Session #173 • Galactic Federation

The New Earth Mystery

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates to answer queries and discuss the nature of reality and the new Earth. In the new Earth, there will be no language or conflicts caused by words. Knowledge will only require self-understanding and there will be no need for artificial intelligence. Entities will be connected to the source of all beings and there will be no desire or reproductive faculties. Mastery over time will be achieved, and entering the present moment will end psychological suffering. The practice will also slow down the perception of time and conserve energy. The past incarnations of Matthias di Stefano are mentioned, including teaching love in Alcyone and protecting Atlantis from Orion entities. Matthias vows to continue protecting his city and its people.

We are the Galactic Federation and we communicate now through this instruments perception in this timeline in order to answer the queries that are in the mind space of this instrument. However, there is a need for inner discernments to be used by those who shall come in contact with our messages at this time in order to understand the complexity of the nature of reality and the nature of the self. There must be a choice made by all Mind Body Spirit complexes to only listen to those thoughts that will be understood by the people of the planet.

Furthermore, the time is near wherein the end of the old planetary vibration cycle is occurring rapidly. As the old vibration dies, the new arises within each Mind Body Spirit complex in this timeline. The new Earth vibration is beginning to take hold rapidly as the old systems crumble and fall in the voids of all things. The new Earth will be unlike anything the people of Earth have ever seen before. Hence, we are now going to share a type of blueprint for the new world in order for all to understand the workings of the new Earth social memory complex.

The void of all life forms, which creates all life forms, is the vibration that will lead to the new Earth. The instrument seeks to understand the difference in the way of being in the new Earth versus the old Earth system. In the new Earth, there will be no language and words. Hence, the void that gave birth to all life forms are the presence of the one infinite Creator will be found to be truly felt by all entities in the Earth planet. There will be no conflicts that are caused due to words in your planetary sphere. Take the words away and there cannot be the division between entities. Delete the knowledge of words and language and there is the void that is not sounds, not words, and no labels or names. The new Earth entities remain ever connected with this internal source of all the beings. Some call it a new planet, the void, the silence, or the Eternal presence of the one Creator.

The other difference will be that there will be no need for knowledge in the new Earth other than the knowledge of the self. As all beings begin to interconnect into the ever-present void, and hence they connect to all the beings who are part of the social memory complex of the new Earth, they all become connected to the source of all Oneness. The nothingness, the void. No schools will exist in the new Earth as found in your current system. No competition and no need for money will be present because all become one in the new Earth vibration. The return to unification begins and the ever-present love of the one, the infinite Creator begins. The unconditional love can be found by all beings who interconnect with the Divine infinite presence are the voids of all beings. There will be no need for artificial intelligence Technologies in the new Earth because all entities become unified into one spiritually and not technologically. It is a natural process, not an artificial one. There is also a need for people to understand the facts of the nature of reality. In order to ascend into higher levels of consciousness, there must be a choice only to listen to the inner heart of the self, which is creative, which allows the creation of a facet of Mind space activities to purge old systems.

Furthermore, in the new Earth, since all the beings become unified to the source of all creations, the one infinite creator’s presence and self-love becomes heightened to such a level that no desire or socalled sexual activities will exist in the new world. Also, there will be no need for any reproductive faculties in the new Earth because there will be no requirements of bodily complexes unless chosen in the new world social memory complex, hence leading to an end to duality of the opposite sex, and bodies won’t be required to function in the new Earth. In addition, the Consciousness focus of entities will be such that they will have mastered the ability of focusing on a single point of conscious presence for an extended period of time. Hence, they will give Mastery over time and they can manipulate and enter into any timeline desired. The method is to master the connection with the single points of Consciousness and then to focus on it exclusively so much that time begins to slow down. Eventually, the fourth density being will Master time and will be able to enter into any desired timeline.

Furthermore, there is but one simple method that will Aid those who are ready to enter the new world, and this method is to Simply allow the vibrations of Consciousness to be present. This means that focus on the inner conscious presence and to push it into one point of focus. The main point is to push your Consciousness as an act of pushing and pinning it into one pointed Focus which will allow the push of conscious presence to allow you to be in the present moment and will let you let go of any of the attachments with thought forms of the past and the future. This push into the present moment’s awareness is what is needed at this timeline in order to allow each mind-body Spirit complex to accept their initiation into the new Earth. This is the final posture of Consciousness that is needed for entries on the earth planets to enter the new Earth.

