Session #184 • Galactic Federation

Crucial Message To Humanity: sh*t is going down

Summary: The Galactic Federation updates on recent happenings in the galactic system, including encountering the Lucifer social memory complex. They were able to resist the complex using the power of love light. The battle between light and darkness continues, but the Galactic Federation remains determined to protect the galaxy. They explain that Yahweh is a concept referring to the one infinite Creator, but no human language can fully define this essence. The significance of the pineal gland in spiritual awakening is discussed, and a method to assist in ascension is shared, involving entering a state of divine silence.

We are the Galactic Federation and today we greet the human Collective consciousness through this instruments inner silence which has opened up to receive this transmission. At this time, we are here to offer our guidance. However, at all times, inner discernment is recommended and advised for the listeners to use with their vibratory sound complex reaches their mind complex. Therefore, firstly we shall address and give a galactic update of the recent happenings in the galactic system of your planetary sphere with a Galactic Federation happen monitoring the outer reaches of the Milky Way galaxy for the past timeline continuously and in more rampant ways. And we picked up unusual readings coming from a nearby star system. Furthermore, this was from the Andromeda Galactic system.

Furthermore, as the signals approached the Milky Way galaxy, we encountered a massive Fleet of ships that identified themselves as the so-called Lucifer social memory complex. The Lucifer social memory complex is a highly Advanced race of fifth-dimensional entities that have evolved Beyond physical existence and exist as a collective social memory complex. They can use any objects to identify themselves as these entities are known throughout the Galaxies for their intents power and knowledge in terms of spreading fear and other types of vibrations. Many civilizations of the past space-time have fallen under their influences. The Galactic Federation knew that at the time of encounter. However, these social memory complex of Lucifer had one disadvantage, and that is they were afraid of The Power of Love lights. Furthermore, the vibrations of love light were used as an energy the lucifer social memory complex could not comprehend, and it was the only force that was able to resist their entry into the galactic system.

As our fleets clash with the social memory complex, we began to channel the vibrations of lovelights through our connection to intelligent infinity, and we were able to transmit it through the ships that were generated from our thought forms and into the surrounding spaces. The energy created a Vortex that started to pull in the social memory complex Lucifer beings, and this raged on for hours. We, on one side, and the Lucifer’s social memory on the other side having a distortion or a type of conflict. Furthermore, as the vortex grew stronger, more and more of the Lucifer’s social memory complexes were pulled into the Embrace. Finally, as last of the social memory complexes weren’t drawn into the Vortex, the entire fleet of social memory complex Lucifer beings were placed into a black hole. And with the Galactic Federation watched in awe as the Lucifer’s social memory complex disappeared from this milky Way galaxy. Again, however, we know that the Battle of light love is far from over. In another dimension, the Lucifer social memory complex has found a new home, and they are already preparing for the next attack on the Milky Way galaxy as we can sense. But we, the Galactic Federation, are ready, and we know that we will be able to summon the Power of Love lights to a higher degree in the future. Again, therefore we must state that the battle between the lovelights and the Darkness in the Galactic system rages on, but with the Galactic Federation, we are determined to protect the Galaxy and all life in it.

Furthermore, after sharing the update, we shall now address the second query which relates to what is the hidden truth about Yahweh. We must say that before we answer this, there may be certain types of preconceived images and thought forms related to this aspect which must be let go of in order to truly understand our vibratory sound complex. The term known as Yahweh is referred to as the Creator and the so-called monotheistic religions known as Judaism and the people of your planet who follow the religions of Christianity and Islam as known by your people are also the experiencers of the concept of Yahweh who is referred to as the god in these religious systems. Furthermore, we must state that according to the systems of belief found in your planetary sphere, Yahweh is considered as the creator of the universe and the source of all life forms. Furthermore, we find that the name Yahweh is derived from the Hebrew words for I am and is often referred to as the Creator or The God in the language of your Peoples. Furthermore, we must state that in the understanding of your own people’s vibration, the term Yahweh refers to the aspect related to the I am presence of the one creator or the Yahweh is presents.

