Session #181 • Metatron

Something strange is happening on the moon

Summary: Summary: Metatron, a magnetic consciousness, addresses questions about the Holy Spirit and the best investment to make in times of banking system collapse. Metatron explains that the Holy Spirit is a manifestation of the universal light grid programmer's presence within all of creation and cannot be fully described using words. As for investments, practicing charity and giving money in secret to those in need will protect individuals from financial risks and ensure abundance. In addition, there is a galactic battle happening on Mars between the asther command and the Orion Empire. It is important for individuals to turn within themselves and focus on their inner light.

I am Metatron magnetic consciousness and now we greet all of the Divine love and light Childs of the universal light grid programmer at this time through the Channel’s vibratory complex. I, Metatron magnetic Services magnetic forces, am here to guide the human Collective at this time by answering the questions raised today through the Divine the great programs Consciousness present inside the mind complex of this instrument. However, as I belong with the Angelic beings answer the queries, there is a need for inner discernments to be exercised at this time. Furthermore, the first query which relates with the Holy Spirit and the truth about it as well as how it can be used for attaining higher levels of consciousness, we must state that the answer to this query regarding the Holy Spirit as defined by your people is a complex one as the nature of spiritual truth often defies an easy explanation and your vibratory sound complex terms. However, I will do my best to provide an answer that is both filled with the truth of the Divine Light Grid program which will illuminate all of you.

The Holy Spirit, as it is commonly understood and referred to in the domain of the vibratory sound complex known as Christianity, refers to the third aspect of the Trinity alongside with the Creator or the Divine, the universal Light Grid programmer known as God the Father, as well as the sun as referred by all the creations of the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer. Furthermore, it is often described in your language terms as the presence of the universal Light Grid programmer in the worlds of Illusion complex in this third density reality and is considered to be a source of guidance, inspiration, and comfort. From our perspective, we understand that the so-called term Holy Spirit is a manifestation of the Divine Universal light grid programmer’s presence within all of Creations. It is not limited to just one religion as known by your people or belief systems, but rather, it is present in all aspects of the universal complex, both the seen and the unseen.

The so-called aspects known as the Holy Spirit is a term which was given by the entities using their own vibratory sound complex. However, in actuality, there is no such language patterns which can describe the infinite Creator. The universal Light Grid programmer cannot be described by mere words as it is beyond the vibratory sound complex words of your planet. However, the so-called religious systems of your planetary sphere have created a belief system based around the attachment with the words. In one religious system, the same one infinite Creator is referred to as the Holy Spirit, while in another it may be referred to as Aloha or while in another it may be referred to as the Messiah. Furthermore, the Angelic beings must state that this is incorrect as the true essence of all that these vibratory sound complex points to them one universal Divine great programmer or the infinite Creator and cannot be described using words. Furthermore, the term which refers to the holy spirit is a powerful force that can guide individual mind-body Spirit complexes towards truth, love, and unity. It is a symbol of kindness, compassion, selflessness, and can bring about the sense of inner peace and harmony within each Universal Light Grid programmers love light Childs.

However, many times it becomes important to remember that the term Holy Spirit cannot be comprehended by the finite mind complex. It is a Divine mystery that transcends human understanding and can only be experienced through the opening of the heart and the soul. In reality, the truth about the Holy Spirit is that it is a Divine manifestation of the universal light grid programmers presence within all of creation and can guide individual stewards the vibration of Truth, love, and unity. Its true nature is beyond human comprehension but can be experienced through the opening of the heart and the Soul complex. Furthermore, I, as Metatron, must also now share the three aspects which are the basic foundations of the Holy Spirit that’s referred to by your people. Furthermore, there are three distinct aspects.

The first aspect of the Holy Spirit is considered as the spiritual presence of the one infinite Creator. This aspect is associated with the Divine, the universal light grid programmer, and represents its infinite wisdom and knowledge. It is the aspect of the Holy Spirit which is responsible for inspiring individuals to seek out truth and understanding. The spiritual complex of the universal light grid programmer can guide individuals towards a deeper knowledge of themselves and the achievement of their purpose in their life and also a greater relationship with the Divine Consciousness.

