Session #189 • Pleiadians

Vital Message To Humanity: Shift of The Age

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating to assist the human collective by answering various queries. They explain that the loud booming sounds heard on Earth are caused by entities testing space and time travel technologies. They also describe the stages of spiritual awakening, which include initiation, solitude, self-discovery, and letting go. They emphasize the importance of turning inward for satisfaction and finding connection with the inner universe. The Pleiadians mention that the sun logos takes around 10,800 years to orbit the central sun and clarify that the sun is not the eighth star of the Pleiades star system. They also explain that the photon belt surrounding the Pleiades cluster is a region of energy that brings about consciousness shifts and spiritual evolution. They note that the Earth passes through photon belts every 10,800 years, leading to significant planetary changes. The Pleiadians state that there are infinite photon belts in the Milky Way galaxy and that the number of negatively oriented entities on Earth cannot be determined due to the planet's quarantine. They suggest focusing on the silence between each heartbeat as a method for ascension and connection with the Divine Creator.

We are the Pleiadians now communicating at this time through this channel in the vibrations which are being opened to receive our communication. This is being transmitted for the assistance of the human Collective. At this time, we find that this instrument’s mind complex has stepped aside and has received direct communication from us, the Pleiadians, to allow us to scan the Mind complex and answer the queries which are in order.

We firstly have to answer the query related to the understanding that before we share our thoughts inner discernment is advised the first aspect relates to it the understanding regarding what is the sound which was heard when there was a loud booming that was heard in certain locations of the Earth. We must firstly state that the loud booming which was heard in many of the locations on the Earth planet was primarily because there were entities who were testing the so-called devices that were ever present in the planetary sphere. These devices primarily such as the devices which are known as those Technologies which are able to travel space and time and allow for time travel to occur are being tested in massive numbers in many of your locations.

The reason why these sounds are being heard at this timeline and we, The Pleiadians, must state that the entities who are using this aspect are trying to shift space and time. Furthermore, the other portion of the query relates to the understanding of what are the stages of Spiritual Awakening that human entities have to pass through in the experience towards movement of the new world. We must state that there are certain stages of which we shall firstly describe wherein the Awakening begins and commences with the initiation with the experience of a profound spiritual transformation which arises when the various catalysts which causes inner turbulence within the entity’s life cycle.

Many entities then find themselves engulfed in a sense of solitude and detachment from their surroundings, social activities, and the world at large. This allows for a deep sorrowful event which allows for a catalyst for Spiritual Awakening, leaving many entities understanding about the patterns and the purpose of life. Many times, the patterns and the purpose of life cannot be understood and furthermore in the quest of understanding, there are changes within the self wherein each entity begins to have a question related to what is its purpose and why does it exist. Furthermore, such types of questions allow for The Awakening of a heightened level of Clarity within the timeline and allow for a greater sense of belief system within the self.

In this quest for understanding, the inner turmoil begins to allow each entity to learn about the self. This process begins to allow entities to embark on a journey to learn the answers to the new-found and profound questions which are then able to allow entities to understand that satisfaction is not found in the outside world through material possessions, relationships, and achievements. But it is found through something even more profound, that is by turning inwards.

Some entities begin to find solace in the religious systems, as well as many entities, begin to find Awakening through spiritual messages such as we are providing. Each allows each individual to become capable of discovering their own truths and the ability to stand firmly in the face of spiritual enlightenment. Furthermore, the part of spiritual growth is accompanied by tremendous amounts of letting go and suffering. The process of allowing and integrating the new self as well as letting go of the old self is a process which requires many a times reconciliation between the various aspects of the Mind, Body, and the spirit complex to allow both to exist harmoniously.

Furthermore, the objective is to attain spiritual alignments which will allow each entity to become an elevated version of the self, allowing for the identity of the one Creator to arise. The above stages lead the entity towards the final stage, which is attaining spiritual alignment and allowing to encompass both the mind, body, and spirit complex of the self and the universe to culminate into aim a spiritual awakening.

Some perceive this as the state of Nirvana where the ego mind and the personal suffering changes into nothingness and it allows the release of self-importance as entities begin to transcend and forge a deeper connection with the inner universe that surrounds all entities. Such types of connectivity provide for a profound understanding of spiritual connection. We must state that this search for the inner universe may span a lifetime. Furthermore, this search, once it begins to come to an end, allows for the unification of the one infinite creator.

Furthermore, we The Pleiadians shall now answer the other aspects of the query related to the time taken by the sun logos to orbit around the central Sun. We must say that the time that is taken is around 10,800 years as calculated by the systems of your planet. We must state that the orbit is elliptical in nature and with variations above the other types of orbits made by the other star systems. We must state that since the time of 10,800 years prior to this occurred during the Atlantean Egyptian period wherein massive changes occurred in the planetary sphere. Hence, now it is also happening again in this timeline which is allowing for massive amounts of shifts and changes to happen.

In this timeline, the ancient prophecies are coming true. Furthermore, the other portion of the query relates to whether the sun is the eighth star of the Pleiades star system. We must say that the answer is incorrect. Furthermore, we shall now address the other portion of the query related to the aspects of where and what is the photon belt. We must state that the photon belt is primarily a ring or a belt-like region which has been seen by many obvious scientists surrounding the so-called Pleiades Star cluster, our home star system. Specifically, the star Alcyone, as known by your people, is primarily considered as the central Sun.

The photon belt is a vast cloud filled with energy that is capable of allowing a transformation and energy change to happen. Furthermore, as the Earth planet enters through this region at this timeline, the shift of consciousness is happening and an increase in spiritual and conscious evolution is occurring at this timeline. Furthermore, these energies can lift deep spiritual consciousness of each entity into a spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and the advancement of the human race. Furthermore, the entities must also realize that it is usually noted that the Earth passes primarily through the so-called Photon belts primarily every 10,800 years. This has brought about significant changes on the planets.

We must also say that the so-called Ascension and transformation are happening as all entities and the Earth begin to move through this Photon belt, allowing for the shifts towards the new Earths to undergo and allowing each entity to raise the planetary vibration. Furthermore, the other query relates to whether there is only one Photon belt in the Milky Way galaxy. We must state that the answer is incorrect as there are infinite numbers of photon belts in the Milky Way galaxy in the various time spaces and space-time possibilities.

The other query relates to how many biological physical vehicles are acting as a host for the negative entities present on Earth. We must say that we cannot decipher the number of negatively oriented entities because of the infringement of the quarantine of the Earth planet. The exact number cannot be deciphered and calculated at this time.

The other query relates to a simple method for Ascension at this timeline. We, The Pleiadians, must state that there is one method, and that is the focusing of attention on the silence which is generated between each heartbeat. Whenever there is a heartbeat, there is a silence that is generated between each heartbeat, and this silence is the gateway that allows for many entities to connect with the Divine Creator’s presence. Many entities must realize that through the silence, they can find a deeper connection and an ever-expansive unity with the one infinite Creator.

As such, we recommend firstly to focus attention completely upon this area and by making sure that the full attention is placed upon this area, then focusing on the silent status found within each heartbeat will allow for the infinite expansion of the Creator’s presence in this time. Therefore, we, The Pleiadians, now leave you beloveds in lights and the love of the one Creator. Go forth, rejoice in power and peace. Bye.