Session #183 • Pleiadians

We wish every Human could watch this

Summary: The Pleiadians warn of a planned attack on the Sun logos by negative entities, which could disrupt the green lights necessary for photosynthesis and the creation of food on Earth. They urge people to create a shield of love and light around the Sun to protect it. The text also discusses the different sub-densities of third density consciousness evolution and offers a method for achieving enlightenment through observing the Observer within oneself.

We Are The Pleiadians and we greet you now and the light and in the love of the one infinite creator. We are now communicating through these instruments in our consciousness at this time for the purpose of transmitting our thoughts which may be of age to the human Collective Consciousness in this journey of transition towards higher states of vibrational existence and this timeline.

However, it is vitally important for the people of your planets to remember to use inner discernments and only to accept those thoughts which resonate deeply with the inner heart, thereby leaving behind those thought forms which do not resonate. Furthermore, each entry on the Earth planet is entering into the next phase of its level of evolution.

Furthermore, the first query relates with what is the Looking Glass event for the month of April 2023. We must say that firstly we shall give an update of the previous Looking Glass event. We must state that upon scanning the distortions of the vibration of your planet, the previous Looking Glass event was prevented in a way. The process of meditation and creating a shield around the Earth planet. Furthermore, we must also say that the Next Looking Glass event which we can sense from the Looking Glass artifact relates with the Sun logos and the negative entities who are planning to attack on the sun logos and the lights that emanates from its bodily complex.

This means that the negative entries are planning to attack on the sun logos and they want to stop the green lights emerging from the Sun which is mixed with other light of the sun logos. The green portion of the light is responsible for providing the plants bodily complex who are present on the Earth planet with the ability to grow and create food products. Furthermore, the green portion of the lights if it doesn’t reach the Earth’s planetary Fields will lead to the end of the process of photosynthesis which as known by your people is required for the creation of food products in terms of plant life forms and other trees as known by your people. This may lead to a pause in the evolution of the Earth planet.

Furthermore, the Orion social memory complex as well as the other negative entities desired to enter the sun body and create a device that will lead to the ending of creation of green lights because the demise that they will create will absorb all the green lights that may emanate from the Sun logos and this device on capturing the green light will prevent it from reaching outside the sun logos. Therefore, this will prevent the light entering the Earth’s planetary fields to not have any components of the green portion of lights. Furthermore, we must state that this is being planned to be done on the timeline of around 22nd April of the month as known by your people. Furthermore, this can also be stopped by placing a blanket of Love Light shield around the Sun through the process of meditation and this will assist the asthar command social memory complex in charging their social memory complex with lights and love energy to amplify the systems of protection around us and logos. Furthermore, this is the next phase of the Looking Glass event as we can sense further.

We must state that the systems of Discovery upon your planet are of such a nature that even the so-called scientists have discovered that the green lights which comes from the sun body and interacts with the aspect known as chlorophyll and plants and hemoglobin in the human bodily complex, it carries a message that is encrypted and this message is related with the production of the components known as ATP as known by your people which is the energy source for living cells. Therefore, without the green lights, there would be no ATP and life would not exist. Hence it is vitally important that the protection at this time be taken a bit seriously by your people.

Furthermore, we shall now address the second portion of the query which relates with what are the sub densities of the third density Consciousness Evolution. We must see that the concept of sub densities is used by many of the entities on the Earth planet as well as many of the other dimensional beings to describe the progression of evolution of Consciousness within the third density. And based upon this level of understanding and awareness of unity and love, an entity or group of entity has to achieve certain progression in order to reach into the highest levels of subs densities.

Furthermore, before we share this information, we wish that every human mind body and spirit complex on Earth could watch this to understand their journey through Earth which will allow them a Clarity of the reason behind their Incarnation Cycles. At this time, the first sub density revolves around the most basic level of consciousness wherein entities in the beginning stages of the third density incarnate and are apparently self-aware. At this level, the so-called portion of the ego mind is not yet developed and most of the memories are forgotten. This level of Consciousness is often a direct proportion to the next evolutionary cycle after the later second density experience in the form of an animal life form resembling the pets upon your planet.

