Session #203 • Metatron

4 Signs to Cross Over to The New 5D Earth

Summary: Metatron provides information and answers queries related to positively oriented beings, the missing flight MH370, the shift in consciousness on Earth, signs of readiness to transition to the new Earth, and the real agenda behind Net Zero. The positively oriented being attacked by the Orion social memory complex in Maui was unaffected due to its higher vibration. Flight MH370 lost control due to a malfunction but was escorted to the new Earth by Ashtar Command spacecrafts. The shift in consciousness on Earth involves challenges, polarization, and a choice between service to others or service to self. Signs of readiness for the new Earth include mastery of third density reality, less interest in third density affairs, enhanced interconnectedness, and a shift in the perception of time and space. Net Zero is a disguise used by the elites to control the human social memory complex and divert attention from proven methods.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness now and in communication through this instrument at this time to provide thought forms from my social memory complex and the Divine Universal light grid programmers love and light to provide assistance to the human Collective Consciousness.

I Metatron magnetic Consciousness and now going to answer and provide information related with the queries that are found at this time. However, before the thought forms reach any of the universal Divine Light Grid programmers love like Childs, there must be an internal discernment which must be followed at all times and a inner alignments must be found within the self with the information that I am now going to share through this instrument’s vibratory sound complex.

The first query relates what is the positively oriented being or was attacked upon by the Orion social memory complex in the location of Maui is still alive upon scanning the vibrations we indeed find that the positively oriented being even though it came in contact with the Direct Energy beam was unaffected by it due to the higher vibration of the entity even though there was a energetic wave which hit it directly in its Crown Center there was no impact seen on the entity because of the entities extremely positive vibration and because the energy was not absorbed by the entry it was reflected to the environments on the outsides.

Furthermore, Orion’s social memory complex in collusion with the elites of your planet have set up this event in order for the elites to became control over the location and control the people by using the Distortion of your planets known as money and I Metatron must state that the other query relates with what happened with the missing flight MH370 we must firstly state that this flight in question occurred in the space time of your planetary sphere in 2014 and upon the information available in the akashic records I Metatron must state that this flight had lost control because there was a malfunctioning in the system of the airplanes functioning because of which the Pilots of this aircraft had taken a 180 degree turn in order to return back to the original location.

However because of the imbalance in the navigation system this airplane primarily was unable to reach the desired destination as the pilot had requested however since the entities the passengers on the airplane were mostly of a positively oriented vibration and these entities they had reached the level of fourth density and many of them were wanderers in the space time of the earth planets because of this and because of the plea which was made by those entities during the flights missing time The Plea reached the Council of planets and the Council of planets directed the Galactic Federation to intervene thereof on the so-called Asthar commands spacecrafts were sent to escort the flight and take it through a portal into the new Earth therefore this is the answer which is available in the akashic records of your space-time and I Metatron must say that the entities have already reached the new Earth as they have graduated and all the entities are primarily in a different dimension of the new Earth.

The other query relates primarily with the aspect regarding the understanding of the shift upon the Earth planet. I, Metatron, must state that the shift of Consciousness is continuing and it moves on as everything that is normalized in your Incarnation since the people of your planets are in the year of 2023. The planetary sphere is still dealing with challenges, demonstrations, controlled polarization of the human entities, unhappiness, and other vibrations. There is a large split of Consciousness between those who are in agreement versus those who are in disagreement with the elites who are trying to force upon their distortions of fear and control vibrations in the earth planets. There has been a dividing issue which is affecting the entire planet and this is primarily the choice Point as the choice of either choosing the pathway of service to others or service to self takes the root cause behind all of the actions taken by the universal Divine grid programmer’s love light Childs. The shift in Consciousness is a planetary issue ends many are beginning to see how the issues of planetary consciousness are appearing right on time. The Earth planet is now at the Choice points or the juncture wherein it has to make decisions and the process of making decisions there is always distortions and polarizations. The polarization of who is right and who is wrong regarding the rules of planetary Consciousness further there is a huge split off distortions and other opinions which are a part of the Earth planet at this time and these things that are being presented on the planetary sphere are truly a test for The Wanderers and The light workers specifically those starseeds who have a basic purpose of grounding the earth into the light and love consciousness.

