Session #202 • Pleiadians

The 3D/5D Split Has Begun

Summary: The Pleiadians address various queries, including the cause of the Maui wildfires, the attack in Peru by reptilian shapeshifters, the Looking Glass event in August, navigating the shift to fourth density, the concept of miasma, the spiritual significance of luck and synchronicity, and the past lives of David R Hawkins. They emphasize the importance of self-awareness, positive vibrations, and letting go of fear and attachment during this time of potential consciousness shifts. They offer healing and protection for those affected and encourage sending love and light to the HAARP location.

We are the Pleiadians and we are here now connected through this instrument inner connection grid which has opened to allow this communication to happen at this time. We the Pleiadians before offering our thought forms would like to warn each entity who shall listen to our thought forms to only accept those insights which resonates deeply with the inner heart of the self and find a deeper Connection in the truth and unity that is already found within each entities internal heart.

Firstly, we shall now address the queries that are presented which are related with the vibrations of understanding that’s the aspects regarding what was the real cause behind the Maui wildfires as has been affecting the people of your planet and the location of Maui. We the Pleiadians must state that this wildfire was caused by an energetic beam weapon which was directed from Outer Space by spacecraft whose originations were from the aspect known as the Orion social memory complex. This was generated primarily because during that space-time of the occurrence of this event and the entity who was extremely positively oriented was found in the location of Maui. In order to stop this entity, the Orion stopped this entity by sending this energetic beam weapon which started the wildfires. Further, we send healing protection for the people of Maui and we recommend this instrument as well as those who wants to send lights and love can send them lights and love to the location by using their imagination complex which will allow them to be healed and protected at the space-time.

The other query relates with who attacked the villagers and the location known by your people as Peru. I must say that the Pleiadians have to say that the attack upon the villagers in Peru was caused by the entity who appeared from the inner earth. These were those beings known as The Reptilian shapeshifters who primarily have hidden inside the inner earth and are trying to work with their Alliance of human Elite entities in order to create the vibration of fear upon the Earth planets. These entities were primarily spotted by some of the entities in the location of Peru. The human entities who spotted them immediately realized that these were extraterrestrial beings since the reptilian entities were able to levitate and also they were able to cause and inflict certain types of damage on the human bodily complex.

Furthermore, we must state that the other query relates with what is the Looking Glass event for the month of August as known in your space time. We must state that the looking glass for the month of August primarily upon finding and scanning the future projection timeline we find that on the space time of 27th August the entities upon the Earth planet specifically those entities who are in control of the HAARP whether manipulation systems will find themselves in a tough situation wherein they will be given either a ultimatum to create an earthquake on the Earth planet on various locations in the major hot spots or to let go of their agreements with the Orions and in turn let go of any benefits they receive. We can sense that this has been planned as per the Looking Glass event and a meeting of these entities will happen somewhere around 26th of August therefore the entities upon the Earth Planet who desire to stop this event can send love and light towards the HAARP location which will allow it to be protected from any negative entities who may hamper with its functioning.

The other query relates with how to protect oneself during the splits off third density and the beginning of fourth density or the Fifth Dimension and signs that will be seen when it begins. We must state that the signs have already started since the events which are happening in Peru in Maui as well as other events are hinting at the splits of third density and the beginning of The Fifth Dimension or the fourth density has already began. Further, we the Pleiadians must state that the aspects of understanding during this time is primarily important and this time of potential shifts of Consciousness many mind-body Spirit complexes will not be able to navigate themselves properly hence for proper navigation these are the important aspects which must be kept in mind. Firstly, the vibration of self-awareness will be required in the split since the vibration of self-awareness will allow the entities the truth of where their vibration is turning towards either they are moving towards the positive forth density vibration or they are moving towards the negative vibration and this will allow each mind’s Body Spirit complex to make a different choice if the choice is not as per their desire. Furthermore, during this time many of the unresolved emotions trauma and limiting beliefs may appear for each mind’s body and spirit complex to address and to heal this means that a requirement of inner work and healing will allow for this aspect to occur.

The other query relates to it during this time of the shift since there are mixed energies and vibrations floating around the space-time Continuum of the Earth planet it is important for those entities who desire to enter into the new Earth are the fourth density positive vibration to make sure that the vibrations they entertain and their mind’s body and spirit complexes of a positively oriented love light vibration and at this time it is important to also release fear and attachment since the vibrations of fear and attachment anchor entities to old third density vibration and it must be let go of at this timeline in this Incarnation which will allow for the healing of various entities in this space-time vibration.

