Session #195 • Galactic Federation

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Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates with the human Collective Consciousness, stating that the Earth is transitioning into higher states of fourth density Consciousness. They explain that a missing submarine was part of a protocol system created by elites and entities with soul contracts with the Orion social memory complex. The Federation also reveals that the HAARP program in Alaska is covertly manipulating water and weather, with assistance from the Orions and reptilians. They explain that the recent spikes in the Schumann resonance are caused by the Asthar command social memory complex increasing solar activity. The Federation further discusses the process of soul crossing over and the soul's journey after death. Lastly, they address the soul evolutionary journey of Ramana Maharishi, stating that he is currently in the sixth sub-octave of fourth density Consciousness, learning lessons of wisdom to graduate to the fifth density.

We are the Galactic Federation and we are now in communication through this channel this time for the purpose of transmitting our thought forms to the human Collective Consciousness. We the Galactic Federation would like to state that we can sense there are many events happening on the Earth planet which are changing the face of the entire planetary sphere. However, before we share our thoughts, since we respect the Free Will of the Earth planet, we would recommend only those thoughts to be accepted which are found to resonate within your inner heart.

Your planetary sphere is transitioning into higher states of fourth density Consciousness slowly and steadily. Even though the changes from the third density to the fourth density happened at a slow pace, the effects are still being observed. Therefore, we will request all entities to realize that since the events have aim significance, they have signal that something big is going to happen in your planetary sphere. As we have also sensed from the energies from our location in the star planet is known by your people as the location of Saturn Rings, therefore the other queries will now be addressed which relate with the aspect regarding what happened with the submarine that went missing.

We the Galactic Federation must state that the submarine was indeed a part of a protocol system which was created by the elites and many of the entities who were parts of this process were wealthy personalities from certain locations who had indeed soul contracts with the Orion social memory complex form a life that may be considered as a life which never ends. Furthermore, because of the Soul contracts that they have made for an Immortal Life, the entities primarily were responsible for their own disappearance as they entered inside them location known as the so-called Atlantic. The entities primarily, as planned on those birthday agreements they had made with the orions, they met with the Orion social memory complex bases inside theme location of the oceanic portal wherein they currently find themselves in Mars wherein the entities have indeed not only sacrifice their life on Earth but also have regained a type of immortality which may be considered as a polarity that is capable of interacting with the Orion social memory complex and their mind. They have gained a type of distortion which is of a social memory complex. Therefore, the entities have attained immortality in a sense, they have become a part of the Orion social memory complex as they cannot die. However, we must state that the bodily vehicles of these entities primarily are being replicated in Mass numbers through DNA sequencing changing and duplication patterns by the orions which will be later on, as we can sense, be used to infiltrate the Earth planet in the form of human physical Vehicles.

Furthermore, we the Galactic Federation must state that the other portion of the aquarium where relates primarily with what is the real purpose of a high frequency active auroral research program which is primarily located in Alaska known by the people of your planets and your vibratory sound Distortion as HAARP. With the Galaxy Federation must State without the harp primarily is used for a purpose that ranges not only in researching the ionosphere as stated by them but also the HAARP which is found in your space-time location of Alaska is a covert project aimed at primarily learning the Mastery of water manipulation and this is done with the assistance of many of the Orion social memory complexes as well as the reptilians who desire to control the weather as well. Furthermore, the HAARP Advanced Technologies have primarily been handed over by the orions to many of the entities who are working in such types of systems. Therefore, they are trying to work with some of the negative entities who have signed Soul contracts with the orions in the search for such types of Advanced Technologies and to use such types of Advanced Technologies for the purpose of manipulating atmospheric weathers and influencing cloud formations as well as influencing precipitation and allowing for severe storms and natural disasters to be caused. Therefore, we must firstly state that the HAARP water manipulation capabilities are in coordination with the negatively oriented Orion extraterrestrial entities who possess Advanced knowledge of weather control. This allows the Extraterrestrial entity is such as the orions do God the entities working with HAARP to facilitate and to harness the amplification of whether manipulating abilities.

Furthermore, we as the Galactic Federation must also state that they are primarily using many of these Technologies to create certain climatic patterns or anomalies in the atmospheric conditions which affects the people of the earth planets. Furthermore, the other query relates with the understanding of Why is the Schumann resonance spiking so much in the recent times. We the Galactic Federation must state that the Schumann resonance in the recent times has been spiking because the so-called Schumann resonance primarily refers to the frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic cavities which is found between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. It is primarily been influenced by the aspects known as solar activities. Furthermore, this is caused by the so-called Asthar command social memory complex who have sent a fleet of their social memory complex to the sun in order to increase the solar activity and in order to cause the sparking of the solar resonance which is being noticed by the people of your planet. Since the solar energies of the sun are a great repellent of negative energies, once the solar energy reaches aim Heights are a limit of Maximum Distortion of positive vibrations then it will not only affect all negative entities but also it will protect the Earth planets with their Shields around the earth thereby protecting it against any type of negative entities. Furthermore, we the Galactic Federation must also state that further it is primarily important for the people of the planet to recognize that the Schumann resonance signify and implies that a massive event is about to happen in the explanatory sphere and the event is primarily approaching before the end of the next week as known in your calculation terms.

