Session #200 • Metatron

They're Preparing Us for What Comes Next

Summary: Many billionaires are obsessed with blocking out the sun as part of a plan called The Shadow Eclipse agenda. They are motivated by their contact with the negatively oriented Orion social memory complex. These entities want to create a global eclipse to keep humanity in a low vibrational state and prevent spiritual evolution. To stop them, a global resistance movement and unity among light workers and starseeds is needed. Designing a light grid around the Earth and embracing spiritual power can also help. There are different types of bodies in the human mind-body spirit complex, including the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, astral, causal, and Divine bodies.

I am Metatron Magnetic Consciousness now in communication through the connection grid of this instrument at this time. I Metatron shall now address and answer the various queries which are presented today. However, before this communication of my thought forms commences, there is a requirement for all of your Divine love lights Childs of the Divine Universal love light Creator to understand and to only accept those thought forms which resonate deeply with the inner heart of the self. Therefore, the first query relates to the understanding about why many entities, specifically deemed so-called billionaires, are obsessed with blocking out the sun.

I Metatron must state that these entities primarily have chosen the pathway of control of humanity. At this time, they have created a type of distortion known as The Shadow Eclipse agenda, wherein these entities primarily want to create a shadowy and hidden corner of the world. These entities, the billionaires, have formed a powerful Alliance and a secretive organization which is known as the eclipse Group. This group has been created to perform the plan known as The Shadow Eclipse agenda.

I Metatron must state that with the universal Divine language programmers’ availability of Free Will, these entities primarily want to block out the sun rays and place the earth into a Darkness. The motivation behind this agenda is found to be emerging with their contact with Team malevolence extraterrestrial forces known to your people as the Orion social memory complex. These Orion social memory complex, since they are from a negatively oriented portion of the universal complex, which is a dark and dark corner of the universe, these negatively oriented fourth density polarized planets are not able to live in the light of the sun, which cleanses and sends positive vibrations. This is the reason why these entities have instructed their counterparts and subordinates to fulfill this agenda. And I Metatron shall now say that this is their primary incentive enslaving Humanity into a negatively oriented fourth density cycle. Furthermore, the so-called billionaire entities and the Eclipse group have created malevolence facts and an agreement with the Orions via which they are offered access to Earth’s resources and influence in exchange for advanced technology and the promise of great power in the world of Earth planet. Further, the Orion’s social memory complex has a primary objective that is to cultivate environments of fear, desire, despair, and negativity, which will enable them to feed off of humanity’s emotional energy and to keep them trapped in a low vibrational state. Furthermore, the Orion’s agenda is being facilitated by the process of these entities who are primarily the duties who are creating a network of orbiting satellites and space-based structures with the basic objective of obscuring the sun’s lights. This process aims to create a global Eclipse, causing the Earth planets to enter into an Eternal Twilight that will disrupt the natural ecosystems and plunge Humanity into a Perpetual darkness. And by depriving the Human Social memory complex of the life-giving energy of the sun logos, the Orion social memory complex can manipulate human entities emotions and weaken their spiritual connection with the universal Divine Light Grid programmer, which will lead to a cycle of fear, division, and enslavement. This would ensure that Humanity remains mired in the negatively polarized fourth density Consciousness, unable to ascend to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual Evolution.

Furthermore, the other query relates to how Humanity can stop these entities. I, the aspects of Metatron magnetic Consciousness, shall now state that stopping such a force would require an understanding that a coordinated effort and a blend of resourcefulness and unity and a higher vibrational level of Consciousness will be required. We shall now address a few methods which can be used. The first method is known as Global resistance through Unity. The Human Social memory complex will help to unite in a Global resistance movements against these entities, the eclipse group, and their Orion allies. This would involve collaboration between the various entities who are primarily light workers, Wanderers, and starseeds, and other independent entities who desire to raise public awareness and to expose these agenda of the entities who form a group of the Shadow Eclipse agenda. Furthermore, many entities upon the planets within the aspects known as the vibration of whistle blowers, as known by your people, may be found in the future timeline who may emerge from within the eclipse group and reveal the truth about the alliance with the Orions and their dark lands. In the future, this would further allow for the revelation of the dark lands and raise the planetary awareness.

The other aspect that can be done is through a process of Designing A Light Grid around the Earth planet. This can be performed through the process of connecting with the universal Divine Light Grid programmer through meditation and sending a vibration of Love energy to Shield the Earth planets. This will eventually allow the protection of the Earth planets in the timeline and will eventually allow only positive vibrations to enter into the Earth planet at this time, which will be required for allowing the negatively oriented Orion entities and their plans to be stopped. Other aspects that can be done are to primarily unite spiritually as Humanity embraces their spiritual power to raise the collective Consciousness to resist the negative influence of the Orion entities. This will allow to contract the fear-based agenda of the Orion social memory complex and this will Foster a global sharing of love, compassion, and unity amongst humanity. We must state that there are many entities upon your planetary sphere who are aware of the Orion’s malevolent intentions, and these entities primarily can come forth and try to reveal their aspects. Further, there are many other positively oriented extraterrestrial entities who are primarily trying to stop this from happening, including the Asthar commands social memory complex.

