Session #197 • Metatron

Something Strange is Happening in Antarctica

Summary: Metatron addresses queries about sightings of reptilian shapeshifters on airplanes and secret bases in Antarctica. He confirms the presence of alien bases in Antarctica, primarily inhabited by Orion social memory complex and the Anunnaki Collective. Metatron also discusses the purpose of the bases and the restriction of access to preserve free will. He explains that fourth density negatively oriented planets prioritize self-service, power, control, and manipulation, with diminished empathy and cooperation. Metatron then discusses the nature of consciousness and its relationship to spirituality and self-understanding. Finally, he addresses the soul evolutionary journey of Stephen Greer and the types of entities attracted during CE5 meditations.

I am Metatron Magnetic Consciousness, now communicating through this channel via the allowance of the universal Divine Light great programmer. Today, I am now going to address and answer the queries which are present at this time. However, I, Metatron, must state that each universal life child of the universal Light Grid programmer has to use its own discernments and Free Will when listening to my message today coming through this channel.

Furthermore, the first query relates to an incident which the channel has seen through the eye complex related to a lady who saw a certain creature on an airplane. We must state that firstly, this event, the lady in question, or the entity who saw another being and was in a manner emotionally disturbed, we must state that the lady had encountered a entity in the form of a reptilian shapeshifter who was seen to be shape-shifting in the airplane. This was the kind of encounter which triggered the lady in question in the video as seen by this channel.

Furthermore, I, Metatron, must also state that the other query relates to whether there are any types of secret bases in Antarctica. I, Metatron, must state that the answer is correct, and the location of Antarctica, within the icy expanse, lies in a secret base that the so-called Elites and many of your governmental systems have tried to conceal and keep it a secret. Deep within the Antarctica ice wall lies alien bases, as known by your people. Furthermore, this is a location which is inhospitable for the human bodily complex, and thereby it serves as an ideal location for other extraterrestrial entities, specifically the Orion social memory complex, the Anunnaki Collective, as well as their counterparts such as reptilians, Grey entities, who have established bases in Antarctica for the purpose of entering directly into the inner earth, as well as trying to manipulate the earth crust and the native vibration of humanity.

Furthermore, many of the ancient civilizations which have existed upon your planet, such as the Atlantean societal complex and the Lemurian societal complex, as well as other entities who have existed on the earth planets, many a times knew about the location of Antarctica to be a societal factor which may lead to the advancement of a societal complex. Furthermore, during the time period of Atlantis, there was an embargo sent to Antarctica around this space-time period of 13,000 years ago for the purpose of sealing The Vortex which allows for energies and entities from outer space to enter the Earth planetary sphere. Furthermore, this was successful during the time of Atlantis. However, at this time in the human collective social memory complex space-time experience, we found that many of the negatively oriented entities of your planets have entered into agreements with these negatively oriented entities such as the Orions, to enter into The Agreement System, wherein they are provided certain technological knowledge to these Elite entities, and in turn, the elites are able to follow the distortion or vibration of negativity in the search of trying to control humanity.

We must also state that there are certain types of energetic waveforms which are found in the location of Antarctica, and many of the elites of your planets occasionally visit these locations for the purpose of submitting their will to the Orion social memory complex whenever they are called to the location. And as such, I, Metatron, state that this location primarily does not allow any type of energy to enter the Earth’s planetary sphere, such as other types of beings, are not allowed access to this location because the elites who are primarily approaching this location prevent the Galactic Federation as well as other positively oriented entities to directly enter into the Earth’s crust which is as per the law of preservation of Free Will.

Furthermore, many of the expeditions have been conducted to the location of Antarctica, and further there have been many of the understanding that beneath the ice sheets and deep within Antarctica’s subglacial lakes, there are extraterrestrial entities or Orion social memory complex spaces which have been established. These bases primarily are equipped with advanced energy technology, and they also serve as research centers, interstellar gateways, or other types of systems which allow for the operations to be conducted on the Earth planet. This is the prime location wherein many of the entities who are abducted in the earth planets by the Orions are kept for the purpose of scanning of their vibrations, and from this location, an interstellar gateway to Mars is opened up.

Furthermore, many of the elites, as well as other types of entities upon your planet who are negatively oriented, have retained the access to certain areas of Antarctica to prevent exploration of these areas. Furthermore, there has also been a recent expedition which is well known in your human social memory complex, which is known as the operation high jump, which was conducted in 1946, wherein during that time, during the expedition, many of the United States military, as known by your people, found extraterrestrial entities’ presence in Antarctica. Furthermore, after their encounter, this event was no longer found to be discussed in your vibratory space-time continuum of the earth planets.