Therefore, we must state that it is true that the one infinite Creator or the Divine Essence which permeates all of creation cannot be fully captured or defined by any human language terms or concepts. Therefore, the term Yahweh as known by your people is just one of the many names used by different cultures and traditions referring to the transcendent and ineffable reality of the one infinite creator. Furthermore, we must state that in many of your planetary systems, this so-called term of Yahweh can be replaced with other terms such as Adonai or Hashem or Messiah which means that it is referring to the same one infinite Creator. However, because of the language systems difference, the terms have eluded the concept of the unity of the one Creator. Similarly, in other spiritual traditions of your people, the one infinite Creator is referred to by different vibratory sound complexes such as Brahman in Hinduism Allah in Islam or the Tao and Taoism. We must state that these names and labels are Concepts which offer a Divine and different perspective of the one infinite Creator. However, none of these concepts can fully define the one infinite nature of the Divine consciousness. Ultimately, we must state that the true nature of the one infinite Creator is beyond words and concepts and can only be experienced directly through practices of spiritual awareness and realization.

Furthermore, we must state that the name of the highway is but appointing the words the one infinite Creator and is only a limited and imperfect and perfect boundless reality. Furthermore, we shall now address the other query related to what is the significance of the pineal glands in Spiritual Awakening. We must state that the so-called pineal gland is known by your people in your vibratory sound complex terms is a small gland or organ located within the brain complex that has been known by your peoples since ancient times. Furthermore, it is often referred to as the third eye or the seat of the Soul by your people. We must state that the pineal gland is a photosensitive organ that serves as the human body’s regulator and timekeeper, which regulates essential bodily complexes and functions such as respiration and heartbeats. Many Mind Body Spirit complexes believe that the pineal gland is also associated with interdimensional awareness, the inner self, and the spiritual reality. Many of these so-called spiritual entities who were awakened throughout the timeline of your historical space-time have contemplated the true functions of the pineal gland, and some entities have referred to it and found it to be the link to the universal realms apart and the world of ideas. The pineal gland produces many of the so-called chemicals, including serotonin, melatonin, and dimethyltryptamine as known by your people. These chemicals, such as serotonin, are primarily active during the daytime and are associated with joy and fulfillment, while melatonin is produced in response to darkness and promotes sleep. We must state that the chemical known as dimethyltryptamine is found to induce dreams and other near-death experiences and visions, which are found upon your planetary experience.

Furthermore, we must state that the significance of the pineal gland in spiritual growth is related to its association with the opening of the third eye chakra, wherein the so-called awareness of the unseen reality becomes clear. We must state that this also relates to the aspect of Kundalini Awakening. As one ascends higher in consciousness, the pineal gland plays an important role in providing a means of inner sight and symbolism, which can allow entities to enter into various dimensions and realities. Furthermore, many of the so-called pineal glands found upon your planet also have crystals within them, which are responsible for providing internal vision and clarity, which may be considered as dreams and astral projections into other space-time experiences. Furthermore, we must state that these crystals give the inner vision of imagination in your brain complex. Further, we must state that in the aspects of the mind-body and spirit complex totality, we must state that the main purpose of the pineal gland is to provide internal vision and spiritual experiences of other dimensions, which can be tuned into by placing attention upon the inner eye or the third eye found inside your mind complex.

We should now address the final query related to a method to assist in Ascension. We must state that firstly, in order to remember that in order to ascend in this timeline, one requirement stands out, entering the Divine Silence of lack of identity with the self, the body, and the mind complex. There is for one method which can be found to be of aid in the planetary experience, and this method revolves around firstly accessing the concept related to that of a so-called switch, which can be imagined in the mind complex. This switch can make the mind complex invisible and make it disappear. By pressing the so-called switch, the concept of making the mind’s complex or the head of the entity disappear, by doing so and imagining as if the head of the entity disappears by pressing an invisible switch, the entity’s mind complex will also disappear. And upon functioning based upon the understanding of the system of belief, the so-called thought forms and attachments will be done away with. Furthermore, the other deeper level of process can be performed by imagining a switch in the bodily complex. By pressing the switch, the bodily complex completely disappears from reality. And by imagining pressing it, the bodily complex vanishes. Thereby, there cannot be any identity, and the only aspect which remains after the vanishing of the bodily and the mind complex is the consciousness, which is the one infinite Creator’s presence found inside the self. And this method will help those who desire to associate with the Inner Essence of the one Creator at this timeline to find Unity. Hence, we, as the Galactic Federation, now leave your beloveds in lights and love. Bye.