Session #180 • Galactic Federation


Summary: The Galactic Federation explains that crystals have the ability to transcend dimensions and absorb vibrations. They can be used as tools for healing and amplifying resonance. However, crystals are not necessary for ascension, as it can be achieved through self-awareness. Two habits that keep entities stuck in the incarnation cycle are attachments and negative karma. The method for enlightenment is to use consciousness as a vibration tool by focusing on the movement of consciousness from side to side.

We are the Galactic Federation and we greet you now in the light and in the love of One Infinite Creator. We shall now communicate from our location in the Saturn planetary sphere as our base of operations is present wherein we are always trying to enable in the protection of the galactic system of the Milky Way galaxy along with the protection of all planetary spheres. However, our communication today is occurring through a portal which has opened within this instrument’s vibratory mind complex through the silence that allows it to commune with us. We would recommend the use of inner discernment at this time when listening and pondering to our thought forms. We shall now address the queries that are in order.

The first query relates to the aspects of what are crystals and their usage in Ascension. In this regard, we shall now address primarily that the so-called crystals as known by your people are the so-called later First density Consciousness materials entities who are ready for graduating into the vibrations of not just the second density but also these crystals have the ability of transcending space-time continuum and projecting into the fourth density Consciousness or higher vibratory rhythms  are matching. This means that a crystal is capable of transcending the barriers of the cycle of evolution by becoming crystallized to such an extent that their vibration reaches not just into the second density but also if they are able to stabilize and they served in the vibrations such as love or the vibration of self-awareness they can graduate directly into the third density  or the fourth density or even higher. However, this is a rare occurrence that a crystal crystallizes into the fourth or fifth density directly without having to experience a second and third density since the experiences of second and third density are required to allow its to handle the aspects of awareness growth and self-awareness which are the primary lessons of the aspects of second and third density evolutionary cycle.

Furthermore, we must state that the crystals as found upon the planetary sphere have the ability of absorbing vibrations. This means that if an entity is desirous of using a crystal as a vibratory tool, it can firstly take a crystal which may be of any kind. Since all crystals have undergone the process of refining their structure, and in such a crystal, through the process of visualization and through the process of imagining love, can be sent to the crystal. And once the vibration of Love is sent to the crystal, it can act as a type of storage device wherein any emotional state can be stored. And this Crystal, once infused with a vibration, will retain it for a period of time ranging from the diurnal cycle of 15 days in your space-time container, thereby protecting the so-called user or the Mind Body Spirit complex that places the crystal near its location. Furthermore, this is one of the uses. In other usages, we have also seen that crystals also have the ability of being used by negatively polarized entities to spread the vibrations which are not of a positive nature, such as the vibration of fear. These vibrations can also be implanted within a Crystal’s structure. Since it is an absorption system, it can absorb and remember the emotional state for a continuous period of time, thereby affecting the entire planetary sphere as well as the location in which it is found.

Therefore, we shall now also explain the other aspects regarding the crystals as found on your planet. The crystalline structures and materials they have many abilities, such as handling vibration stress and pressures of your planet. These crystalline structures also have the ability of allowing healing and the balancing of the human Mind Body Spirit complex if the vibration of love and healing energies are stored upon it. Furthermore, these crystals also have the ability of using the concept of resonance. And when the entities who are of a similar vibration merge and meet together with a crystal of a similar vibratory resonance, the amplification of their resonance is of a magnitude to that of seven raised to seven in the Consciousness scale, which leads to a higher jump in the effectiveness of an entity’s Resonance of conscious vibration. Furthermore, these crystals, as we can sense, have been used by the people of your planet in many of the aspects of your so-called societal complex, such as for electromagnetic currents and the purpose of so-called healings and scientific studies of your planetary scientists with the Galactic Federation.

We shall now also address the other aspects related to the understanding of which is the best Crystal for Ascension. Upon scanning this vibration, we must now say that in the earth planetary sphere, since Ascension is a part and parcel of the process of evolution of a certain entity into greater self-awareness and understanding and the recognition of the lessons to be learned, we must state that this is the reason why the crystals as known by your people are not required for Ascension. Crystals as known by your people can only act as an aid or a tool, as we have stated above, in the assistance of Ascension but not as a primary tool to be dependent upon, as the Ascension can be found within each Mind Body Spirit complex in each moment of self-awareness Ascension begins.