Therefore, we shall now address the other portion of the query related to the understanding of what will a fourth density negatively oriented planets be like. I, Metatron, must now state that the fourth density negatively oriented planets primarily is a planetary sphere wherein consciousness predominantly operates in a service-to-self orientation or a negative polarization. Furthermore, we shall describe the general description of such a planet, and such a fourth density negatively oriented planets. The consciousness of each individualized portion of the universe love-like child orients towards self-service, power, control, desire, and manipulation. Furthermore, there is less cooperation and compassion found in these planetary spheres. Furthermore, there may be many types of social structures which evolved around the hierarchical power systems, with a few individuals or groups trying to seek to dominate and to control other entities in these planetary spheres. There is a prevalence of manipulation, disease, and exploitation. Furthermore, in such a negatively oriented fourth density planetary sphere, empathy and consideration for others is diminished as individualized portions of consciousness prioritize their own needs and desires, as well as the well-being of other entries. Furthermore, cooperation may be driven primarily with a basic factor of self-interest rather than the conservation for the collective social memory complex. Therefore, the negative orientation primarily has a spiritual growth and evolution which allows different views of spiritual growth and evolution and more negativity. Further lessons and experiences are focused primarily on learning about how to be more negative and how to serve the self. Furthermore, the fourth density negative oriented planets primarily can serve as a balancing factor to the positively oriented fourth density planetary sphere, allowing a karmic balance in the universal complex.

Therefore, I, Metatron, shall now answer the other query related to what is the nature of consciousness and how does it relate to spirituality and the understanding of the self. I, Metatron, must state that the nature of consciousness primarily is a profound and complex matter that has been explored by various philosophical, scientific, and spiritual systems across your planetary sphere. While this is a topic which has not yet been understood by your people fully, I, Metatron, can share with you a general understanding of consciousness and its relationship with spirituality and the understanding of the self. Firstly, consciousness can be described as the awareness or experience of being able to perceive, being able to be self-aware, and to encompass thoughts, emotions, sensations, and having an overall sense of individual existence. This consciousness allows entities to experience and make choices, and engage in self-reflection and self-awareness. Furthermore, the aspect of consciousness is a fundamental and interconnected aspect of the universal complex, which means that the consciousness factor transcends individual identity and allows the existence of realizing that consciousness is not limited to the physical bodily complex or the mind’s complex and exists beyond the boundaries of space-time. Furthermore, the understanding of the self in relationship to consciousness is also a great part, wherein each individualized portion of consciousness explores the nature of personal identity, the egoic minds, and an interplay between the individualized self-consciousness and the product or the fabric of consciousness.

Furthermore, I, Metatron, must state that upon your planetary sphere, there is a great need to understand the essence of the self to be consciousness, rather than to be identities such as a name, body, or a mind’s complex. Furthermore, I, Metatron, shall now address the final query which relates to what is the soul evolutionary journey of an entity known as Stephen Greer, as well as what type of entities does it attract during the CE5 meditations protocols. Firstly, I, Metatron, must state that the entity known as Stephen Greer primarily in this timeline is acting as an entity who has a basic purpose of assisting humanity in the process of spiritual awakening and to find the truth within the self. However, I, Metatron, must also state that many of the so-called entities which are attracted to the meditations of CE5, as conducted by the entity, attract the Orion social memory complexes which are primarily of the negative nature, as well as other entities are able to enter into the earth’s quarantine fields. Therefore, I, Metatron, shall now address the soul evolution journey of the entity whose incarnation began in the timeline of 1955 and was given the name of Stephen Macon Greer, as known by your people.

Furthermore, prior to this, the entity was found in a location on the planets of Earth. It was found primarily in the location of inner earth, or a predominant state of third density level of consciousness. It spent approximately 200 incarnation cycles in the inner earth planes, learning about the vibration of self-awareness, and the mastery of third density lessons in the timeline, which furthered the progression of the entity into the later third density level of consciousness. Furthermore, this entity, known as Stephen Macon Greer, in the lands of Agartha, also had a major part in trying to awaken the Agarthans around the space-time of 4000 years Ago by allowing information of existence of other extraterrestrial beings which eventually in the lands of Agartha that led to the creation of a unified social memory complex furthermore this entity after unifying or assisting Agarthans to graduate into the fourth density around a period of 4000 years ago chose to Incarnate on the Earth planet for the purpose of doing the same and the entities current vibration is around fourth density third sub octave.

However I Metatron can also sense that the vibration of the entity many a times enters into lower levels of third density during its current Incarnation. Furthermore the entity prior to the lands of Agartha was found in the planets of its origin in Sirius B wherein it was known by the name Fisak, which means the Catalyst of love. In the lands of Sirius B it began to explore lessons of learning about the vibration of first density as a wind element and as a second density similar to the Lions elements as found upon your planet. Therefore this is the soul evolutionary journey of this entity and I Metatron now shall leave you in light and love of the Universal Light Grid programmer turned to the mountain of Lights within yourself bye.