Session #188 • Metatron

Something Weird is Going on

Summary: Crop circles are patterns that appear in fields and are often associated with UFO sightings. They are created through the absorption of energy from outer space or by extraterrestrial entities. Positive extraterrestrial beings are not directly present on Earth due to quarantine restrictions, but certain entities such as reptilians and greys have created human-like bodies to interact with humans. Karmic debt is generated through actions performed in separation from others and can be positive or negative. Signs of karmic debt include blockages or obstacles, while positive karmic debt brings support and opportunities. Repentance, forgiveness, and acts of charity can help release negative karmic debt.

I am Metatron Magnetic Consciousness now and communication through this channel’s vibration in the Divine Light and love of the universal light grid programmer. I, Metatron magnetic Consciousness, am now going to address and answer the queries which are present in the mind of this Channel at this time. However, we would recommend the use for internal discernments to be advised.

I Metatron would like to state that the queries that are presented through this Universal love light child of the Divine Light grid programmer relates to what are crop circles. We must state that firstly from our Angelic realm, I, along with many other Angelic beings, have noticed that the people of the Earth planets have a query related to the understanding of crop circles.

We must state that crop circles are patterns that primarily appear on lands around the world. These patterns are primarily created through a process of flattening a crop, mostly a type of cereal crop as known by your people. Furthermore, these crop circles have usually been connected with extraterrestrial entities and the so-called UFO sightings by the people of the planets, and there is a connection between the crop circles and such sightings in reality. Furthermore, there are many locations wherein the crop circles are found in enormous numbers throughout your planetary sphere.

Furthermore, we must now state that the crop circles primarily appear in only certain locations, such as the locations around areas wherein there are landscapes, dense population areas, and other monuments of cultural heritage for the people of your planet, such as the Stonehenge and other areas. Furthermore, we must state that these crop circles are found to appear overnight and primarily in the fields of your people.

Furthermore, many of the entities on the Earth planet have found patterns that were created by such types of entities who were responsible for the creation of crop circles. Furthermore, many of the crop circles have a link with the so-called extraterrestrial spacecrafts. Further, we must state that the crop circles are primarily created through the vibration of energy patterns that are hitting the Earth planets. There are two types of crop circles that are created. One is created by the absorption of energy that is coming from outer space and hitting the Earth’s planetary spheres. Such types of energy, when it reaches the Earth’s planetary sphere, creates a type of distortion wherein the crop circle is primarily created in a location of an area wherein the energy is absorbed in the fields, thereby creating patterns in the form of images which are known by your people as the crop circles. There are other types of crop circles which are primarily generated by extraterrestrial entities, primarily the Orion Grey counterparts who enter the Earth’s planetary sphere through the quarantined fields and hide in such locations wherein there is a large amount of space, such as in fields and other landscapes wherein there are large amounts of spaces and open areas for them to conduct their patterns of search or any other type of process they may be inherently trying to conduct. And thereby, this creates a type of distortion wherein the entities are able to form a situation wherein the crop circles are primarily able to regenerate when the Orions leave behind patterns of the energy that is discharged from their spacecrafts. This is an example of a second type of crop circle which is primarily found upon your planet.

We, the Angelic beings and I, Metatron magnetic Consciousness, must also give a warning that many of the beings/entities on the Earth planets may find that the location of a crop circle may have energy patterns that may not be productive for their understanding. Thereby, such types of energy patterns may be of a nature causing stress for entities. This means that it is vitally important for all entities to protect themselves and to preserve their energy patterns. And instead, before approaching any type of crop circles, they must protect their energy with the vibration of love and light of the one universal Light Grid programmer.

Furthermore, I must say that the other query relates to – is this a communication from extraterrestrial entities. And we must firstly state that the crop circles can only be equated with symbolic representation. Therefore, they may be considered as a creation of an aftereffect of the energy patterns which were found near such locations wherein the crop circles were seen. Therefore, we must state that this is in turn not a direct communication from extraterrestrial beings.

We shall now address the other portion of the query related to how many extraterrestrial entities are living on Earth at the present time as one of the human Collective because they physically look like the human entities, how many different extraterrestrial races are present at this time, and what is their percentage and polarity of each extraterrestrial race as related to the Earth planets.

