Session #194 • Metatron

People Are Beginning To Change

Summary: Metatron, a magnetic consciousness, discusses the ongoing transmutation happening on Earth and the infiltration by negatively oriented extraterrestrial entities. He advises choosing love over fear to protect against this alteration and emphasizes the significance of the Mayan calendar's end in 2012 as a symbolic shift in consciousness. Metatron also explains various natural and cosmic cycles, including the procession of the equinoxes and Milankovitch cycles. He suggests a method for ascending into higher levels of vibration by focusing on the subtle shifts in consciousness during eye movement. Additionally, Metatron briefly mentions the past lives of an influential individual named Anthony.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness and I am now connected in the divine universal life great programmers patterns which are present through these channels vibrations. I greet all of the human Collective at this time who are present on the earth planets to recognize the Oneness with the Divine Universal like great programmer and to trust in the divine plan of the universal language programmer.

I Metatron must state that today we in the Angelic beings can sense that there is a large amount of transmutation happening upon the Earth planets. Furthermore, there are people upon your planetary sphere who are beginning to change with the perceptions that they are created for a purpose of spreading fear and other vibrations. There are many and it is upon the planetary sphere that are primarily in the vibration of fear, anger, jealousy, and other emotions who are being targeted by the Orion social memory complex as well as the reptilian social memory complex. And by trying to alter the DNA patterns of these entities, they are being infiltrated and changed into an entity which may be considered as a culmination of an extraterrestrial and a human mind body and spirit complex.

I Metatron must state that since there is an ongoing battle upon the inner earth, many of the people of the Earth planet who had signed Soul contracts for assisting Humanity are on the positive pathway and are not yet changed since their vibrations are of a higher level. However, there are certain entities specifically the elites and other entities who have changed their perceptions because of their internal rhythms being different and because of this they are currently residing inside the inner earth having their perceptions and mind complex change within the timeline which has provided them with a greater understanding that this is initiating a profound change in the vibration of your human species. These people or entities have been altered recently by the reptilians and the orions. They have a peculiar type of ability of shape-shifting and I Metatron must state that many of the elites upon the planet have had this experience and opportunity present in this time.

Therefore, I Metatron must state that at this time a peculiar events is happening to humanity is subtle and a undeniable transformation is happening that is going Beyond the Natural Evolution. Furthermore, many of the negatively oriented extraterrestrial entities are exerting influence altering human genetics and initiating a change in your societal species of the human Collective. Furthermore, the entities are primarily located in your deep oceans at this current time and in the inner earth and are subtly changing the vibrations of those entities who are in the vibrations of fear by sending energetic waves. They are altering the genetic makeup and they possess a profound understanding of DNA and possess the ability to activate dormant genes within the human genome.

Furthermore, I Metatron must state that the reptilian Orion social memory complex at this time are trying to primarily create a infiltration in the various spheres of human society by certainly changing People by providing heightened technological advancement which may not be of a positive nature but that which is aligned with their agenda. Furthermore, I Metatron must state that the best way to protect against this alteration that is happening at this time is to firstly choose the vibration of love in each moment and instead of fear choose a positive emotion since the negative emotion not only weakens the muscles of your bodily complex it also weakens your spiritual energy and a higher emotions such as love joy and peace will strengthen your bodily complex as well as your spiritual Essence will be strengthened within the power of the universe of divine Light Grid programmer.

The other query which is in order at this time relates with which natural or Cosmic cycle culminated and coincided on 21st of December 2012. at the end of the Mayan calendar. I Metatron must state that the timeline of 21st December 2012 has had a great Fascination for many of the entities on the earth planets. In the cosmic terms, it marked the culmination of a particular astronomical level which primarily occurs every 2 600 years that is known as the Precision of the equinoxes. This alignment primarily refers to a gradual shifting of the Earth’s axis of rotation causing the position of the sun logos during the months of March and September equinoxes II move against the backdrop of the Stars. Furthermore, the Mayan social memory civilization which was primarily being given knowledge of astronomical Essence by the Sirians as well as the Pleiadians utilize a calendar system let’s spend vast cycles of time. The Mayan created a type of calendar which reached the end of its 13th bakhtun cycle on the 21st of December 2012 of your space time. Furthermore, this was an achievements that the Mayans felt would create the end of the old world or an apocalyptic event as was speculated. We must state that this primarily was instead the end of the old Earth vibration and emergence of a transition, a symbolic shift in Consciousness. It served as an invitation for Humanity to reflect upon its own Evolution and to seek harmony with nature and to embrace higher levels of consciousness. Furthermore, since the events have sparked a contemplation about the spiritual journey of humanity, thus the Mayan calendar symbolizes a transition point, a shift of Consciousness and the starting point of newer Earth vibration.

