Session #176 • Galactic Federation

The Final Days of 75,000-Year Spiritual Cycle

Summary: The Galactic Federation addresses queries about the cause of earthquakes in Turkey, stating that it is a release of karmic imbalances and a signal of the new Earth. They explain the difference between density and dimension, with density referring to the compactness of consciousness and dimension referring to the size of a material object. They also provide a method for reaching enlightenment through folding the conscious spiritual complex.

We are the Galactic Federation and we are now in communication through this instrument who has opened up its connection channel to connect with our vibration. Furthermore, we are now going to address the queries that have been placed today. However, we must state that the queries are in order in the mind complex of these instruments to be addressed for allowing the human consciousness to absorb the information that acts as pointers rather than the object sought pointing to the core of the truth that is being sought here through this instrument’s connection.

We, the Galactic Federation, must also warn each entity who shall listen to our thoughts to only accept those thoughts that resonate deeply with the inner heart of the self and leave behind those thoughts that do not resonate with the inner heart of the self of the various Mind Body Spirit complexes who shall come in contact with our message today.

The first query pertains to what was the cause behind the earthquakes that occurred in the location known as Turkey by your people and if there were any involvements by the so-called negatively oriented entities.

We must now state that the so-called events that occurred in the location of Turkey was the first of a few major events that will happen and will act as a signal to the new emerging energies that will allow the Earth to enter fully into the new Earth planet. The first is the energy balancing system of the Earth planet will release all the negative karmic imbalances in the form of such types of events of distortions which may be considered as a release of energy in the bodily complex of the Earth bodily complex. For Gaia is also a type of entity always similar to that of the human entities and will have to release any kind of excess karmic imbalance as the end of the cycle of 75,000 years comes to an end and the new 75,000 year cycle of the new Earth fourth density begins.

This new Earth cycle comes to a start exactly from the year 2013 as the new Earth will begin completely from the timeline hands up to that point there will be many such events. However, some events may not be of such a positive nature. We must also state that the plights of the Mind Body Spirit complexes on the location of Turkey is not of a positive outlook as sensed by us. This was unplanned and unprepared release of energy vibration in that location which caused many entities to feel this type of distortion. Furthermore, we must also state that the main cause was not emerging from any extra dimensional negative entities as sought in the query. Hence, this was a karmic imbalance release of negative vibrations that were stored in excess that resultantly will allow a new form of Consciousness the stream to emerge in the Earth planet. This transformation may sometimes be in the form of such release of excess energy in the form of earthquakes, floods, etc. However, we must state that this was unplanned and untargeted, meaning it wasn’t targeted at the entities who were living in the location of Turkey but it was just a form of energy release.

We, the Galactic Federation, furthermore request all the entities who shall receive this transmission to take few moments of silence and connect with the infinite intelligence in order to sense love and light energies to the location known as Turkey in order to allow the entities to reside upon it to receive the required love vibrations for healing of the self. Furthermore, we shall also state that the changes into the new Earth may be considered as birth pangs or pains that will eventually lead to the emergence of the new Earth in the long run which has already started to show its effects on the planet’s vibratory systems. Therefore, it may be a signal of more such types of events that may be fast approaching the Earth planet. Furthermore, especially in the next seven years, the changes of the coming of the new 75,000 year cycle was required, the ending of the old systems and that the entities will leave the planet as a sign of the coming new Earth.

Furthermore, we shall now address the second query which has been placed today which relates with the understanding of differences between density and dimension, especially how are their beings who exist in the higher Dimension such as ninth or above Dimensions as known by your people when the number of density in the localization of the universal complex is fixed at seventh density Consciousness.

We shall now address this query in the simplest possible expression in terms of your planetary language. Terms that vibratory sound complex known as density as used by your people refers to the so-called compactness or mass per unit volume of a third density substance or material object in space and time. It is a physical property that is expressed as the amount of Mass per volume in an object or materialized aspects. After density, however, when we refer to density, we refer to the compactness of Consciousness or awareness within a being or a spiritual complex that resides in all mind-body Spirit complexes. This means that a third density being has achieved less compactness of Consciousness within itself as compared to that of the fourth density being and so on. The higher the density, the more compact the Consciousness or self-awareness is.

Furthermore, as per our understanding, it is vitally important that many entities understand that the compactness of Consciousness increases by an exponential number of seven to the power of seven in each sub-density level of awareness increase. In each single level of sub-density increase, also the so-called maximum level for greater understanding of the level that can be achieved in the space-time illusion Universal complex is the seventh density Consciousness.

Now we shall express the simple meaning of the term Dimension as known by your people. That refers to the size or the magnitude of a material object in a particular direction. Furthermore, in the study of the so-called physics of your planet, this term refers to the three dimensions such as length, width, and height. Therefore, to summarize, density is a measure of Consciousness per unit volume of an entity, whereas Dimension is a measure of size in a particular direction. For example, a second density entity who has no knowledge of the self can also exist in higher dimensions such as the eighth, ninth, and the tenth and above densities’ Dimension Consciousness because Dimension is not related to its spiritual consciousness. Therefore, all those entities who are existing in the higher Dimension spaces can also be entities from any density of Consciousness. Therefore, we must state that in terms of spiritual knowledge, the term density is a more accurate representation of the self-awareness of a mind-body spirit complex entity.

We shall now address the final query that relates to a simple method which will enable each entity on the Earth planet to reach the level of enlightenment that can be equated with the fifth density level of wisdom.

This exercise involves the folding of the conscious spiritual complex that gives rise to all thought forms or images and any other expression in the space-time experience of each entity. This means that the spiritual complexes, like the so-called whiteboards wherein anything can be written or anything can arise, this whiteboard is the conscious presence that exists prior to thinking or images in the mind complex. This whiteboard is usually folding inwards in the shape of the bodily complex. However, if desired, it can be folded in any direction with the intention of doing so and the experience of the self.

This means that the conscious presence of the one infinite Creator can be folded out of the bodily complex into a single point and focus. Our observation can then be conducted from that point. For example, if you were to intend unfolding your stream of Consciousness or spiritual complex outside your bodily complex in the opposite direction of the location of your body as stated in the previous session by The Pleiadians through these instruments, then the so-called stream of attention will not be available to be used by your mind’s body complex, which can create unwanted thought forms. Furthermore, an observation point from the opposite direction of where your Consciousness stream is now located can lead any entity to become aligned with the essence of the true spiritual connection with the present Divine consciousness of the one infinite Creator, thus freeing the self from unwanted thought forms.

This can also act as a switch that can allow any entity to enter the state of Enlightenment. When this exercise is practiced, this can be considered as the on-off switch, which means when the exercise is being performed, it may be considered as an off switch for the mind complex. And when the exercise is not done, it may be considered as the on switch, which implies that the Consciousness stream can be used by the mind complex at any time.

Hence, we, the Galactic Federation, now leave your beloveds in lights and love of the one Creator.