Session #175 • Pleiadians

It's A Worldwide Phenomenon!

Summary: The Pleiadians discuss activating the full potential of the brain, emphasizing the need to balance the two brain hemispheres and achieve inner silence. They explain that this allows for a connection to universal consciousness and access to infinite intelligence. They also mention a green comet symbolizing the new Earth and a future event involving reptilians attempting to trap souls through excessive use of social media. The Pleiadians offer methods to ascend faster, including separating the spiritual essence from the mind-body complex. They conclude by stating that the awakening of the Earth is accelerating and depends on individual choices.

We are the Pleiadians and we greet you now in Love and light of one infinite Creator. We are now going to address the query that are present in the mind space of this instruments. In order to answer them, there is a need for inner discernments to be used by all mind body and spirit complexes who shall come in contact with this message on the earth planetary sphere. Furthermore, discernment is the most vital aspect of life on Earth as a third density entity of mind body and spirit complex nature. The free will to accept or reject our thought forms is the first query that relates to how can the brain capacity 100 percent by the people of your planet. We, the Pleiadians, must state that before we share our thought forms with this regard, the entities must remember that the message maybe a type of distortion which may be misunderstood by many who may not go beyond the vibratory sound complex. Therefore, it’s necessary to look at the vibratory sound complex terms as a pointing system towards the truth. We shall point today through this channeling system.

There are many layers that need to be peeled in order to fully unlock the full potential of the brain system of your people. The first one is many mind-body and spirit complexes on your planet have this misperception that they cannot activate the full potential of their brain complex. And because of this misperception by the entities on the Earth planet, they block themselves from doing so.

Furthermore, this distortion of belief system holds a major key and blocking by the entries from achieving their full potential and their incarnation. In addition, as such, they are not able to fully overcome this mental self-programming that prevents them from achieving this goal. There have been many activities that have been achieved by the human Mind Body Spirit complexes that were previously thought to be impossible to achieve. The limitations are only present as mental blockages in the form of belief systems that prevent many from achieving their full potential in their Incarnation cycle. The human brain complex can only perceive around 109 bits of information as found by your so-called scientists. which means that it is impossible for your brain to be conscious of more than 109 bits of information at the same time. In addition, this is also the reason why many entries on the Earth planet find it difficult to listen to two people having a vibrational exchange, a vibratory sound complexes at the same time. We must state that your brain complex has limitations that are prevalent for your planetary sphere. However, there is a type of brain functioning or brain complex functioning that can be activated by the focus of letting go. This means that instead of using only the left brain complex like many entities usually do, the process of balancing the two brain hemispheres together into a harmonic rhythm activates the brain to enter a secret state or functioning that is capable of allowing both the brain hemispheres to centralize together.

Furthermore, this allows both sides of the brain to communicate much faster and achieve the desired objectives. This state can be activated by focusing on Mastery of focus on activating the right side brain activities that are usually shut off during the normal waking life cycle of many Mind Body Spirit complexes on the Earth planet. This method requires a focus of attention on the inner silence that can be found when there is no voices or thought forms, a vibratory sound complex nature, on the brain complex. For example, the words and these vibratory sound complexes are the main activators of the left hemisphere of the brain complex. Furthermore, by practicing the aspect of maintaining inner silence in the present moment’s alignment, this distortion of excessive activity of the left hemisphere of the brain will shift to the activation of the right side brain hemisphere of the brain complex. This practice will further allow entities to enter into a state similar to the so-called Flow State as known by many of your people.

Furthermore, once the right hemisphere of the brain gets activated, then the so-called right side brain hemisphere will allow the functioning of the connection to the universal conscious grid of knowledge to begin.

Furthermore, from this interconnectedness with the universal knowledge database, it becomes possible for Universal Consciousness to communicate with each individual conscious entity and allow this type of connection to exist and transfer information to flow. This interconnection with the universal Consciousness is the gateway to allow the secret mode or function of the brain complex to open up, allowing for the maximum use of the brain complex activity. This can also be sensed when many of your so-called artists or other creative individuals usually find their experience in the moment of complete silence or during their dream state. Wherein they are connected to the Divine source of all beings and Creations that allow them to access the Divine energy and get the resource of infinite intelligence to come forth in the form of an idea or a manifestation.