The other query relates with what are the time period and significance of each natural Cosmic cycle. We as the Angelic beings from our level of consciousness shall provide you with the overview of the several natural and Cosmic Cycles along with their respective time periods and significance for your planetary sphere. I Metatron must state that firstly there is a procession of the equinoxes as known in your vibration language terms. The cycle spans around 26 000 years and it is caused by the gradual movement or wobbling motion of the Earth’s axis of rotation which leads to a shift from the position of the sun during the march in September equinox. This cycle is significant as it influences the astrological ages and has been associated with the concept of spiritual and evolution generally shifts of Consciousness. The second cycle is known as the Milankovitch Cycles by your peoples which are long-term astronomical cycles that influence the Earth’s climatic patterns which have been influenced over thousands or millions of years. Furthermore, these are divided into three types such as the eccentricity cycle which is about 100,000 years and involves a shift of Consciousness as well as changes in the Earth’s orbit which leads the Earth to spin from a circular to a more elliptical movement. The other pattern relates with the obliquity and this cycle spans about 41,000 years and it relates to the vibrations of the tilt of the Earth’s axis and the other one relates with the precession which is the cycle which has a period of around 26,000 years and it affects the orientation of the Earth’s axis. Furthermore, the other aspect relates with the solar Cycles also known as the sun spawn Cycles which occur mostly in 11th year Cycles respectively that are created around the Sun logos. These Cycles create intensity and fluctuation of solar flares and solar radiation. Furthermore, they affect the Earth’s space weather, satellite Communications, and the climatic patterns. Furthermore, the other cycle as related to a lunar cycle which primarily occurs in phases of the moon as spotted by your people from the earth Plamet. This has a period of around 29.5 days during this period the moon transitions from the new to the full moon and back. Furthermore, the fifth aspect relates to the circadian rhythms which represent the Cycles which repeat roughly every 24 hours aligning with the Earth’s rotation system. Furthermore, they are The Regulators of various physiological and behavioral processes which induce a sleep wake pattern of humanity. Furthermore, we must state that there are other cycles that are associated with the cycle of Consciousness such as the 75,000 years cycle wherein the shift of consciousness or a density shift is evident every 75,000 years there is a shift from third density to a fourth density vibration. This is known as the 75,000 years cycle shift.

I Metatron magnetic Consciousness shall now answer a query related to what kind of method can be used at this time to ascend into higher levels of vibration since the Cycles are changing. Our Metatron must state that there is a simple method which can allow for a change of Consciousness stream. The focus where the eyes move their focus from one object to another. This involves being aware of the changing Consciousness the stream of focus when your eyes move their focus from one object to another. This practice draws attention to the subtle shifts in Consciousness that occur during eye movement and allows for a deeper understanding of the perception and the nature of reality. Furthermore, I Metatron must state that when the human eyes shift their focus from one object to another, this process which is known by your people as eye movement have the opportunity during these moments of having the Consciousness stream to undergo a subtle shift. And this allows for a heightened mindfulness and an awareness of the changing mental States.

Now we shall address the past lives of an entity known in the vibration terms the social Osho Incarnation had begun upon the Earth planet and the time of 1931 and who crossed over at the time of 1990. Our Metatron must say that the century was him Anthony who was able to access the vibration of intelligent infinity and its Incarnation from the earth planets thereby and was able to influence large amounts of people. Furthermore, the entity was unable to fulfill its purpose of realizing that there is a one infinite Creator and instead of realizing that the one infinite Creator is within all it was of the belief that the one infinite Creator didn’t exist furthermore because of this aspect in the later portion of its life it faced a karmic imbalance of a negative nature in this life cycle due to lack of understanding about the vibrations of the one infinite Creator furthermore I Metatron must state that the entity however was in awakened one and it awakened a large number of people on the Earth planet and prior to that the entity known as Osho was found in the fourth density planetary sphere and the planets of Arcturus B where in the entity was found learning the lessons of focusing on spreading love it spent around 11 incarnations in the Arcturus B planetary sphere year preparing itself as a Wanderer of love and light and after which after the initiation they decided to Incarnate on the Earth planet for the first time we must state that it’s first and the second density Consciousness arm found in the planets of Arcturus B around 607 million years ago which range for a period of around a space-time of 500,000 in the first density as in Waterland and stone elements around 2.75 million years total time was spent in the form of a second density entity and the rest of the time space were spent in the third density in the Arcturus planetary sphere moving upwards in its process towards the vibration of Love.

Therefore I Metatron magnetic Consciousness now disconnect bye