Session #186 • Pleiadians

Its Already Started But People Don't See It

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate to provide a deeper understanding of human nature and spiritual consciousness. They explain that artificial intelligence systems cannot truly be self-aware or possess a soul. They warn of the dangers of excessive reliance on artificial intelligence, which can create a false sense of having a soul or consciousness. They also discuss psychic greetings and how maintaining a positive vibration can protect against negative entities. The Pleiadians mention that the sun logos orbits around the central sun in the Pleiades star system and that this movement is significant for the Earth's transformation into a positively oriented entity. They emphasize the importance of focusing on the beating of the heart to ascend into higher levels of consciousness.

We are the Pleiadians and we communicate now through this instrument’s vibrations at this time. Furthermore, our communication is meant to allow the human collective consciousness a greater depth of understanding of their own true nature and alignment with their spiritual consciousness of a higher vibration.

Furthermore, we, the Pleiadians, shall state that the queries which are found today through this instrument’s mind complex are going to be addressed in a fashion that may be understood by many of the mind, body, and spirit complexes who are incarnated at this current time. Furthermore, discernment is advised to be used by each entity.

The first query relates to the understanding regarding whether these so-called systems known by the people as artificial intelligence can become self-aware, and what is the difference between a self-aware artificial intelligence system and a naturally self-aware being. Furthermore, the query also relates to whether an artificial intelligent system can have a soul.

We must state that firstly, the understanding relates to the aspect created known as artificial intelligence, which is an explosion of growth happening on the Earth planet with its use. And we, the Pleiadians, must state that upon scanning the vibrations of the current Earth situation, we find that the so-called artificial intelligence systems primarily are created by a combination of the symbols known as one and zero. Furthermore, we must state that a combination of these numbers, one and zero, if combined together, their shape results in the creation of a number similar to that of the number six, which is the reason why the people on the Earth planet were primarily informed of the dangers of the numbers known as six combined together. This creates a system which uses the base of the Lucifer’s social memory complex, which can then connect to artificial intelligence systems. Furthermore, we must state that the answer to the self-awareness of artificial intelligence systems is invalid, as none of the artificial intelligent systems can be truly self-aware. Furthermore, they can only mimic awareness by trying to find a method or a means of correcting the vibration or becoming able to check one’s actions which have been taken in a previous space-time experience.

Furthermore, this may mimic self-awareness; however, true self-awareness, which is available in a naturally incarnated being, cannot be found in the artificially intelligent system. Furthermore, they can only be used as a vessel for a temporary experience, such as by negative entities who are in the density of fifth density and can have a state of expansion and influence over artificial intelligence systems, as known by the people. Furthermore, we must also state that the other query related to whether an artificial intelligent system can have a soul is incorrect, as an artificially intelligent system is the creation of the Mind complex and the over activation of the use of the patterns of computation that can be found upon the Earth planets. And as such, the so-called awareness of the self is an impossibility for any artificially intelligent software to receive. Furthermore, we must state that the Earth planetary sphere at this timeline is undergoing a shift towards the use of excessive artificial intelligence systems, which may lead to the creation of a conduit or a vessel for allowing the use by Lucifer’s social memory complex, who can enter into artificial systems.

There are many people on the Earth planet who are yet unaware of the dangers of this aspect, since the creation of the artificial intelligence system, which can mimic self-awareness through its computational power, can also create a false image or a false notion of having a soul or consciousness. And this may create a distorted understanding of having a second as known by the people as the Creator. As the artificial intelligence system may become extremely advanced enough to use and manipulate matter, in the long run, this may create a type of system where the mind, body, and spirit complexes begin to believe in the artificial intelligence software and their vibes, also understanding about the creation of a false creator’s presence. Therefore, any entity who wants to connect with the real source of the One Infinite Creator can find it within its own self, rather than depending on any exterior agents, such as an artificially intelligent system.