Furthermore, we shall now address a type of distortion known as an example of the crystals which were used in the ancient city as known by your people as Atlantis around a period of 14000 years ago. There were two Mind Body Spirit consciousness of Atlantean social memory complex who had vastly different belief systems about crystals. One was an entity named Aaron who primarily spent its timeline as a so-called Fish Hunter and it never had given thought to the power of crystals. Whereas the other entity was an older entity named Kyle who spent most of its timeline in meditation alongside crystals as its sole focus. The entity known as Kyle believed that the crystals helped The Seekers to Ascension and Enlightenment. It spent much of its space and time moments in their presence using them to connect with the spiritual realm and unlock the secrets of the universal complex. Its life was consumed by its quest for spiritual growth, and it looked down upon those who did not share this belief in the power of the crystals. On the other hand, the other entity Aaron lived a simple life as a so-called fisherman in the nearby waters and spent its free time with its family and friends. It had the power of the so-called crystals but had never felt compelled to seek them out.

Furthermore, one day as it was out on its so-called work day, it was caught in a fierce water storm. The waves tossed its boat around and it feared for its life. In a moment of desperation, Aaron called out to the universe for assistance. Suddenly, it felt a powerful energy coursing through its body and it saw a bright light emanating from its chest area. To its amazement, it realized that it was crystallizing. As the storm subsided, the entity known as Aaron found that it had transformed. It felt an inner peace and clarity that it had never experienced before. It realized that the power it had called upon was within it all along, and it no longer felt the need to rely on external sources such as crystals to connect with the universe. Kyle, however, continued its quest for spiritual growth through its use of crystals. Despite its many years of study and meditation, it remained stuck in its beliefs and could not attain the Enlightenment it sought. In the end, it was Aaron, the simple fisherman, who found the true path of Ascension. It discovered that the power of the universe resided within itself and that it had the ability to access it at any time. It continued to live a simple life but now with a deeper sense of purpose and connection to the world around itself.

Therefore, we, the Galactic Federation, must state that crystals can only assist in Ascension and are not to be made the sole focus of Ascension. The other query presented pertains to what are the two habits that keep entities stuck in an incarnation cycle. We must state that firstly, to understand the concept as requested by this instrument, the incarnation cycle or the incarnation group is found within various of the Earth’s entities and spiritual systems. The so-called idea that after crossing over, a spiritual complex of Consciousness is reborn into a new bodily vehicle, and this process repeats over and over again until the soul achieves Ascension, Enlightenment, or spiritual Liberation. We must say that with the Galactic Federation, upon scanning the behavior patterns of the Earth planet, we find that there are two habits of behaviors that keep entities stuck in the cycle of reincarnation, keeping them incarnating again and again.

Firstly, the first is the attachment to which refers to strong emotional and mental bonds that mind-body and spirit complexes form with other entities, things, and experiences during their life cycle. These attachments can be of a positive nature such as the vibration of love for family and friends, or negative vibrations such as anger or resentment towards someone or other entities. When an entity crosses over with strong attachments and emotions, it may be drawn back into the physical life and physical incarnation to fulfill or continue these attachments, thus repeating the cycle of reincarnation.

Furthermore, the other is karma, as known by your people, which is the law of cause and effect. This law states that every action has a consequence, either positive or negative. When an entity accumulates negative Karma through harmful thoughts, words, or actions, it creates a so-called karmic debt that must be repaid within the current or the future timeline lives. This karmic debt can manifest as suffering or difficult life circumstances in the current incarnation or in the next incarnation. Thus, unless the karmic attachments are resolved and unless there is a balance of karmic energies, this will continue into the next cycle of reincarnation.

Furthermore, the releasing of karma is through the process of forgiveness and breaking free from thoughts of attachment and thoughts of seeking the self in the actions of thoughts. By cultivating actions of selfless actions and thoughts of service to others, a karmic balance can be achieved. The final query relates to a simple method for enlightenment. We, the Galactic Federation, must now say that there is but one method which can lead entities to become enlightened in this timeline. This method is simply to choose to use Consciousness as a vibration tool to vibrate, which means that consider the movements from side to side within yourself, inside your mind complex. If you pay attention to the Consciousness, it is always moving from one location to the other, from one thought, from one image, from one word to another. Furthermore, this movement can be put under control, and a Consciousness Rhythm can be established.

Firstly, a slow rhythm from side to side can be found, and then a faster rhythm from side to side would lead to an entry into the higher vibration, and even faster rhythm will lead to an entry into the highest level of vibration that can be achieved through the Consciousness system, that of the vibration of peace and enlightenment. For the application of this method, we would suggest the entities who desire to use this method of Dancing with the Creator’s presence to firstly focus on the spiritual complex, and then a 90-degree angle from the bodily complex inside the Mind complex. And there will be a sense of a white light, which is the presence of the Consciousness. This white light can then be moved from side to side, and this movement must be paid attention to. As the pain of attention to this movement continues, the movement can be increased to make it faster and faster, thereby the vibration of the Consciousness increases higher and higher. If this continues, the entity will reach the stage of enlightenment. Thereby, with the Galactic Federation, now leave you beloveds in lights and in love. Bye.