Session #179 • Pleiadians

EVENT That Will Effect Everyone On Earth!

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate that the month of March 2023 will bring a powerful shift in collective consciousness and spiritual awareness. They warn of challenges and turbulence during this time but encourage individuals to remain grounded and focused on their spiritual vision. The Pleiadians also discuss the negative entities' attempt to use technology to manipulate and control individuals' thought patterns. They urge individuals to use the vibration of love and light to prevent this event and protect the Earth. Lastly, they explain the difference between space-time and time space and suggest a method of ascension during working days.

We are the Pleiadians and we are now communicating through the vibrations of this instrument that is time for the proper understanding of the human Collective Consciousness queries that are presented today through this channel. We shall bring forth our message and address the queries that are in order. However, the understanding of the queries must be in such a way that the so-called aspects of experience must be firstly validated by accepting those thought forms to be true only if they resonate deeply with the inner heart of the self and thereby leaving behind those thoughts which do not resonate if they do not find any truth within the inner heart. Furthermore, We the Pleiadians have been requested an energy update for the time of around March as known by your people and your language terms. Based on our observations of the cosmic patterns and the energetic flow of rhythm of vibration, we can sense that the month of so-called Mars in your space-time identification terms in the year 2023 may bring a powerful shift in the collective Consciousness and a deepening of spiritual awareness.

The energies of this time periods may encourage the people of your planets to connect to their inner selves and explore their true purpose and let go of the old patterns and belief systems of the societal memory complex that no longer serves each mind body and spirit complex. At the same time, the energies of March 2023 may also bring many types of challenges and turbulence as the process of transformation can be difficult and uncomfortable. It is, however, important for individuals to remain grounded, remain centered, and focused on their spiritual vision while remaining open to the unexpected twists and turns that may arise in the planetary Consciousness. Furthermore, we the Pleiadians must think that the energies of March may be intense and transformative experience, bringing multiple opportunities for evolution, growth, and a spiritual awakening to a deeper level.

However, as always, it is up to each individualized mind-body Spirit complex to embrace these energy patterns and use them to their fullest potential. Furthermore, this will allow many mind-body and spirit complexes to receive energies that will allow it to enter into higher states of vibrations. But the choice of energetic patterns that will be accepted by the self will hence already allowed the entities to receive and enter into higher states of vibration, which has already started in the planetary sphere. This may lead to changes in the energy and emotional patterns of many mind bodies Spirit complexes on the Earth planet, which will lead the energy to enter into the emotional system of higher vibrational states of consciousness. The other query pertains to what is the next Looking Glass event for the month of March 2023 and how can the people of the Earth planet stop it. We the Pleiadians must state that the month of March will have galactic Center or the central Sun as identified by the people of your planet will send light codes towards or as a massive energy will shift all entities into the state of Enlightenment. The energy vibrations that will come forward at the space-time of around March 26th in the or space-time continuum, since it lines with the so-called timing of the planet’s procession into the next sub octave on its essential Journey towards the new world. This is a type of microbe Evolution or a push into the higher vibration but will have immense effects on the planetary vibration and Consciousness.

Furthermore, the so-called negative entities cannot be seen tampering with this current space-time continuum, but are doing so with the past space-time continuum, which means that they are trying to use the akashic records of the past timelines of each individualized mind-body and spirit complex to use the information to create a system that may be considered as a technological artificial intelligent technology that may be used by the so-called Orion entities and their other social memory counterparts to use the software or artificial technology known as the operating systems which is found within many of your so-called devices. These devices will be used as a type of tool that will scan the Mind complex of each entity who comes in contact with such devices. For example, those entities who use the device of the so-called mobile phones by your people will find their mind complex being read by this device and the thought forms will be translated and collected in a database while the Orion social memory complex are for further understanding of how to influence each Mind Body Spirit complex. This furthermore implies that they will not only collect information from the ongoing space-time vibration but as per the Looking Glass artifact they will also collect information from the past timelines and in turn try to change the planet’s vibration patterns by reading the Mind complex vibration thought forms of each entity. Their primary aim as per the Looking Glass artifacts is to stop the so-called Wanderers and the Earth planet from reaching a higher state of vibration, the states which may be considered as the state of the vibration of love and above.