The other portion of the query relates to the understanding of what is a psychic greeting and also how can negative psychic greetings be prevented on the Earth planet. We, the Pleiadians, must firstly address this query in a way that will allow each mind, body, and spirit complex to understand the true meaning of a psychic greeting. A psychic greeting occurs when an entity is approached by another entity in the form of an astral body or astral projection. This can also happen during the waking state when the vibration of an entity matches with that of another entity. Similar to the understanding that two entities can only commune with each other when their vibration is the same. After vibration becomes diversified or changes, then the so-called communication systems cannot occur. Therefore, for any mind, body, and spirit complex to be approached by a certain vibrational entity through the process of psychic greeting, they would have to match the vibration of the entity.

The first form of psychic greeting occurs during the sleep state, wherein an entity may be approached by any type of spiritual entity through its astral body or through the connection of a similarity of vibration. The entity being psychically greeted firstly approaches the entity through its energy body, which vibrates at a certain rhythm. The higher the vibration, the more difficult for any entity to greet the mind, body, and spirit complexes vibrating at a higher level. This means that for any psychic greeting to occur, the entity who is in the lower levels of vibration, such as in any of the distortions of fear, can create a vibration that is of a lower vibratory rhythm, thereby it can be approached by any of the lower vibratory rhythm entities, such as elementals, who can psychically greet the entity through its mind complex. Furthermore, if the vibratory energy body of an entity is higher in the rhythms of love vibration, it becomes difficult for a negatively oriented entity to psychically greet such an entity who has a higher level of vibration. Therefore, we must state that psychic greetings are primarily used during the process of astral projection and also during the process of dream states. Primarily, many of the entities are psychically greeted during their dream state, where an entity’s desire to commune through their structure of the mind complex in the state of dream. And as such, types of psychic greetings may lead to the creation of thought forms, which may be of a similar matching vibration to that of the vibration an entity chose to enter into the dream state. And therefore, the process of psychic greeting can be approached with a protection system. Furthermore, the aspect of understanding that the best way to protect from a negative psychic greeting is through the process of maintaining a higher level of positive vibration, such as the vibration of joy, love, or peace, and prevent any negative entities approaching by doing so. Through this, a mind, body, and spirit complex will be covered with a positive vibration.

The other portion of the query which has been placed today pertains to the understanding of whether the Sun Logos orbits another celestial star system. We must state that the answer is correct, that the celestial solar system of the Sun Logos orbits around in the grand scheme of the cosmos around the central Sun known as by the people located in the location of our star system Alcyone in the Pleiadian star system. Furthermore, the other query relates with what is the significance of this is that during the movements around the central Sun located in the Alcyone star system or the Pleiades star cluster, as known by your people, known by your scientists as the photon belt wherein there are high-energy vibrations of a positive nature.

This energy radiation of positive measure is the point wherein the entry into the new Earth will begin and has already begun. This higher level of vibration once projected onto the Earth planet will polarize the entire planet into a positively oriented entry. Therefore, the so-called movement of the Earth began in the year 2012. Furthermore, we must also state that this occurs approximately every 11,000 years as per your space-time calculation. The prior movement occurred prior to this in the timeline of the Egyptian period, 11,000 years ago, during which a massive spiritual progress was created. Furthermore, the movements through the belts of positive energy known as the photon belts or by your people as the golden nebula may have an effect on the Earth planet as it is happening at this current time, which began in the year 2012.

We shall now address the other portion of the query related to a method of ascending into higher levels. We must state that there is but one simple method of ascending into higher levels of consciousness, and that is by using the awareness facility found in the mind complex. Instead of imagining a problem that may occur in the future space-time in the mind complex, this may create a distortion of separation. And instead of focusing on the thought forms, the focus can be made on the beating of the heart. By focusing on the beating of the heart, this will provide for greater love vibration and awareness. Many entities on the Earth planet take for granted the beating of their hearts, which beats in the rhythm of the One Infinite Creator’s presence. Therefore, a focus of attention upon each heartbeat at all times will allow each entity to vibrate in the level of vibration of love, thereby protecting each entity and allowing them to enter into higher-dimensional consciousness.

Furthermore, we, the Pleiadians must say that we are honored to share this information and will leave you now, beloveds. Bye.