Furthermore, in this level of first sub density, the basic lessons are to be learned instead of self-awareness. Then, as the entity progresses, the second sub density begins. In this level of Consciousness, the entities are focused on survival and the vibration of fear begins to develop. Furthermore, the creation of new, we correct this instrument, the ego mind begins and the identification with the physical bodily complexes begins further. The primary lesson at the stage of Consciousness is to learn to survive and to protect the bodily complex from any types of distortions. Furthermore, then the entities become eligible for a third sub density of the third density. Wherein once the entities have mastered the basic aspect of survival, they begin to develop desires. The desires are generated by the Mind complex through images and words, leading to attachments to things of the illusion complex and specifically attachment with those aspects which provide a sense of security and pleasure is found in this sub density level. Furthermore, after the entities graduate from this level, they are incarnated into the fourth sub density of the third density. In this level of sub density, all entities are presented with a choice. The choice must be to choose either to serve others or to serve themselves. This choice is made by passing a subtle test which involves making a sacrifice for others, which means that those who choose to serve others by making a small sacrifice as a test in the timeline are put on the pathway of the positive part of learning the lessons of Love while those who choose to serve themselves are placed on the pathway to learn the negative distortions of self-love. Furthermore, this fourth sub density is the density sub density of choice in the level of third density consciousness.

Furthermore, the fifth sub-density of third density revolves around the choice made in the force of density. After the choices made in the force of density, entities are given the lessons necessary to master either service to others or service to self. This means that the positive pathway revolves around learning love and serve others one the negative pathway involves mastering self-love and serving oneself. Furthermore, we should now address the sixth sub density of the third density level of evolution. In this level, the entities begin to enter higher states of emotional Consciousness such as the states of love, joy, and peace if they are on the positive pathway. And those on the negative pathway may enter lower vibration states which may lead to more separation from others. Further, this leads to the seven sub density of Consciousness wherein entities are allowed the process of Mastery of the state chosen in the previous density level, we correct this instrument, in the previous subdensity level that of the sixth sub density. Based on the choices made in the previous subdensity, entities choose a lifestyle that reflects their chosen state of consciousness such as learning to stabilize in the lessons of love, joy, and peace for those on the positive pathway. And those on the negative pathway, the lessons involve Mastery learning the lower vibrational States Of Consciousness. Furthermore, this leads to the eighth sub density wherein this is the unification or the graduation points wherein each entry becomes eligible for graduation into the fourth density new Earth vibration. Further, the eight sub density is the unification into the fourth density and the beginning stage of the fourth density Consciousness. Furthermore, we must also state that many a times the entities on the Earth planet are able to experience these levels of consciousness, we correct this, these levels of consciousness to a deeper level in a fashion which may not be necessarily in a linear or a hierarchical fashion. Furthermore, some entries may experience different levels of consciousness simultaneously and many a times are able to move back and forth between levels of consciousness throughout their existence. Furthermore, these levels are just one methods are one model of Consciousness progression and should not be seen as the only way to understand or categorize the densities of consciousness.

Furthermore, we shall now address the other portion of the query which relates with a simple method for enlightenment. As requested, we must state that the practice of observing the so-called Observer is a necessary component of self-awareness and this can help each mind body and spirit complex develop a bit deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding of their own processes within the minds. This practice involves to become aware of the Observer which means to shift the attention from the thought forms of one’s mind complex and focus on the presence of the Observer that is observing those thought forms. And this shift of the focus of the presence of the Observer will allow each entity to have a ability to shift their attention and focus upon the Observer and become self-aware to such an extent that this awareness will lead soon the combination of entry points into the unification with the one Creator. Furthermore, this is different from observing the thought forms and other patterns as this is to directly observe the Observer. This will allow entities to develop a greater sense of control over thought forms and feelings. Furthermore, by focusing on the Observer, there can be a development of a sense of Detachment from thoughts and mind patterns which can help in the entry towards higher states of vibration. We must state that the best way to begin practicing observing The Observer can begin from a practice of firstly sensing The Observer and finding where it is Inside the Mind complex and then becoming aware of this Observer that is within the Mind complex. By becoming aware of the Observer the entire focus of attention in place on the aspect of the Observer that will allow for the sensation of any attention to be given to any other aspects this may lead to the complete Focus Inside the Mind complex leading to Greater clarity and understanding. This will also lead to a process of sensing greater peace and inner balance leading to the state of enlightenment. Hence we the Pleiadians leave you in light and love of the one Creator, bye.