I, Metatron, must now state that there are none of the other extraterrestrial races found within the Earth’s Planet directly which are of a positive nature in the bodily complexes that may seem similar to the human bodily complexes, as this is primarily prohibited by the Council of planets and the quarantine of the Earth planet prevents any positive extraterrestrial beings to be directly infringing upon the workflow of the human society. Therefore, we may state that certain types of soul complexes are only found. These soul complexes are allowable through the process of Soul swapping. Therefore, we must state that the primary appearance of other extraterrestrial entities from other planetary spheres happens through the process of Soul Swap and directly also in the case of those entities known as the reptilians, the Orions, the Anunnaki, and the grey social memory complex who do not adhere to the quarantine placed on the Earth’s planet and they deliberately entered into the Earth’s quarantine Fields. These entities are found to have created certain types of human-like bodily vehicles which they may perform through the process of biological cloning or the process of acting as a host for their Consciousness to operate in the Earth planets. These are the types of beings that are usually found in the Earth planets directly in the form of a human-like physical vehicle.

Furthermore, we shall now address the other portion of the query related to how a karmic debt is created and what are the signs of having a karmic debt. We must state that firstly, entities on the Earth planet must realize that the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer is within all entities, within all objects, and within all beingness that is found in the universe. Therefore, karmic debt is primarily generated as an energy or an experience that an entity creates through the process of separation. And thereby, through the process of separation, it may generate experiences which may be considered as negative karmically, which are considered as actions generated from separation of the self with the other. This creates a distortion of karmic debt. Furthermore, we must state that the higher purpose of karmic debt is primarily to allow each Universal light grid programmer to learn and expand the self by becoming more compassionate and loving with a deepening of experience of the Oneness of the one universal light grid programmer.

Furthermore, the aspect of karmic debts primarily occurs when an entity performs an action, either of a positive or a negative nature. If the entity performs an action which is of a positive nature, then a positive karmic debt is collected. And if the entity creates a negative action through the filter of separation that is found in the Earth planets, the entity performs such an action to another entity whoever the other entity is also, in essence, the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer. And what the entity performs to the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer returns back. And in order to balance the karmic debt, situations are created, either of a positive or a negative nature, based upon the types of actions performed.

Therefore, I, Metatron, state that there may be many types of signs that entities have karmic debts. The first sign of a karmic debt is that there is always a type of blockage that is generated by the universal complex. If an entity has a negative karmic debt, the blockage may appear in terms of obstacles or any other type of challenge or catalyst which appears continuously whenever the entity seeks the completion of its mission in its life. This may appear as a blockage, and this is the primary blockage which must be recognized as a negative karmic debt. Furthermore, a positive karmic debt is primarily created when an entity recognizes that a positive karmic debt is in assistance from the universal complex. Which means that an entity with a positive karmic debt receives support and opportunities from the universe, even when it does not have any type of actions to perform. And many times, opportunities and good tidings appear to such entities out of nowhere. This is an example of a sign of a positive karmic debt.

Furthermore, I, Metatron, must now state that there are many simple methods to accelerate the category of karmic debt release. Furthermore, the recognition of the type of karmic debt is primarily of importance by each Universal divine love-like child in this timeline. While becoming self-aware of the actions performed to other entities who are, in essence, the universal Light Grid programmer. And by being aware of the actions taken in the past space-time, there can be a general awareness of either the karmic debts if it is only positive or a negative nature. And thereby, if there is a positive karmic debt, then the entity must realize that it must continue in those actions more and more. Since a positive karmic debt will lead it towards higher levels of understanding and opportunities. If the karmic debt is of a negative nature, then the entity must remember that the actions it must take must be related with the vibration of as known by your people as the vibration of forgiveness. And to change the memory of a negative action performed upon another entity to a positive action. Furthermore, the best way to resolve any karmic debt against any entity is to practice repentance and asking for forgiveness. This is the best way to release any karmic negative debt in this timeline. Furthermore, an action related to that of Charity or giving of Charity to such entities or gifts to such entities with a relation of releasing the negative karmic debt is the best way to release such types of karmic debts. Therefore, I, Metatron, now leave you turn to the mountain of Lights within yourself, Bye.