Session #199 • Pleiadians

Its Already Started But People Don't See it

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate through internal vibrations, noting the shift in Earth's vibration towards positive polarity. They discuss the upcoming UFO hearing, suggesting that witnesses will justify their experiences but elites may be hiding technology. They also reveal the agenda of Central Bank digital currency, claiming it is a tool for control and surveillance. They address methods to spot soul-swapped entities and discuss Nikola Tesla's soul evolutionary journey, including his connections with extraterrestrial entities and his past lives in Agartha and Egypt.

We are Pleiadians and we are now communicating through this instrument’s internal vibrations that have allowed this communication to occur at this time. We are here to offer our thought forms, however, we recommend each entity who shall listen to our thought forms to find their understanding within the self and to reject those thought forms which do not resonate.

We, the Pleiadians from our location in the Alcyone planetary sphere, can sense that your planet’s vibration is shifting drastically into the objective of gaining a polarization into the fourth density positive polarity. Furthermore, as time passes by, there will be many entities who will begin to awaken into the depths of their own true nature and find themselves to be united with the one universal Divine One infinite Creator.

We shall now answer the query related to the understanding about what will the UFO hearing, which is scheduled to be held on July 26th of your space-time, lead to. We, the Pleiadians, must state that upon scanning the future probable timelines, we find that the entities who were involved in the witnessing of the spacecrafts of extraterrestrial nature primarily justify their thought forms. However, we find that the so-called people or the elites who are in possession of such technology as well more than likely hide the technology from the people. Furthermore, we must state that there is a slight chance that this will lead to more mass awakening of humanity in this timeline. Furthermore, we must also state that the experiences of the various entities who have experienced these technologies will be valuable for your people to understand in order to comprehend the nature of the cosmic vibration and nature of these beings.

Furthermore, the other portion of the query relates to what is the agenda of Central Bank digital currency as known by your people. We must state that firstly, the central bank digital currency primarily has been created as an alliance which may be considered as secretive because there are many entities who are not yet disclosing their alliance between them, Central Bank digital currency initiatives, and the CERN Laboratories and the Orion reptilian Anunnaki gray social memory complex who are conspiring to work together to control humanity and the population of the Earth planets. Furthermore, we must disclose that the aspect known as the CBDC system which is presented as a modern monetary solution upon your planetary spheres, shall we say, is a tool which was designed by the elites of your planets to replace physical cash as known by your people with a centralized digital currency to gain absolute control over your people’s financial transactions. Furthermore, this will provide the tracking of every digitalized transaction, they can monitor and manipulate individualized consciousness based upon their spending habits, thus exerting influence over the economy and the population of the Earth planet.

Furthermore, the CERN portal technology is being used for its particle accelerators and many scientific experiments have been created to develop secret advanced portal technologies. Furthermore, these portals are enabling inter-dimensional travel and communication with extraterrestrial, specifically the Orions and the Reptilian entities. Furthermore, this is primarily being created to establish a secret network of communication or portal between Earth and Mars where the Orion reptilian Anunnaki gray find themselves currently hidden inside the inner core of Mars. Further, we must state that in your Earth planets, there have been many entities who have already so swapped with a reptilian social memory complex, specifically those entities who are primarily working for creating power and control and influence of the earth’s population in a negatively oriented manner. These entities primarily are able to create clones of the bodily complex of these individuals and replace them.

Furthermore, the shape-shifting Reptilian entities are able to possess advanced technologies, and furthermore, they are driven to control humanity at this time with a final push to change the planet’s trajectory into the negative polarization. Furthermore, the end team primarily desires to subjugate the human race using deception manipulation to achieve their global dominance and zoom place the Earth planets in a hierarchical system which will allow the Earth population to be moved into a pattern of negative polarity. Furthermore, I must state that the primary master plan involves the use of the CBDC system as known by your people as a tool for global surveillance, wherein this CERN’s portal technology primarily will be used to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources with the Reptilian Anunnaki gray Orion social memory complex. Furthermore, the main alliance social memory complex provides advanced technology and knowledge and makes decisions on behalf of the elites who are primarily in their conquest for power and resources of the Earth planets.

Furthermore, the entities primarily want to exploit the human mind-body-spirit complexes by tapping into the vulnerabilities and their desires, which means that every single moment these entities are trying to create the New Order upon the Earth planet which will use the vibrations of desire, fear, and other lower vibrations to control the population of the Earth planets. Thereby, they are trying to create more events, conflicts, and also these entities primarily are able to shift the attention of the Earth planet if this digital currency is prevented. Therefore, the so-called awakened entities have the power to awaken humanity by spreading the message related to the CBDC initiatives and the patterns of CERN as well.