This is a test wherein many will not recognize that there will be a type of action which emerges from the Distortion of fear, or an action which emerges from the Distortion of Love, which the light workers and the star seeds will understand. Since the light workers upon your planets know that there is compassion and there is love energy, that can be a contributing factor to the raising of the consciousness of the earth planets. Since the internal level of your Consciousness is the energy which fuels the evolution of the mind’s body and spirit complex into higher levels, there is a greater understanding which must be found within your planet’s dance.

Whenever there is a type of energy vibration which operates within the type of the mind’s body and spirit complex, that is the entity who embodies the vibration of love, compassion, and service to others, is immediately sending an energy to the universal complex. The more the energy of love, compassion, and kindness is sent to the Earth planets, the more it comes back towards the same origination points or the same entity in certain ways which may be amplified. Furthermore, the higher the energy of Consciousness, the other entities will also be affected. There will be an understanding which may not be verbalized, but all entities upon your planet will feel that there is a shift in your vibration. And as the Earth planets plunges into the new Earth vibration, this will be a new normal and it will stay for a long time.

Further, I, Metatron, must also state that these are testing times upon your planet, and this is the time wherein compassion, kindness, and love is available and needed for the Earth planets to shift into higher vibrations. These are the times many entities have already foretold about for years are now occurring on the planets. This is the shift, a time when the consciousness of the entire planetary sphere begins to split and merge into higher levels, and as you awaken with your internal self, you will begin to realize how these changes were paramount in bringing the new Earth in the shift of consciousness. And now, I, Metatron, shall answer the other query related to what are the four signs that you are ready to cross over to the new Earth.

I Metatron, state that the first sign is that the entities on your planet begin to master the third density reality and it begins to master the workings of the third density illusion complex by understanding the functioning of energy and how karmic actions operate. This means that the entities upon your planets with a deeper understanding of the workings of the third density begin to understand that there is always an action and a reaction and in the third density illusion complex there will be internal satisfaction and fulfillment which will be felt. Further, the second sign is that many entities will begin to find less interest in the Affairs of the third density planetary sphere, such as in the Affairs of other entities, and less judgments will be found upon the part of those entities who use to judge others. Since the vibration shift into higher levels, there will be an entry into the neutral State of Consciousness wherein there will be no requirement of caring or understanding or judging other entities. Further, this will also signify a greater fulfillment of the Free Will distortion on your planet.

The third sign will be an enhanced sense of interconnectedness and unity as many entities prepare to transition to the new fifth density, we correct this channel to the new fourth density or The 5th Dimension Earth. Many entities will experience heightened awareness of the Oneness of the universal Light Grid programmer that binds all beings and the universe. This sense of interconnectedness will become more and more tangible upon your planetary sphere in the daily life and many entities will find that they will begin to be naturally drawn towards activities, thoughts, and relationships which promote Harmony and cooperation and an exchange of the vibration of love. The fourth sign revolves around a shift in the perception of time and space. Many entities will begin to experience present moments awareness to such an intense level that there will be an experience or moments of timelessness and a deeper understanding that time is not a linear proposition as previously found and believed upon your planetary sphere. The consciousness of the entities will become more present and it will be focused on the happenings of the now moments allowing entities to tap into the infinite possibilities of the present moments and this will allow the awareness of the multi-dimensional existence to expand enabling many to perceive realities beyond the limitations of the third density perception.

I Metatron shall now answer the other portion of the query related to what is the real agenda behind Net Zero as known by your people. I Metatron must firstly state that the Net Zero agenda is not as known in your language terms as primarily distorted with a focus of understanding about the actions required to reduce emissions, however, we must state that this primarily is in a type of disguise being used upon your planets to allow certain Technologies and other types of attributes which will be replaced and guided by the Orion social memory complex as the elites will have agreed to work with the Orions. Well under the guise of Net Zero, relate and release many of these Technologies which will primarily control the Human Social memory complex further by diverting attention and resource away from immediate and proven methods which may be highly effective in this aspect.

Further, this primarily could also have a negative impact upon your planetary sphere including job losses in the carbon intensive Industries for your people. Further, the vibration of the burden to transition in this space and time the lead soon the societal inequalities upon your planet and the vibration of the mind’s body and spirit complex relates to understanding that the experience of this timeline upon your planet is in a way disguised in the distortions which the Elites have been using upon your planets. Wherein the vibrations of Net Zero primarily are seen as a means to the focus of creating an illusion in the mind complex of the outside world. Further I Metatron at this time having answered the queries shall now leave you all in the light and love of the one universal Light Grid programmer, turn to the mountain of Lights within yourself. Bye.