Session #205 • Pleiadians

Chosen Ones This is the Final Stage: Get Ready

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate through the inner silence and offer thoughts on the next Looking Glass events, stating that Saturn will be targeted by the negatively oriented Orion social memory complexes. They emphasize the importance of protecting Saturn and maintaining a concentrated wave of loving vibration. The Pleiadians also discuss how human entities control their own destiny in the incarnation cycle, highlighting the power of choice and the creation of a dual activated body. They stress the significance of connecting with the field of consciousness and choosing emotional states aligned with love and harmony. Additionally, they address the number of extraterrestrial entities on Earth, stating that there are none through naturalization but some may use cloning and soul swap mechanisms. Lastly, they reveal that the real agenda behind the Chandrayaan spacecraft sent to the Moon was to scan the dark side, cautioning against negative energy vibrations in communications.

We are the Pleiadians and we are now communicating through the inner Silence of this instrument’s internal vibrations and at this time we are here to offer our thought forms which are related with the understandings of your planetary sphere. However, the entities who shall listen to our messages at this timeline have to only accept those thoughts which resonate deeply with the inner hearts of their own self and leave behind those thought forms which do not resonate.

Since the understanding of the self is the most important lesson that each entity must learn to experience in this timeline, we the Pleiadians shall offer our thoughts at this time which is related with the queries pertaining to what is the next Looking Glass events.

We must firstly state that upon scanning the Looking Glass artifacts, we indeed find that the next event upon the planetary sphere of your Earth planets will have been connected with the location known as Saturn. This means that the negatively oriented Orion social memory complexes and their counterparts will try to invade the location of Saturn, since these entities are trying to attack directly upon the seat of the Galactic Federation in the Saturn rings. Therefore, many of the elites of your planet will also take part in the trip to Saturn which primarily, upon scanning the future timeline Through the Looking Glass, shows the time of around 27th September upon which such types of trips have been planned in order to reach Saturn using Technologies which transcends space-time travel.

Furthermore, people of your planet must also realize that the Saturn location primarily is the seat of the Galactic Federation and also there are many of the human Representatives who are currently working and assisting the Galactic Federation. The Orion knowingly wants to attack the human Representatives who are not of a higher density and who are just a part of the Galactic Federation in that location. Doing so, they will try to take away the membership of the Earth planet from the Galactic Federation. Hence, if the people of your planet would like to prevent this aspect, there must be a concentrated wave of loving vibration and a Shields to protect the Saturn location which will enable the protection of this location from any negative energy waves and patterns. Therefore, either Pleiadians shall now address the other portion of the query related to human entities control what happens to them in the Incarnation cycle.

We the Pleiadians must state that firstly it is entirely correct that human Mind Body Spirit complexes can influence their own destiny. Further, this is primarily of a nature which must be understood by the people of your planet since there are many entities who may consider this to be a type of distortion which is unpredictable. However, we must state that chance is, in the space-time not unpredictable. However, it is a choice of the mind’s body and spirit complex to vibrate at a certain frequency of the same chance vibration which primarily allows the aspect of energy frequency merging which leads to the creation of such an event.

Furthermore, the entities upon your planet must realize that life in your space-time incarnation is primarily aligned with a certain pathway which must be chosen by your own self. Even if you look back at your past lives spent in this Earthly incarnation in this same timeline, you will find that the past events of your life took a particular conscious direction or choice in a singular pathway. This is primarily upon the conscious decision of each entity to decide what to engage in, which will lead to a host of other Pathways opening up in your space-time. Furthermore, upon your planet, there may be many parts which are filled with hazards and pitfalls, and every choice which you are able to take in the space-time will primarily be able to provide you with the ultimate understanding of the true nature of your connection with the Divine infinite Creator, thereby allowing the access of the Choice points at this time.

Furthermore, this time we the Pleiadians must state that this is the final stage which entities upon your planet must understand in this incarnation. Since the final stage of entering into the fourth density or the new Earth will require activation of the Dual activated body which will lead to the understanding of the creation of the vibration related to that of love and light. And therefore, upon the creation of a dual activated body, the portion of light’s body becomes capable of not only sensing the appropriate timeline which an entity must enter into, but it will also be able to prevent any pitfalls and traps from occurring. This is primarily the inner intuition granted because of the creation of a dual activated light body. Furthermore, the people of your planet must also realize that there is a field of conscious energy which is surrounding each entity with Consciousness in the space-time experience. Further, this Consciousness Fields encompasses the Consciousness energy of all the human entities on the Earth planet and is able to be Quantified and calculated. Furthermore, the field of Consciousness contains the totality of all Consciousness which is found within the Earth planets as well as the potentials of the various Choice points which can be made by all conscious entities, whether these entities are conscious or not.