This can also be seen when the so-called athletes of your planetary sphere enter the state known as Focus or the Zone. Wherein they are completely in the present moment’s awareness and hence get access to this Divine connection with the cosmic database of all knowledge. We shall now address the second query that relates to a theme aspect of why a green comet is being seen by the people of the Earth planet after a long time period of around 50,000 years in your space time. This comet is a symbol of the coming new Earth, and this Comet arrives every 50,000 years in your solar system as a reminder of the graduation season that starts in each third density planets after every 75,000 years in the third density cycle. Furthermore, the color of the Comet that is green can be associated with The Greenery Energy Center or the heart chakra as known by your people in your vibratory sound complex terms, which signifies the new Earth vibratory rhythms and vibration requirements.

Furthermore, the next query relates to what is the Looking Glass event for the month of February 2023. In this regard, we must state that the Next Looking Glass event is to allow entities on the Earth planet to recognize that this is based upon the future projection of the timeline by the Looking Glass artifact. And as per the timeline shown, there will be a future timeline around the end of February at around 27th February wherein the reptilians, which are present on the Mars planet, will try to enter the moon body complex in order to create a matrix hive mind. Which will, if successful, create a loop or a Time Loop that will trap All Souls who are engaged in the excessive use of social media platforms, as known by your people, and whose Focus primarily doesn’t remain in the present moment.

This distortion will create a system wherein the loop cycle will stop time for 15 days and will allow those entities whose mind complex is attached with the ever-changing focus of attention that is created by the so-called social media systems to realize that this destruction is going to have an effect upon those entities who are present within such systemic use. This will eventually lead to an entrapment of such Souls into the time Loop, and they will remain in a single timeline forever if the system is successfully implanted on the moon system by the negatively oriented entities, which is the seat of The Reincarnation system for the Earth planets. In order to stop the event, blankets of Love light energy Shields can be created during interconnection with intelligent Infinity, which will cover the moon body and protect it.

In addition, this will stop the occurrence of the event. We should now share a method that will allow the entities on the Earth planet to ascend at a faster rate at this time space.

Furthermore, this method will require a focus of the inner conscious attention that is created by trying to push the awareness out of the bodily complex location. For better understanding, what we mean is to realize that your mind and body are attached to your bodily vehicle, whereas your spiritual essence is in a way only attached to the bodily complex to a silver cord, and the bodily complex is the Mind complex together unified into one. Whereas the spiritual complex has the Liberty to change locations at will, which is the usual process that occurs during the dream state.

Furthermore, by pushing the conscious sensation of awareness to the opposite location to that of the bodily complex will allow the shifting of the conscious presence out of the Mind Body complex and will shift to the spiritual complex. This will prevent the Mind complex, which uses the spiritual awareness to create excessive voices within the entity’s life cycle, to come to a halt because of the lack of spiritual conscious presence in the bodily complex and the mind complex. Hence, by separation of the spiritual Essence by keeping it Opposite to that of the body and the mind complex will create this sensation of Freedom which will allow entities who practice this to free themselves from the psychological suffering created by the Mind complex. Which will allow them to be free from the inner imbalances which are created to be free from the reactions to the catalysts which are presented from the third density outside the world. This type of distortion will eventually allow each entity to realize that the so-called conscious presence will consume all unwanted thoughts and free the self from the attachment with the egoic entity that is created in the mind complex of each individualized entity. Our practice of choosing to focus on this awareness points which may be chosen opposite to that of the current location of the Mind body complex will allow this practice to become second nature and will lead to the expansion of the inner self into the higher levels of clarity.

Furthermore, we, the Pleiadians, must state that in the space-time, we are of the opinion that the Final Phase of Awakening of the Earth planet into the fourth density new Earth that began at a rapid Pace in the year 2020 and is accelerating and is a worldwide phenomenon is happening at a faster degree. And many entities are realizing that the outside world is being manipulated by many of the so-called Elites by your people who understand certain laws of the universe, which enables them to have a greater focus on the control of other entities. Furthermore, the Awakening has multiplied to a degree of 10 times each year from 2021 to 2022 and now from 2023. It is dependent on the choices made by each individualized entity to awaken to the truth within the self and three The Pleiadians are always guiding those who shall heed our messages will leave you now in Love Light of the one Creator. Bye.