Session #190 • Galactic Federation

You're Being INSTRUCTED Not to Notice This

Summary: The Galactic Federation addresses queries on Ka channels, their connection to the chakra system, and the process of activating them. They state that self-awareness among Wanderers is less than 0.9% due to societal conditioning. Spiritual awakening is described as a potentially destructive process involving the shattering of belief systems, dissolution of identity, emotional turmoil, isolation, and the Dark Night of the Soul. The Pleiades star system has nine known planets, and the number of times the sun passes through photon belts is unknown.

We are the Galactic Federation and we are here now to connect through this instrument’s vibration at this time for the purpose of transmitting our thought forms and to allow each mind’s body and spirit complex that is present in the earth’s planetary sphere to discern our thought forms, thereby only accepting those thoughts which resonate with the inner self. We, the Galactic Federation, state that there are many queries which are in order at this time and we shall now address them. However, there is a need to understand that there are certain entities who are part of the Earth planet who are trying to suppress this information and many of the entities on the Earth planet are being instructed not to notice this information, which would bring Awakening and a shift in the vibration of each entity.

Furthermore, the first query which we can sense at this time is: what are Ka channels and their connection with the chakra system and how can it be activated? In this regard, the Galactic Federation must state that the so-called Ka channels have been used in spiritual practices not only in the Earth’s planetary civilization of the human population but also during the ancient Egyptian times. The location of ancient Egypt’s spacetime, the so-called Ka, was believed to be an entity’s double form or astral self which was created at the moment of incarnation. It was reflected into the personality of the individualized mind-body and spirit complex.

Furthermore, these so-called aspects of Ka were considered to be a vital source which enabled each mind’s body and spirit complex to continue receiving energies and patterns of blessings in the next incarnation as well. After the crossing over, which occurred not only in one incarnation but in multiple incarnations, it created a spiritual force or a purpose of allowing alignment of each entity to happen. Furthermore, the so-called Ka channels can be used by focusing on the astral form of an entity. The Ka channels are duplicated in exact replica to the seven energy centers or chakras that are found in the human bodily vehicle.

Furthermore, an imbalance of the chakra in the physical body creates an imbalance in the astral body as well. The Ka channels are a system of energy flowing from the lower astral energy fields to the higher astral energy fields. This means that in order to open up the Ka channels, the process of looking at one’s own physical body from the opposite sides using the process of visualization and to sense the astral body and its imbalances that are present is required. This, furthermore, allows the being to observe the self and to find out which chakras are imbalanced. This also allows for the creation of an ability to find out where there is an imbalance.

The process of balancing or opening the Ka channels is the same as balancing the energy centers in the bodily vehicle. However, this occurs in the astral form of a mind-body and spiritual complex. The process of balancing the Ka channels involves several steps. The first step involves the relaxation of the bodily complex of the entity and entrance into the meditative state of consciousness which allows for a focusing on the breath and the creation of the bodily complex entrance into a meditative state. After which, they can begin the process of visualizing their own part of the complex from the opposite direction, as if observing themselves from the astral perspective. With this visualization, the individual can start sensing their astral bodily complexes and its energy flow. By paying attention to any areas that feel stagnant or stuck or overly activated, they can identify which chakras are imbalanced. These imbalances may manifest as physical sensations, emotions, or intuitive insights. To open and balance the Ka channels, the entity must use various techniques.

Furthermore, the process involves using a specific system of visualization and the patterns of energy flow for each chakra. These visualizations can allow the imagining of the chakra as a spinning wheel or a vibrant sphere of energy while focusing on the energy and restoring harmony and balance in that energy center. Additionally, the activities that are primarily meant to allow overall well-being, such as the process of yoga, Tai Chi, or other mindful movements, can contribute to the harmonization of the chakra systems and also the balancing of the Ka channels. Furthermore, we must state that regular self-observation and reflection are crucial in maintaining the balance of the Ka channels and the chakras. By continuously observing the self and identifying imbalances and taking appropriate measures to address them, an entity can cultivate healthier energetic states of enhancements, thereby enhancing their well-being in both the physical and the astral levels. Furthermore, it is also vitally important to note that working with the Ka Channel and with the energy centers is an individualized journey which may take space-time experiences based upon each individual.

