Session #198 • Galactic Federation

Why Is Nobody Talking About This! & Joe Rogan

Summary: The Galactic Federation warns against using the social media application Threads, created by Mark Zuckerberg, as it is believed to be a portal for extracting and transmitting personal data to negative entities. They recommend staying away from the application and sending vibrations of protective love energy to disrupt their plans. The Federation also discusses three signs that indicate an entity is eligible to enter the new Earth, including recognizing their true nature as consciousness, practicing service to others, and feeling unconditional love for all beings. The significance of crystal skulls is explained as objects used by ancient civilizations for energy vortexes, spiritual enlightenment, and communication with enlightened masters.

We are the Galactic Federation and we are now communicating at this time through this instrument’s vibratory connection which has opened and allowed our vibrations to be transmitted to the human Collective Consciousness at this timeline. However, We the Galactic Federation recommend all entities to trust their own inner hearts and only accept those thought forms which resonates deeply with the inner heart of the self and let go of those thought forms which provides a deeper sense of clarity within the timeline. Furthermore, we would like to state and address the first query which has been presented related with what is the real agenda of an application known as threads social media software which was generated and created by an entity known as Mark Zuckerberg.

We must state that firstly this application known as threads can be seen to be a massive use in certain location such as in the Western Hemisphere as well as in some portions of the Eastern Hemisphere. Furthermore, it is spreading at a faster rate and many entities are accepting this as a means of communication system. However, we can sense that this application primarily generates a portal by using its symbolism of 666 which is primarily embedded in its logo design as known by your people. Furthermore, whenever an entity opens up the application it activates a portal which is allowing the energetic signature of The Entity to be extracted and to be sent to a location wherein The Entity known as Mark Zuckerberg and its counterparts reside.

Furthermore, we must state that since the entity known as Mark Zuckerberg has been in contact and has a soul swap indeed with many of the other negatively oriented reptilian social memory complexes who are working with the orions. The Entity primarily transmits the data to the Mars planetary sphere wherein they are creating in a way a system to collect all the information of energy vibrations frequency and the energy signature of every single individualized portion of Consciousness who uses this device and this application eventually as per the information received by the Asther command social memory complex it is their desire to create a system that will generate or creates a customized system of imbalance for each individualized portion of Consciousness. This means that any type of customization can be done based upon the signature or the vibration of each individual entity.

Furthermore, this means that they want to create catalysts of negative nature such as fear which would be created through the application known as threads by providing them suitable vibrations in order to move them towards the negative polarization of service to self and of fear vibrations. Therefore, we the Galactic federation must state that this application of threads primarily is an invitation to accept the energetic signatures from each entity which is being transported for the purpose of the luciferian social memory complex. Furthermore, we recommend each entity who wants to protect itself to firstly try to stay away from this application and also if possible send vibrations of protective love energy which will then in a way disrupt their plans since the entities are afraid of the vibration of love. If all entities who open the application known as threads and love and light through this application then the negative entities will primarily be bombarded with the love vibration and hence they will stop attaching themselves to such types of applications and hence they will probably move away from the location of the earth planets.

Furthermore, We the Galactic Federation shall now address the other query related with what are the three signs that entities are going to the new Earth. We the Galactic Federation firstly must state that we are going to share only three of the top signs which each entity will face when they are going into the new Earth. Furthermore, the signs realized by all entities who are eligible for graduating into the new Earth and if they find any of these signs they will more than likely graduate into the new Earth after their Incarnation ends.

The first is the entities begin to realize that they are no longer just the body or the Mind complex and they begin to recognize that they are pure awareness or Consciousness who is temporarily established into a physical bodily complex. Furthermore, these entities also begin to recognize the Oneness of all beings even the second density being since they recognize that even the second density animal life forms they are part of the system of Illusion complex and hence there is a spiritual complex or awareness inside those entities. Therefore, these entities once they realize this aspect begin to feel the vibration of tremendous amounts of Love within the inner heart and furthermore they recognize that they are Consciousness in the Incarnation.

The second sign is that entities begin to look back at one’s experiences of the life experiences which have been conducted till the present. If an entity has practiced 50 percent or higher service to others which may be considered as various methods of helping others through the process of such as giving charity practicing helping others forgiving others and even a smile may be considered as the pathway of service to others since it helps to lighten the vibration of all entities. If such actions are done and an entity becomes aware that it has done more than 50 percent of service to others than the entity has received a sign that it will enter into the new Earth of the fourth density Consciousness. Furthermore, in order to guarantee this aspect we recommend the entity in the Earth planet to practice the Arts of giving 10 percent of their income or higher to charitable causes to help those who are in need which is the greatest pathway of service to others and all entities who practice this aspect for a period of only one year will become not only eligible but they will receive such higher levels of vibrations that they will be invited to the new Earth. Therefore, we recommend all entities to practice this using their own free will at the space-time.