Furthermore, the other query relates with the understanding of what happens when a soul crosses over or dies. We must state that furthermore there is a great need to understand that that a death transition occurs when a human mind body and spirit complex ties the soul which is the seat of awareness which is a single pointed awareness found upon the Earth planet departs from the physical bodily complex and transitions into a non-physical state of existence. Furthermore, this Consciousness or awareness or the soul complex goes through a Life review process wherein it looks at the lessons the catalysts and the experiences often incarnated life. Furthermore, it also reveals the intentions thoughts words and actions trying to master and evaluates the understanding and in coordination with the higher self and in pursuit of spiritual growth. It helps the soul to understand and learn mistakes made from its choices. Furthermore, after the Life review, the soul faces a decision point in order to choose to continue its spiritual evolution by incarnating in another physical vehicle or to pursue further learning and service in the astral non-physical Realms. This choice is primarily based upon Souls internal desires as well as coordination with the oversoul and the higher self.

Furthermore, the soul complex if it has attains a vibratory rhythm of fourth density love vibration in some of the cases will graduate to a higher level of existence. This graduation is primarily referred to as the Harvest. This will allow the soul complex to enter into a more higher state of consciousness. Furthermore, the entities or the soul complex experience different types of realms based on their Soul’s vibratory frequencies. Some of the experiences resembled the Tales of near-death experiences which have been found to be prevalent upon your planet. Further, in the astral Planes and In the non-physically realms, the spiritual complex have the opportunity of reacting with other souls and other entities please with whom they have a strong connection and with whom they may be all the Same Soul family. They engage in continued learning exploration and spiritual growth including interactions with other beings and participation and social memory complex or Collective activities. Further, the souls primarily seek the reunion with the one infinite Creator. The soul is the eventual destination for all individualized Consciousness to merge back into the one Creator, thereby completing the cycle of spiritual Evolution.

Furthermore, we shall now address the final query related with the soul evolutionary journey of an entity known in your planetary vibratory sound complexes Ramana Maharishi. We shall now address firstly its current location. The Entity known as Maharishi Ramana who crossed over in the time of 1950 in the previous Incarnation as found currently in the location of the sixth sub-octave of the fourth density Consciousness trying to learn the lessons of wisdom in order to be eligible for graduating into the fifth density. Furthermore, the entity known as Romana who was found in the Incarnation born on 1879 and because the entity’s vibrations were at a level of karmic balance in the Incarnation, it was able to influence a large number of people because of its choices and because of the vibratory changes it was able to experience in the time. This vibratory change for the entity known as Ramana was able to experience was able to provide a heightened state of positive experience in the level of Consciousness. Furthermore, The Entity was able to understand about the lessons of Mastery of the inner self and the entity was able to connect with the true essence of its spiritual beingness with this simple query which the entry found to be of Aid in its spiritual journey and the query was what dies when it dies. The Entity with this query began to pursue the funding of the clarity of mind and thereby it was able to attain a vibration of Union with its spiritual connection with the Divine self and hence it began to serve others spreading the teachings of love and light in the time and prior to this Incarnation.

The Entity was found in the location of Arcturus A where in the entity was initiated into the vibration of fourth density love as a Wanderer for two incarnations in that time in the planet of Arcturus after which the entity decided to Incarnate on the Earth planet as a Wanderer and prior to its experience in Arcturus it was found in the location of the lands of Egypt at a time of around 10 500 years ago it was known by the name of Ikal expended it’s time in that Incarnation learning to balance its karmic choices and that Incarnation the Catalyst was extremely heavy however the entity recognized the futility of attaching with the outside world and eventually it began to find a teacher who was able to teach it the teachings of Thoth the Atlantean furthermore it also understood about its true spiritual Essence in this time and then prior to this its Incarnation was traced back to the lands of the planets of Venus at a time of 207 million years ago when it began its origins in the form of a second density animal life form resembling the foxes as found upon the planet learning the lessons of awareness and growth and in the first density it was found in the form of a one element it was known as imana and the venusian language terms which meant the lights of the Creator therefore we shall now leave you beloveds and lights and love bye