We shall now address the second portion of the query related to what percentage of Wanderers are aware of being a Wanderer and what are the planetary origins of the different Wanderers currently found on the Earth planet. We must state that the percentage of Wanderers that are self-aware involves around less than 0.9 percent of the total number of Wanderers. Due to lack of belief in their spiritual self and a generalized view of life on Earth that is viewed through a lens of calculations and other matrices that are implanted in the subconscious portions of the Mind of each mind-body and spirit complex during their process of so-called understanding and recognition of the aspects of the study of the Mind patterns known as the education systems of your planet, which primarily create a filter of evidence requirement for any type of spiritual experience to be believed upon. Furthermore, the planetary origins of the primary Wanderers are from the Sirius star system, the Pleiades star system, the Arcturian star system, and other includes Wanderers from a future space-time of Earth.

We shall now address the other portion of the query related to why is spiritual awakening considered a destructive process. We shall address and state that many entities on the Earth planet must realize that the process of Spiritual Awakening is getting started in all entities’ life cycle and that within the aspect of Spiritual Awakening, there may be many catalysts which may be considered as extremely complex to understand. Many entities may find the spiritual awakening experience extremely tainted in the vibration of struggle. Furthermore, many may feel a positive vibration and experience as the accomplice certain levels of transcendence in the spiritual process of Awakening. Thereby, these associations are primarily created only when there is an overcoming of the inner process of dissolution or destruction.

Further, a true and complete Spiritual Awakening process isn’t a peaceful or a quiet process. It involves allowing each mind’s body and spirit complex, it involves a deeper inner conflict requiring the self to force a change that has never been experienced in its life. The process of Spiritual Awakening requires self-destruction and this will allow for dismantling of the other aspects which are attaching to the ego self and giving the ego self the opportunity to remain with itself in a new and primary way. Therefore, we shall now address the so-called destructive qualities of Spiritual Awakening that all entities have to understand when they awaken spiritually. The first is the shattering of the belief systems. Those who are in the spiritual awakening often provides for the entities to find that their belief systems, which are deeply ingrained, are challenged. This process can many times be unsettling and it requires many entities to let go of belief systems which they found to be true for a long space and time.

Furthermore, there are many other requirements that may allow them to open new perspectives. The other aspect of Spiritual Awakening involves ego dissolution, wherein the sense of self and identity undergoes a transformation which can many times lead to a shift in identity and the feeling of loss of identity. The other aspect involves emotional turmoil, wherein intense emotions that have been suppressed can be created, which involve the creation of traumas, fears, and emotional points, which leads to a period of emotional state of imbalance. Furthermore, the other aspect relates to isolation and separation from other entities. We must state that during the process of Spiritual Awakening, many on the Earth planet find themselves distancing from their own relationships, belief systems, and the ways of incarnations that would not align with the new form understanding of the self. This can result in feelings of isolation and loneliness as individuals seek out connection and communities which resonate with their transformed self.

The other process involves the aspect known by the people as The Dark Night of the Soul, wherein many spiritual seekers experience a phase of consciousness where entities find themselves in deep questioning and self-awareness followed with intense struggle internally. We must state that the process of Spiritual Awakening ultimately leads to a greater connection with the true inner self of the creator’s presence, which allows for the doors of profound transformation. The other portion of the query relates to which stars are members of the Pleiades star system. We must state that the Pleiades star system has many star planetary spheres. However, as per our understanding of the Earth’s people, there are primarily only nine planets which are found to be part of the Pleiades star system. The other star systems which are involved cannot be named by us, which may not be understood by the people of your planet.

Therefore, the other aspect relates to the understanding of how many times the sun of the Milky Way galaxy passes through the photon belts. We must state that this occurrence a number of times cannot be ascertained based upon the orbits of the sun and the photon belts’ location, which are generated through the creation of positive positron particles that are created by the confederation of planets to allow for the planetary sphere and the sun logos to undergo a transitional shift into the location. And we, the Galactic Federation, now leave you, beloveds. Bye.