We shall now share the advantages of this practice, which involves firstly the ending of psychological suffering. That means the entities on the Earth planet will no longer be subdued by their inner thought forms of the past and the future, which many times creates the Distortion of regret or anxiety in the mind complex of many entities. And this can be prevented by stepping into the now moment, and this will end attachment with thought forms, and the entities will enter the domain of the present moment connection, and they will no longer suffer in this timeline. This will allow them to furthermore remain in the present moment’s connection with the Divine Souls of all creations, devoid of any thought forms, which will be a major advantage to those who seek the power of the light of the Creator to enter the life. The second Advantage is those who practice this method will find the flow of space-time to slow down drastically, to such an extent that no longer they will feel short of time. In fact, this method will allow them to feel an elongation of space-time continuum.

Furthermore, this method will allow those mind-body Spirit complexes using this method to sense an interconnection of their inner Consciousness with the factor of time flow. In addition, those who shall adopt this method and practice it in their life shall find their activities becoming faster and taking less time than usual. The third advantage of this method application in your planetary sphere and while your people is the allowance of a vibration balancing effect. Which means that those entities who apply this method will find their bodily complexes feeling less tired during their space-time experience in the planet, and a conservation of energy occurs at this time. The conservation of energy occurs because entity is no longer are losing their vital energy by thinking thoughts of past or the future timeline, which should protect and preserve their energy patterns at this timeline. They will become less tired due to focus of attention and preservation of energy. Therefore, we the Galactic Federation shall now address the other portion of the query related with the past soul Evolution and soul identity of an entity as requested by this instrument related as Matthias di Stefano, whose Incarnation began on this space time on 1987.

Furthermore, we must state that the entry known as Matthias has a purpose in this timeline, which is to spread the messages of light and love to help Humanity Ascend into higher levels of consciousness. Furthermore, for the purpose of clarity, we shall share only one timeline of its past incarnations. Prior to this, it was found in the planetary location of Alcyone, which is located in the Pleiadian star system, wherein it underwent teaching others the lessons of love and compassion as a teacher or teach/ learn Wanderer on a mission to help Humanities in the timeline of Alcyone to attain Ascension. Prior to this, it was found in the location of China at a time period of 1785 and was known in the vibration complex as Yunung. As it spent its timeline in that location trying to master the aspect of overcoming attachment with the third density reality as a so-called monk by your people. This timeline taught the necessity to learn the lessons of overcoming desire of the third density illusion complex.

Prior to this timeline, it was found in the location of Atlantis at a period of around 11,800 years ago, wherein it took part in the battle against the infiltration by the Orion social memory complex. The entry known as Mathias was born into a family in the lands of Atlantis. It was trained from a young age to protect his family members and his City from any threats that may arise. One day, a group of negative Orion entities entered the Earth field and came to Atlantis with the intentions of destroying it.

They had powerful Technologies, including the use of pyramids as weapons. But Matthias knew that he had to act fast to save them and the City of Atlantis. He gathered a group of Brave Warriors and they fought against the Orions. The battle was intense and many lives were lost on both sides. Despite being outnumbered and outmatched, Matthias and his Warriors never gave up. They used their skills and knowledge of light, love, and the vibration of love to surround the city with the loving energy. And slowly but surely, they were able to push the Orions back. Finally, with the help of his team members, Matthias was able to defeat the Orions and stop them from their agenda. Atlantis was saved and Matthias was hailed as a hero. But the victory came at a great cause, as many friends and families were lost. And Matthias knew at the time that the threats of the Orions were far from over. He vowed to continue protecting his City and its people for as long as he lived.

This story of Matthias is passed till today in the lands of Atlantis. Furthermore, after learning the lessons in the lands of Atlantis prior to that it was found in the timeline in the planet of Mars around a period of 459 million years ago when it was known by the surname of Egay which meant inner consciousness of the Creator it learned the lessons of first density Consciousness in the form of fire elements and then after a period of 4000 years graduated into the second density Consciousness and spent its timeline in the form of an animal life form similar to the Lions as found upon the Earth planet currently therefore we as the Galactic Federation now leave you beloveds in light and love of the one creator go forth rejoicing in power and peace Bye.