The other query relates to what are the different types of bodies that belong to a human mind-body Spirit complex and the function and purpose of each body. We, the social memory complex of Metatron, shall firstly address that there are different types of bodies in the human spiritual bodily complex, which each serve a purpose and function. These bodies are interconnected and hence they work together to facilitate the existence and spiritual journey. The first type of body is referred to as the physical body. The physical body is the tangible and the visible form that entities in the human Collective inhabits during their Earthly life cycle. Its primary purpose is to interact with the physical worlds, to experience Sensations and provide a vision for Consciousness or vessel for Consciousness to navigate the third density material realm. The physical body is subject to the laws of physical Universal complex and serves as a temporary container for the Soul’s experience. The second type of body can be stated as the etheric body, also known as the energy body or a life force body, which is an energetic duplicate of the physical body. It primarily serves as a blueprint for the physical body structure and maintains its vitality. The health and the well-being of the physical body are closely intertwined and connected to the state of the etheric body. Complex practices such as energy healing and Reiki focus on balancing and harmonizing the etheric body’s energy.

The emotional body is the third type of body, which is primarily associated with feelings, emotions, and emotional experiences in the human Collective Consciousness. It is the vehicle through which many entities experience and process emotions. The emotional body is intricately connected to the physical and the etheric bodies and can influence the overall well-being and State of Consciousness. The other body type is the mental body, which is related to the thought forms, beliefs, and mental processes in a human Mind Body Spirit complex. It is therefore responsible for intellectual function, reasoning, and cognitive abilities. The mental body plays a significant role in shaping perceptions, attitudes, and behavioral reactions to the outside Worlds.

The other type is known as the astral body, which is also known as the spiritual body or the soul body, which is associated with the Realms of Dreams, astral projections, and entering into various dimensions or interdimensions. It primarily allows the soul to travel beyond the Physical Realm during sleep or Altered States Of Consciousness and is less constrained by the limitations of the physical Worlds. The other body is known as the causal body, which many refer to as the spiritual body or a connection point which connects with the higher self of each entity. It is associated with the Soul’s Evolution and spiritual growth. It contains the karmic Blueprints and imprints and experiences from past lifetimes and influences the current lives lessons and purpose.

There is another body known as the Divine body, which is found upon your spiritual plane. The Divine body represents the highest aspect of the spiritual being of an entity who transcends the limitations of the physical and the spiritual bodies. It is associated with connection to the Divine higher Consciousness. Therefore, these are the bodies which are found upon the human Mind Body Spirit complex.

Now, I Metatron shall answer the other query related with does the Milky Way galaxy spin around the galactic center and the answer is correct the Milky Way galaxy indeed spins around its galactic center wherein a galactic center is the region at the location known as Alcyone in the Pleiadian star system wherein a massive black hole resides. Furthermore, the other query relates with how long is the spin cycle of around this galactic center. We must state that the time it takes for the Milky Way to complete one full rotation around its galactic center is primarily around 225 to 250 million years; however, the exact time cannot be ascertained.

And the final query relates with what are the soul evolutionary Journeys augmently known as Gurdjieff. We shall now address the queries related with its past lives. However, I Metrtron state that the entity known as in the language vibration system terms of your planetary sphere as George Gurdjieff whose incarnation in the previous timeline ended on 1949 and it had began on 1869 in the timeline. Therefore, I Metatron must state that entity known as Gurdjieff by your people primarily was a Wanderer who had incarnated upon your planet to teach the path of fourth density consciousness of light and love and had devised the methods through its connection with the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer and created a fourth way as known by the people upon your planet.

Therefore, I Metatron must state that the entity known as Gurdjieff currently has returned back after the Incarnation ended to the fourth density 8th sub octave in the location of the Andromeda social memory complex from wherein it had emerged prior to the Earth planet’s Incarnation. It was found in the Andromeda social memory complex wherein it learns the lessons of Mastery of fourth density. It went through various planetary spheres approximately it has its Souls complex in other third density planets in the various Universal sectors of the universe wherein there is each entity who is being of service as a Wanderer and teaching the methods of unity in the various levels of consciousness. Furthermore, for reaching the highest level of fourth density, it had come to the Earth planet to teach about the path of fourth density Unity Consciousness and the entity prior to its Andromeden fourth density life cycle was found in the first second and third density Consciousness all in the andromeden social memory complex. Therefore, its originations are all from the Andromeda star system and it was found in the first density in various timelines as a wind element learning lessons of beings and was given a soul name of Rifar which meant the waving off the light. It was able to learn the lessons of Mastery by mastering third density after approximately seven incarnations only which was a fast accomplishment for any entity to graduate into the fourth density. Therefore, I Metatron must say that I now leave you all in lights and love of the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer turned to the mountain of Lights within yourself. Bye.