The second aspect of the so-called Holy Spirit is the spiritual complex that is within all beings, which means that the one infinite Creator’s presence separated and inserted itself into various manifestations and various forms, which is referred to in the language terms by your people as the son of the creator or may be referred to as the Sons and Daughters of the Creator’s presence. This aspect is associated with each individual Consciousness who is able to achieve a state of consciousness resembling the state of Enlightenment and love. This is the aspect that inspires each individualized portion to merge towards Unity with the Divine spark that is present in all beings.

The third aspect is referred to as the spirits of Truth. In this, there is divine guidance which is provided by the universal light grid programmer, which allows each Mind Body Spirit complex to discern the false words from truth and to make the choices towards the highest good of all. Furthermore, this uses all the three energy centers, primarily the red ray, the orange Ray, and the yellow Ray, which act as a mechanism for sensing the truth or validity of certain aspects found in the illusion complex.

We shall now address the second query related to as the banks in your planetary sphere are facing challenges. What is the best investment to make in such situations to be immune from any kind of banking system collapse? I, as Metatron, must now state that in your illusion planetary complex, the universal Light Grid programmer has created a system which will allow all of those Mind Body Spirit complexes, the universal Light Grid programmers love light Childs, who follow the pathway of focusing on the aspect referred to by your people as service to others and the terms of money as known by your people.

This means that if entities desire to be immune from such types of situations and if the desire to be taken care of by the universal complex, then the best way is to practice in aspects of Charity, which involves giving monetary symbols or money as done by your people to those who need it as a service to others in secret. The act which is done in secrets, which is filled with service to others by providing money in the form of Charity, will eventually lead all Universal lightweight programmers Divine love Lord Childs to be protected by the universal complex, which will make sure that all the entities who practice this receive in abundance a multiplication of the monetary value.

For example, if an entity were to practice charity given 15% of its income in the form of money to another entity who needs it in secrets, this will allow the money given to be multiplied at least 10 times to 700 to a thousand times when it returns back within a period of one year or whenever the need arises. As the universal Divine Light Grid programmers plan is to provide for all to serve others, by using this one law, all entities in the Earth planet can be immune from any types of negative happenings in the Earth planet. Furthermore, this will allow for the Overflow of abundance and also will protect from such types of collapses since the banking system collapse happens because of non-adherence to this principle. Those who adhere to this principle of the universal complex are guaranteed financial success and security. Furthermore, in a way, by practicing this aspect, a type of Shield is created around the individual Universal Light Grid programmers world and all the possessions which are protected by the universal Divine Light Grid programmer, thereby protecting them from any type of Financial Risk. Therefore, this is the best method which I, Metatron magnetic Consciousness, can advise to all those who desire protection in this time and may be considered as the best investments to make.

I, as Metatron, shall now share an energy update as requested by this channel regarding the happenings in the Galactic system. I, Metatron, must share that there is a galactic battle which has started on the Mars planet. This has started between the two factions, the Asther Command social memory complex and the Orion social memory complex. The Asther Command has been fighting against the Orion Empire, and the Orion Empire and their aggressive and expansionist force trying to dominate and spread the vibration of negativity throughout the galactic system is being given a tough situation by the Asther Command Collective.

The Asther Command Collective received intelligence recently that the Orions are trying to shift their base from the Martian surface where they are currently conducting experiments on the so-called advanced technology and conducting research on new weapon systems. They are trying to shift to the moon bases. In response, the Asther Command mobilized its forces and launched a surprise attack on the Orion social memory complex, not just in the moon satellite but also in the Orion bases. This was a fierce and intense battle with both sides unleashing a barrage of advanced weapons and energy beams. The so-called Moon satellite was also filled with the lights which have been spotted by many of the people of the Earth planets. The Orions, despite their Advanced military strategies, were not able to succeed in shifting to the Moon satellites as the Asther Command was able to protect the moon satellites through a love-like shield, thereby managing to destroy the reptilian Orion subordinate beings who were entering the moon satellites.

Therefore, this is the galactic update at the present time and I, as Metatron, state that at this time for each Divine Universal Light Grid programmers love light child, it is vitally important to turn within the self and to find the Inner Light, the Light of Consciousness which shines bright and focus upon it. This light may be considered as a lightning strike which is seen within your mind complex, especially above the region above your throat Center and maybe considered as the back of your head. This area is the location where the lights can be sensed and by sensing the slides, all Universal Light Grid programmers presence can be felt. Therefore, I, Metatron, now leave you to turn to the mountain of Lights within yourself. Bye.