The third sign is that each entity who becomes eligible for the new Earth begins to feel an unexplainable love for all beings and this unexplainable love for all beings emerges is only when the entity recognizes that all beings are one and that all beings are the self or the one infinite Creator. Therefore, this sign is felt by those entities who begin to realize that they are one and all beings even the entity who may have incarnated into a different physical body is indeed its own self which is also the essence of the one infinite Creator. Therefore, with this realization there begins to emerge an unconditional vibration of Love which will provide the entity to become eligible for realizing the sign which is indeed the sign that the entity will enter into the new Earth vibration. Furthermore, these are the primary signs which many entities will face or feel prior to graduating into the new Earth.

We shall now address the other portion of the query related with what is the significance of the crystal skulls. Firstly, we must state that crystal skulls are primarily a type of object or distortions which many entities upon your planetary sphere are fascinated by in order to understand and they are using various systems of the culture of the nation in a symbolic and cultural fashion. Furthermore, the primary understanding firstly is that crystal skulls primarily were used by many of the ancient civilizations which primarily were created by distinct groups of entities who were primarily found in the location such as the Mayan and the Mesoamerican civilization wherein these entities primarily knew about the use of the 13 crystal skulls. Furthermore, the entities primarily were able to use the crystal skulls through a process of realizing that whenever a so-called entity who became enlightened and the entity crossed over the remains of the entity were preserved. Furthermore, the skull of the entity was preserved primarily for the process of crystallization and in a certain location if there were 13 entities as in the Mayan civilization there were 13 of the enlightened Masters who passed away from bodily complexes those skulls were collected and these crystal skulls were primarily the crystallized Crystal Skull since the entities who became enlightened they had their energy vortexes move upwards through the energy center and they finally accumulates in the Crown Center or the head area or the top of the head or the skull portion wherein a crystallized portion or a crystalline structure is created in such entities incarnational rhythms during the process of enlightenments. Therefore, these crystal skulls primarily were used by the Mayans as a means of creating vortexes of energies and furthermore they were also being used to initiate other entities into the process of spiritual enlightenment and trigger a Kundalini Awakening. Furthermore, these crystal skulls also were used by the Mayans and other civilizations primarily as the process of opening the gateway to connect with their enlightened Masters who had crossed over. This acted as a means of communication which allowed them to receive information in the form of systemic communication to this entity using the crystal skulls.

Furthermore, we must state that this is the use of the Crystal Skull as we can sense in the space-time vibration. Now we shall answer the other query related to the understanding of the vibration of what is the soul evolutionary journey and the past life experience of an entity known as Joe Rogan in the space-time of the current incarnation on 1967. The entity known as Joe Rogan in this timeline primarily is an example of an entity who may be considered as one who is in the pathway of fulfilling its mission as a Wanderer by spreading the vibration of love. Furthermore, many entities upon your planetary sphere are finding the vibration of love and positivity emerging from the entity whenever it uses the vibratory sound complex known as words or speech in your space-time. This is the reason why many entities upon your planetary sphere find it pleasing to watch it speak. Furthermore, we must also state that the entity is a Wanderer here at this timeline who has incarnated with a specific mission for the awakening of humanity and we can sense that it is well on its pathway to do so.

Furthermore, prior to this, it was found on the planet known by the people as the planets of Zeta Reticuli, wherein the entity known as Joe Rogan spent two incarnations as Zeta Reticuli entities who were primarily meant for learning about the vibration of stabilizing in the fourth density vibration of love. The basic lessons which it learnt were learned in this timeline, allowing it to master the ability of stabilizing in the fourth density vibration. Furthermore, this also led the entity to become eligible for becoming a Wanderer, and hence it decided to incarnate on the Earth planet. Prior to the incarnation on the Zeta Reticuli planetary sphere, it was found at the third density level in one of its timelines in the human collective consciousness, wherein this entity was found in the location known by the people of your planet as the location of Mexico in the space and time of around 1837. In this timeline, it began to learn the lessons as an entity incarnated under the so-called family who were the clan leaders of the time. Furthermore, during this timeline, it was able to provide much service to others, assist others, and also help others in their survival. This allowed the entity to also have the opportunity to practice charity and giving material possessions to help others in their life. Furthermore, it was also able to practice the arts of forgiveness or forgiving others, and this made it eligible for graduating into the fourth density. Eventually, this entity was able to become polarized to a positive polarity.

Furthermore, prior to this, it was found in the lands known as the lands of Egypt in the time of eleven thousand nine hundred years ago, wherein it had incarnated in the location of Khem. In this location, its major purpose was that of an entity learning to advance its self-awareness, and it learned interaction with others using language at the time. It began to practice the art of singing as well, which allowed it to learn about the basic lessons of self-awareness. Prior to this, it was found on the planets of its origin, the planets of Arcturus, wherein the entity was found at a time of 304 million years ago and was able to learn the lessons of the first density wind elements and was known by the soul name of Exu, which means the movements of lights in the language terms of the planet of its origin.

Furthermore, we shall now leave you, beloveds, in light and love. Bye.