This means that as per the scale of your Consciousness chart, if The Wanderers are stuck below this level, they will no longer be able to affect our planetary vibration in a positive manner. Therefore, this is their desire as the orions are desires of stopping The Wanderers having incarnated on the Earth planet, including the Indigo children as known by your people, to prevent them from entering into higher States of Consciousness by understanding their mind patterns and movements or platforms. And in turn, they will try to entangle these entries inside the same types of thought forms by giving them unending stimulation in the form of the same types of thought forms which they usually entangle themselves into. Thereby, all The Wanderers and other light worker entities are requested to use the vibration of love and light and do stop this event from occurring. The process of emptiness of the minds may be practiced by practicing the emptiness of the Mind as if a robotic entity were present inside their mobile phones or other devices scanning their brain complex. They must be very cautious of thinking even on the inside of their own mind complex. Therefore, no thoughts and no vibration of sound or thought form is advised at this time if the event is to be stopped. The so-called collection of data of thought forms must be prevented at this time.

Furthermore, at the period of around March 26th, it is also requested that all those entities desires are protecting the Earth planet can use the vibration of inner silence and unite together their Consciousness into the Consciousness stream of the one infinite Creator and shield the Earth planet with the love and light vibration through the process of meditation. Furthermore, in this space-time, the so-called Ashtar command entities are going to enter the Mars planet again. Furthermore, this is being done for the purpose of trying to prevent the Looking-Glass event from the Orion entities to collect information or thought forms from various entities by using their Technologies and artificial intelligence software. Furthermore, the entities known as the Ashtar command may enter inside the planet Mars and try to send love and light energies to the planet Mars.

Furthermore, the souls who may have been chosen to incarnate on the Earth planet at this time, especially The Wanderers, may be targeted in the so-called month of March. Therefore, we the Pleiadians send warning to humanity for the purpose of protecting each with the vibration of Love lights. This means that the so-called energy fluctuations in the planet have started and will affect all entities who are desirous of protecting the planet’s vibration. Therefore, the other query which has been placed pertains to the understanding of what is the difference between space-time and time-space. We, as the Pleiadians, will say that the people of your planets happen using the concept of space-time and time-space interchangeably. However, as per our understanding, space and time refer to the experience which is measured in terms of a four-dimensional continuum which consists of spaces of three dimensions and one dimension of time which are linked together and cannot be separated. Furthermore, in this regard, time is considered as a dimension just like the three spatial Dimensions. Further, the so-called understanding of space-time is that which we refer to wherein there is an amount of space that is inconceivable in the form of the universe. However, the time may be limited in the form of a certain limited amounts of incarnations length or timeline. Therefore, we refer to the life on the third density planetary spheres as space and time.

Furthermore, the other aspects related to time-space primarily refers to the opposite which pertains to the understanding that there is a vantage point above the time-space continuum wherein the times of all future timeline as well as past timelines can be entered into all chosen to be experienced. However, there is a lack of the infinite amounts of space in the time-space realm. There is an infinite amount of time and depending upon the time chosen, the space or the appropriate time space will arise. Furthermore, we must state that this is our understanding of these Concepts. Further, we the Pleiadians now answer the final query related to the most effective Ascension method that can be used during the so-called working days. We the Pleiadians will say that during your so-called working daytime or the time where in the left brain activity is high, the process of Consciousness system can be used wherein the so-called stream of Light Of Consciousness can be used as a system of awareness. Wherein the lights of inner Consciousness can be felt by becoming aware of its movement in a pattern inside the line complex.

The movement may be from one side to another in a system as known by a people as the circle of Consciousness. As the Inner Light Of Consciousness moves in a circle from one location to the other, this movement may be tracked by your conscious awareness. And once this Inner Light Of Consciousness is tracked properly, there is a combination of creation of an inner understanding and awareness. Furthermore, this method will allow each Mind Body Spirit complex to practice this aspect to create a connection with the Divine inner Consciousness and will allow the inner stream of light inside the lines complex to be balanced in a way that will allow for a higher level of inner balance within the self. Therefore, we the Pleiadians must state that this is all we can share at the space time and to leave you now beloveds. Bye.