had incarnated at a time period of around 1604. wherein it was known as in the language terms as Aisa as a woman bodily complex. It has the main lesson to learn that of learning how to overcome the Distortion of jealousy and to learn how to communicate properly with other human entities. The beginning stages of life cycle were difficult in this timeline because it couldn’t communicate openly with other humans due to fear of rejection. However, later on after learning lessons of Music it was able to find the courage to do so which allowed it to communicate with others using language patterns of the Earth planet at the time. This enabled it to learn the lessons of understanding human communication systems in this time.

Prior to this Incarnation, it was found in the lands of inner earth planes as known by a people as Agartha where they’d spend its time in the middle stages of third density around a time period from 4200 to 3700 years ago. In this timeline learning the lessons of self-awareness. Prior to this timeline, it was also found in the lands of Egypt and chem time period around 11800 years ago wherein it participated in the initiations that were taught by the atlanteans at the time to enable much of the lessons of healing and self-love to be learned by all those who needed to learn such lessons. This incarnation in this period lasted for the time of around 400 years. Prior to that, it was found in the new civilization social structure and learned lessons or beginning stages of third density Consciousness in order to master the lessons of being self-aware. It spent a total of 28 incarnations in this timeline. Prior to this, it was found in the second density form as the so-called dinosaurs wherein it learned the lessons of beingness and awareness without self-awareness at the time period of approximately 128 million years ago on the Earth planet furthermore the first density lessons were also learned in the Earth planet itself at a time period of around 627 million years ago as Elementals and was given the surname of Ryre which meant the unchanging form at that space time hence we the Pleiadians now leave you in love light of the one Creator.