Session #204 • Galactic Federation

You Might Wanna Watch This Video Right Away

Summary: The Galactic Federation states that the UFO video taken in Mexico in 1997 was of a reverse engineered spacecraft tested by people on Earth. In September 2023, light beings from the sixth density will arrive, bringing unity and spiritual advancements to assist in battling the negatively oriented Orion reptilian complex. These beings will dismantle systems of fear and control, leading to a transformed world of peace and enlightenment. Entities on Earth can embrace the lights of consciousness by choosing love and compassion, finding sources of happiness, and cultivating joy. Akkaeneset was an alchemist in Atlantis responsible for energetic manipulation.

We are the Galactic Federation and we are now communicating at this time through this instrument’s inner connection to our social memory complex. Further, our transmission is aimed at providing insights to the human Collective Consciousness and not to infringe upon the Free Will. At this time, the Galactic Federation would like to state that during the space and time, there is a great need for discernment and free will to be exercised by each entity when listening to our messages, as well as trying to understand the truth behind their own true nature.

The first query relates to what is the truth about the UFO video, as known by your people, which was taken in 1997 in the location named by the vibratory sound complex as Mexico. Upon scanning the vibrational akashic records of such a video, we indeed find that it was taken in Las Lomas, Mexico, and the year of 1997 by certain entities who found the spacecraft hovering around the so-called buildings by your people. This spacecraft was indeed a reverse-engineered spacecraft by the people of your planet who were testing this. However, because of a malfunction, it became visible to the public. Therefore, we must simply state that this was not an original extraterrestrial spacecraft but a reverse-engineered spacecraft which was being tested by the people of your planet.

The other query relates primarily to a message about what may be coming in the future of your space-time. The Galactic Federation must state that the people of your planet have to realize that in the month of September, there are many prime events which are planned by entities who want to align and assist Humanity. This has been granted permission by the Council of planets. In the month of September 2023, a wave of anticipation will sweep across your planetary sphere. Reports in social media and scientific discussions of your planet will buzz with excitement as astronomers and the people who study UFOs will notice unusual Cosmic phenomena, such as the Nishimura comet which has recently been spotted, and a series of radiant celestial bodies will appear on the outskirts of the Earth’s Galactic system, which will emanate mesmerizing light. These are the light beings from the sixth density social memory complex. The scientists of your planet will be baffled by the unprecedented event.

The light beings’ arrival will be accompanied by a surge in global consciousness and a creation of a newfound sense of unity amongst the Human Social memory complex. It will become evident to your people that these entities are not Cosmic entities but beings with an understanding of energy, frequency, and the multi-dimensional nature of your space and time. Furthermore, as the month of September progresses, many entities upon your planet will encounter these light beings as they will appear as radiant figures composed of lights and energy who communicate through telepathic and emotional systems. Their message will be clear: they are here to assist in the battle against the negatively oriented Orions, Anunnaki reptilian gray social memory complex that have long influenced the affairs of humanity.

The Orion reptilian under Elites counterparts are currently trying to advance their system of manipulation of the world events from behind the scenes, and their agenda is rooted primarily in power control and suppression of human development of consciousness. The worlds of your planetary sphere have been divided between those who believe in service to others and those who believe in service to self. However, now in the month of September in one of your timelines, Humanity will undergo a profound transformation, and the people across your planet will unite to learn from the light beings. These light beings will share ancient wisdom and spiritual advancements to harness the Power Of Consciousness and techniques with various entities through the process of telepathic communication. Furthermore, if the light beings are successful, they will dismantle the systems that have perpetuated fear, division, and control in the human social memory complex, and a movement towards unity, love, and balance will emerge, which will foster a New Earth of peace and Enlightenment. Furthermore, this is indeed one of the timelines we can sense which will happen in the space-time of the end of September 2023, wherein a shift will have occurred in the control systems of your planet, wherein the negatively oriented beings will no longer be able to exert their control and influence will fade away, thereby leaving behind a transformed world and a symbol of potential power and unity of love.