The other query relates with what is miasma and its spiritual significance. We must firstly say that the vibratory sound complex known as miasma refers to the energetic vibrations of negativity which can affect an individualized mind-body Spirit complex and this is often associated with energies that are accumulating due to negative thought forms emotions actions or traumatic events which are primarily generated from negative vibrations of lower frequencies such as fear anger jealousy and other vibrations. A miasma is the belief to have a potential of not only creating imbalances but also disrupting the mind-born spirit complexes energy fields and affecting even the outer space. Further, the spiritual significance of this aspect is to recognize when it occurs and the requirements of cleansing. The cleansing of this aspect of miasma can be done primarily by becoming self-aware and by focusing only on positive thought forms which may appear in the mind space of an individualized entity.

The other portion of the query relates with what is luck and synchronicity has found upon your planet and how does it operate in terms of spiritual sense upon your planet or sphere. We must state that firstly the understanding of this aspects of luck and synchronicity is primarily important since the Dynamics of Consciousness and its influence over your thoughts and your experiences are those aspects which allow to explore the connection or interplay between luck timing and synchronicity. We must state that there are certain forces upon the universal complex that draw to you the desires and manifestations of your inner heart. The mechanisms of this creation process is indeed profound. Further, in the understanding of your planetary sphere many upon your planet’s perceive existence in this space-time illusion complex as a series of chance occurrences birth and survival are often considered the aspects which are created or subject to external factors and the trajectory of one’s Incarnation life cycle seems to be a creation or a dance with faith where the vibrations of accidents or circumstances abruptly occur in one’s incarnational life cycle.

Further, we must state that firstly there is a need to understand that the energies of intentions and expectation primarily have such an effect that these energies create the ability for the Consciousness to align towards a particular outcome. Furthermore, we must state that these energies of intention and expectation alone are not the ultimate dictator of the fate of an individualized entity or the luck it receives. There are certain other forces such as the law of giving which was the first law which was created by the universal complex wherein all things all beings give and serve to others such as the Earth gives life to all entities the water gives the life of quenching thirst to many Mind Body Spirit complexes and as well as the trees give out oxygen form and these to breathe upon your planetary sphere and infinitely also gives to others in terms of its actions and terms of its assistance then this is the highest law which determines the faith and the luck of an individualized mind-body Spirit complex leading edge towards highest levels of luck and vibration.

Further, we must also state that there is a field of consciousness between the metaphysical and the empirical world’s and in this timeline this field of Consciousness which lies between a individualized entity and the outside world it serves as a repository of thoughts and actions and this is the collective Consciousness Which shapes the energetic interactions of the outside world and this field primarily is connected with the akashic record which in turn creates a memory of actions taken and furthermore provides these attributes to be projected into the future space-time if appropriated with the first law of the universe the law of given.

Therefore we The Pleiadians must now address the final query related with the past lives of an entity named as David R Hawkins by your people whose incarnation in the previous timeline of its life cycle in Earth began on 1927 and it crossed over on 2012. The entity known as David R Hawkins primarily spends the timeline elaborating on the spiritual nature of vibrational difference of Consciousness in its Earthly Incarnation and it fulfilled its Mission as a Wanderer from the sixth density fifth circuit octave and the answer is known as David R Hawkins after crossing over has returned back to the Ra Collective social memory complex as a part of the Ra sixth density social memory complex. Furthermore, the entry known as David R Hawkins primarily prior to its Earthly Incarnation was within RA beings and it spent various of its Incarnation timelines sending portion of its Consciousness to various planetary spheres in each star system just like the Earth star system and planets to teach entities about the law of vibration and Awakening them to self-awareness and self-consciousness by doing so this entirely fulfilled its activation as a Wanderer in many of its time line and the entity was found in its third density Incarnation second density Incarnation as well as the first density Incarnation on the planets of Venus as known by your people around 605 million years ago wherein it was given the soul name of Kura which meant the clearing off the Mist as known in the illusion language terms it is indeed the part of the venusians and has only one Incarnation as a human entity from the infinite timeline so We can sense which occurred as David R Hawkins. Therefore we the pleadians now will leave you enlightened love of the one infinite Creator rejoice in power and peace bye.