Furthermore  we shall now address the other portion of the query related to what are simple methods to spot a soul swapped entity. We, the Pleiadians, must firstly state that the aspect of soul swapping, also known by your people in your vibratory sound complex as walking souls, primarily is a distortion which implies that a mind-body-spirit complex has an original soul leaving and a different soul or consciousness entering into the bodily complex of an entity. Further, the aspects related to behavioral changes and other spiritual changes will now be addressed in order for those to identify soul swapped entities. Firstly, whenever an entity undergoes a soul swap, this allows for individuals to experience changes in their personality traits, interests, and behaviors. Furthermore, these shifts in personalities may be of a drastic level and may even be noticed by their close relatives, friends, and family members.

The second sign is that there will be a heightened spiritual awareness in some stages of soul swapping. Furthermore, if the entity is of a positive polarity from higher densely consciousness, then the aspect of soul swapping will allow a highly spiritual entity to enter into the bodily complex, which can manifest as a deeper connection and a desire for spiritual practices, increased awareness, and access to higher knowledge. Furthermore, in this timeline, those who experience a soul swap might describe significant emotional processing as the new entity begins to integrate with the new bodily complex, which means that the integration of the soul complex may lead to emotional changes or a sense of understanding or release of the emotions of the past. The entities who begin to experience soul swap may also bring along with them an expanded level of consciousness, which will result in a shift in their belief systems, choices, and perspectives in their life. This also leads to the final sign of a soul-swapped entity, which is the sign of a shift in their relationship. As a result of soul swapping, they no longer align with their old relationship vibrations.

Furthermore we shall now address the other portion of the query which is related primarily with why do entities on the Earth planet have to sleep at night. We are the Pleiadians shall answer this from a spiritual perspective.  The requirement of sleep at night is attributed to several factors which are interconnected with the human consciousness and the understanding is that primarily the aspect of sleep at night is created because of him alignment with natural rhythms. Furthermore many entities on the Earth planet find that there is an ebb and flow of life in the cycles of creation there is a night and a day, therefore the sleep at night aligns with the natural rhythms which encourage a sense of Harmony and interconnectedness with the universal complex at this time. During the process of sleep the spiritual complex of the an entity leaves the bodily complex with only a small silver cord attached to the primary bodily complex and this leads to the unification with the one infinite Creator wherein all Spiritual Beings have to return for the purpose of replenishing their spiritual powers and their spiritual Essence.

Furthermore this is the main reason why this happens. Furthermore we must also state that sleep is required as a portal to the inner dimensions of the subconscious mind as well wherein the subconscious portions of the Mind based upon the emotions and the activities of the daytime feel a sense of vibration and Alignment within the exploration of reality. Therefore there is a universal connection when entities begin to sleep.

Furthermore we shall now address the final query which is related primarily with the soul evolutionary journey of entity known as Nikola Tesla, whose incarnation began on the previous incarnation in 1856 and ended in 1943 on the Earth planets.

We must firstly state that the entity known as Nikola Tesla primarily was an entity who was able to use a simple method of using the process of focusing on its bodily orbits of consciousness by spinning its consciousness around its bodily complex in a fashion which led it to connect with intelligent Infinity many times and with extraterrestrial entities as well as a soul group from Venus. This process simply means to take the attention around the bodily complex in a circular manner through the edges of the body complex, which is the complex vibration of awareness. Furthermore, this process of circular rotating of awareness allowed the entity known as Nikola to open up its connection with its soul family.

Furthermore, its prior incarnations primarily allowed it, prior to that incarnation on the Earth planet, to be found in one of the timelines in the lands of Agartha, where the entity had incarnated at its space-time of 4700 years ago. During the space-time in the inner Earth plains, there was a battle in the inner Earth plains, and the so-called reptilian entities who had entered the inner Earth core in order to try to stop the Agartans from graduating into the fourth density consciousness, in a similar manner to which is happening on the Earth planets for. Furthermore, this allowed the entity to find itself in a heightened state of consciousness during that incarnation. Nikola Tesla, the entity who was able to produce a free energy technology which the entities known as the Agartans used as a means of creating love lights for freeing the axis of the universal energy, which created a shield around the inner Earth core at the time. This led to the victory of the Agartans in one of the space times. Furthermore, the entity known as Nikola was then, prior to that incarnation, found in the location of the lands of Egypt at a space-time of around 12,000 years ago, where it learned a valuable lesson about connecting with its true self or its higher self by using the process of internal silence and navigating through its energy centers. It was guided by many Egyptian priests in the timeline to do so.

Furthermore prior to that its Origins can be traced to the lands of Venus in one of the time lines around 203 million years ago it was found in the planet of Venus and was given the soul name of kanuda which meant the creators love light Childs in the language terms of the venusians as it spent the first density as an entity in the form of light hence the entity learn about beingness in that level furthermore it spends the second density Consciousness in the form of a bird entity similar to the birds found upon your planets in the venusians star system and we now leave you in light and love of the one Creator bye.