By the connection with this field of infinite Consciousness, enables many entities to find themselves truly understanding how to navigate themselves through the energetic fields of consciousness of the social memory complex of the entire Earth planet. Leading towards the understanding of experiences which may be far greater than a singular level of Consciousness, thereby this provides many entities the ability to sense the direction of the appropriate Choice which will allow them to enter into the desired timeline by avoiding many pitfalls. Furthermore, the other aspect that the people of your planet in the pursuit of trying to control what happens to them in the Incarnation cycle must also understand about the power of connection. Furthermore, this is primarily an important aspect wherein different types of Consciousness streams are segregated into their level of vibration or the level of their emotional state of consciousness of their bodily complex. This means that each Consciousness Field is segregated into different layers based upon the vibrations of emotional states which are being entertained in the respective bodily complex which the Consciousness inhabits.

This means that if entities are in the vibration of fear, their Consciousness collectively found as a part of the fear and Collective Consciousness which ultimately dictates the choices made by the entity based upon this emotional state. As they become a part of this distortion Consciousness Collective of fear, they begin to only sense the vibration of fear and the choices will be based upon this emotion. However, if entities are in the vibration of love, joy, or peace, there is higher emotional based Consciousness located in a separate segregation from the other emotions. This means that each Consciousness finds suitable emotional counterparts of Consciousness to create a greater grid of connection which enables entities upon your planet to become a part of a sub-collective at this time. Ultimately, this sub-collective provides the energetic vibrations and intuitions required for entities to make decisions based upon the choices they make.

Since the choice is primarily to be made by each individualized entity to choose what type of emotional framework they want to reside in, this leads to the creation of the sense of self and the creation of the sense of Harmony in the timeline leading towards the certain timeline which was envisioned by the entity as Guided by the collective Consciousness stream. Furthermore, on the Earth planet, there are also essential steps that are required for the positive Consciousness to occur in each moment of the life cycle. Further, this is the primary stage which leads towards the subsequent processes which generate a greater understanding of the self in each moment of life.

The thought forms, emotions, intentions, and language patterns of your life cycle generate energy fields that begin to interact with the Consciousness fields in ways which are tangible to the self. And each must remember to firstly recalibrate the old programming of the self into the new programming by letting go of all belief systems and by letting go of old emotions. This will allow the practice of the self-tune arise within the cell. Furthermore, within the vibration of connecting with the ever-present field of consciousness of entities on the Earth planet, practice connecting with the field based upon their state of emotion. This will allow for a heightened intuition which will guide each entity to certain and desired realities, and this will allow for a heightened state of Mastery within the cell.

Furthermore, there is another principle which must be mastered for those entities who want to master what happens to them in the future space-time, and this principle is the principle of unity or Oneness of all beings. Since all beings at their deepest level are energy frequencies of the one infinite Creator, which leads towards consciousness of the self, this means that every entity upon your planet in the desire to control future space-time of your life patterns must firstly remember that what is done unto others will be done unto the self by the universal complex rule that all is one.

This primary principle must be kept at the forefront when those entities who desire to control their future timeline must realize that firstly they must decide what type of future timeline they want to create. If they want to create a certain type of timeline of positivity of abundance of health of Happiness then firstly these entities must also showcase these types of behaviors or patterns to other entities by practicing forgiveness compassion and service to others this indeed will sow the seeds in the Divine minds of the universal one infinite Creator and this will lead towards to influencing of the inner Consciousness stream of the singularized portion of Consciousness thereby once the seeds begin to grow this will allow form the creation of the desired and appropriate vibration which was practiced or which was showcased to other entities.

Therefore we the Pleiadians shall now answer the other query related with how many extraterrestrial entities are living on Earth at the present time as part of the Earth social memory complex because they have chosen a physical bodily complex similar to the human Collective. We the Pleiadians upon scanning your current space time state that there are no entities who are in the earth planets primarily through the process of naturalization as per the question stated above while living on Earth planet directly by choosing a bodily complex similar to the Earth Collective. However, we must state that there are certain entities who are using the processes and devices available such as clone Technologies and other types of Soul swap mechanisms to practice choosing to enter into the Earth planetary sphere since the soul swap can be either of a positive and negative polarity allowing both possibilities to exist upon your planet.

Therefore we must state that the direct naturalization incarnation of an entity has not yet happened other than the process of cloning as found upon your planet sphere. And we the Pleiadians now answer the final query related with what was the real agenda behind theme chandrayaan spacecraft which was sent to the Moon by the people of the Earth planet from the location of India. We must firstly state that this indeed had a singular purpose which was to scan the vibration of the Dark Side of the Moon. However, we must state that upon scanning this artifacts known as chandrayaan by your people we find that it has already been cloned by the orions and the currents chandrayaan which is communicating with the human Collective is not the real chandrayaan which was sent. This indeed means that there are bases in the dark side of the moon and we must state that these bases are primarily of the orions who are adamant of leaving the Moon behind. Furthermore, we must state that the communications will be soon hampered and sent with negative energy vibrations hence we warn the people who are communicating with chandrayaan use discernment and we the Pleiadians now leave you.