Furthermore, the Galactic Federation must now also address the other query related to how can the entities upon the Earth planet embrace the Lights Of Consciousness at this timeline. The Galactic Federation must firstly state that each entity upon your planet can empower themselves at each present moment space-time, which means that amidst the catalysts of the illusion complex, which may appear darker than the expectations of many entities, there is always opportunity to find the Divine connection and to embrace the inner light and illumination of the one Creator. It is indeed at this time wherein many will find that the light of consciousness can be sustained and nurtured. However, the challenge of the life cycle incarnation can take its toll on many entities who are unable to consistently choose the pathway of light and love. However, most entities on the Earth planet, being old Souls, star seeds, are here by divine coordination, and this divine coordination primarily allows many entities in their current lifetime to experience various catalysts to help them assist in their spiritual journey amidst the world events which happen on the outside world.

As an old soul, many of you have traversed countless lifetimes and have witnessed transformations and embraced the changes which have occurred within yourself. All of you are far more prepared for this phase of transformation than many may realize, as your inner presence here on this planetary sphere is a significant sign that you all are ready to graduate from the various energetic shifts and transformations which will allow your heart to expand, which will allow your capacity to endure the love light’s vibration. For this time of transformation to occur in this timeline, the Galactic Federation would like to give simple steps for self-assistance. The nature of energy in this shift, which is happening, is of a distinct nature. Eventually, this energetic pattern will establish a new normalized level of vibration. Further, this will also allow the understanding of the self as per a higher level of experience.

Many of the entities who are addressing Humanity’s concerns comprehend the significance of being able to transcend negative into positive. It involves a change of the distortions or the perspectives taken when facing challenges in your life cycle. This means that some of the practices are as simple as allowing a change of perception of a negative event into a positive one by stating that the negative events will ultimately lead into a positive one, as there must be a balance in the Universal complex. This exercise can be done by many of the people on your planet, which means that every day in your incarnation cycle, an act of compassionate action or loving action directed towards another entity or group will allow you to embrace the light. This compassionate action will allow you to influence the energetic field vibrations which are around you. When entities focus on compassion and loving vibrations on a particular and dream, it begins to project into the field of the self. Since all beings are ultimately one, this allows more compassion to emanate from within the internal sense of such an entity, and this will allow for the cultivation of joy to arise in each moment of the timeline.

Many times, this challenge may be considered as a difficult challenge. However, every day of your life cycle, each of you must seek out a source of happiness or laughter. We must state that this is not something that must be forced, rather to find something that is genuinely amusing and which leads to the vibration of laughter or happiness. Actively searching for it during your daytime will allow many of you to find such times of humorous events, humorous creations, humorous so-called jokes, or media content as known by your people, which allows your laughter to emanate and you to stabilize in the vibration of happiness.

These simple practices can be performed during this time to embrace the illumination of your inner light and to nurture this light to allow you to become the dual-activated fourth-density bodily complex as each of you transcend into the new Earth vibration. The other query which has been placed by this instrument relates to who was Akkaeneset. The Galactic Federation states that the answer referred to by this instrument as Akkaeneset primarily is an entity who had incarnated in the location of Atlantis. He was considered as the chief Alchemist of Atlantis who primarily was responsible for creating energetic manipulation and teaching the Atlanteans about the vibration of opening and expanding the chakra systems, which enabled the creation of a Vortex system that allows free energy to be inculcated from the one universal Creator.

However, we must firstly state that this may be considered as a same soul group from which the entity named Nikola Tesla has arrived. The entity known as Akkaeneset, as well as the entity named Nikola Tesla, primarily are from the same soul group whose main purpose and desire is to provide free energy for equality in the various locations of their incarnation. Therefore, with the Galactic Federation now at this timeline, we shall now leave you in light and love of the one creator. Go forward rejoicing in power and peace. Bye.