Session #206 • Metatron

It's happening to the Old Souls Right Now

Summary: Metatron warns individuals to trust their own resonance when receiving messages and to reject them if there is no resonance. Metatron explains that the green fireball seen in the sky in Turkey was a spacecraft from the Asthar command, signaling the arrival of the fourth density. Metatron discusses the attributes of old souls and their contribution to the evolution of human consciousness. The true age of a soul is defined by the tapestry of lifetimes and the wisdom gained. Old souls have a deep understanding, remembrance of past experiences, compassion, wisdom, resilience, a sense of purpose, unconditional love, and aligned energy centers. The pathway of service to others requires around 51% service to others for graduation into the fourth density.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness communicating now through this Divine love light child, the instrument who has opened itself up to receive this transmission from our vibratory sound complex and I Metatron magnetic Consciousness must warn each of those who shall come forth with our message to trust in the vibrations of resonance within the self and to reject the message if there is no resonance felt.

Furthermore, the first query relates to what is the truth behind the green Fireball seen in the sky in Turkey as known by your people in your current in Spacetime approximately 7 days ago. I Metatron magnetic Consciousness must state that this indeed was a spacecraft of the Asthar command social memory complex. The people of your planet, specifically the astronomical departments of your societal complex, labeled this green Fireball blazing across the atmosphere as a rock. However, I Metatron must state that indeed it was the Asthar command social memory complex who were giving a signal to the Earth planets that now the fourth density is coming and the green light signifies the green ray Energy Center activation which is activated in the fourth density level of the Earth planet. This also signifies that the Asthar command were able to secure certain locations inside the lands of Agartha as well as inside the location of the Dark Side of the Moon. There were certain types of battles which happened recently because of which the Asthar command were victorious and as a signal, this green light was sent to all galaxies and all planetary spheres for the purpose of sending a signal of the victory which happens to the lights.

Therefore, I Metatron shall now answer the other query related to what are the attributes of an old soul and how do these qualities contribute to their contribution in the evolution of the human consciousness and the transformation of the collective.

I Metatron must state firstly that within the grand Cosmic tapestry of the universal complex created by the one universal Divine Light Grid programmer, there always exists an intricate system of tapestry and energetic vibrations which honors the Old Souls and provides them with opportunities to fulfill their mission and purposes. Furthermore, in all of the systems created by the universal Light Grid programmer, the old souls are respected as beings who have experiences that can turn the trajectory of an entire planet into the new Earth or into a different type of vibration. Hence, the old souls are respected by all beings.

Furthermore, we have already spoken about the transformation which is happening upon your planet at this spacetime. This transformation is the many levels that will allow the essence of the Earth’s vibrations to be embodied throughout the Incarnation cycles of each entity. The old Souls are the old Souls who primarily be the remembrance of the numerous numbers of past lifetimes spent primarily in the Embrace of the Earth’s vibratory signal signature. An old soul primarily may in an Incarnation appear in a young body, however, its Soul’s signature may have spans the entire spectrum of spacetimes which may be continuous into different timelines which may also approach Infinity in the various Spacetime combinations.

Further, the true age of a soul is defined by the tapestry of lifetimes that have been spent and the lifetimes of experiences gaining the wisdom required to become a soul of experience. Many upon your planets may ask the question whether they are an old soul or not. In this regard, I Metatron must share this, that in order to identify your nature to be of the old soul or not, there is a requirement to ponder Beyond the Veil, the veil of Separation which separates times and separates incarnations into different sectors. Furthermore, I Metatron must state that many of those beings who are listening to this message are primarily composed of old Souls, even though their spiritual signature may be of a star seed nature or maybe of a vibration related to that of a wanderer.

Primarily, at this current Earthly Evolution, old Souls number are percentage of incarnation in the Earth planet is around 81%, which means that at the current Earthly spacetime timeline, there are 81% old Souls who have come here to take the opportunity of graduation into the fourth density, either positive or the negative vibration based upon their own internal choices.

Furthermore, the old Souls in the Spacetime vibration have many attributes which will allow to identify the self and also to allow each entity to embark on an introspective journey within the self. These attributes shall allow you to discover the true essence of your spiritual essence. The first attribute of an old soul primarily is the understanding that before your presence in this spacetime, there is resonance with certain knowledge, such as this information which is being transmitted through this instrument at this spacetime. This type of resonance is only found amongst those who are able to find a truth within such types of wisdom found within the self, which creates a magnetic attraction to the vibration of truth and wisdom.

Many of the old souls upon the planets recognize their purpose in the presence of divine knowledge and they begin to seek Divine knowledge of spiritual significance. Many of the old souls primarily are also experiencing the aspect termed by your people as profound remembrance of their past experiences. There are many moments in the Earthly Incarnation wherein the moments of deja vu, as known by your people, wherein the unfamiliar becomes familiar, are not mere coincidences, as these encounters primarily allow those individuals who encounter them to invoke a deep sense of connection. Furthermore, this allows them to recognize that this was a path they had previously crossed.

Further, in the aspect of the akashic awakening that is happening all around you, it is indeed a sign that many of the old souls have embarked on a journey of remembrance to recognize the connection of various spacetime incarnations which traverse the linear timeline. Many of you may have the third attribute, which primarily is the attribute of understanding a profound knowing of compassion and care as if the knowledge of being a parent. Even though many of you may not yet be parents or may not have chosen to be parents, you have a deep knowledge of how to take care of other entities with compassion. Hence, the inner heart of the self is activated, and this provides a certain type of understanding that your spiritual self has already experienced being a parent in the various previous lifetimes.

Furthermore, the other attribute is related to that of wisdom. Many of the old souls primarily have wisdom and knowledge about spiritual aspects which may defy the current knowledge which may be available in a particular Incarnation or A Spacetime of the Earthly planets. Furthermore, old Souls possess an understanding which transcends the limitations of time age and provide insights and perspectives that allow for the Treasure Trove of experiences to shape the planets into a higher level of expansion.

The fifth attribute of an old Soul is that throughout the various incarnation Cycles, many have encountered the trials and tribulations of the old energy, and these experiences have created within the old Soul a sense of self-worth. Furthermore, the old souls often find themselves learning to experience resiliency and strength in helping others and often feel that they have not yet done enough to help others since their spiritual self remembers that the path of service to others is the path of Ascension.

Furthermore, the sixth attribute is the aspect related to the purpose of an old soul. As the transition of the Earth planet into the new Earth is happening at a rapid pace, many of the old Souls entities may feel that their life’s mission in this time is to Anchor the light of the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer. This anchoring of the light will provide a sign of internal desire into the vibration of the aspects of intertwining the new paradigm of the new Earth.

Further, the final attribute which is found in the old souls at the current time is to feel an unconditional love of the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer. Many old Souls feel that they are loved deeply by the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer, and this Divine love allows them to embrace the loving essence of their own self, which also is a sign of the maturity of the Soul. This allows the old Souls to nurture and remain in the establishments of the source of all creation and wisdom.

Furthermore, there is a final attribute, number eight, wherein old Souls at this time are beginning to feel their energetic centers aligning more often. As the old souls who have spent millions of lifetimes in various timelines who have come here for the purpose of graduation at the space time, they will feel their energy centers aligning. Many of them unexpectedly experience Kundalini Awakenings in your planets. This gives them a diverse understanding that they are indeed here to graduate into the new Earth or they are here as Wanderers to spread the message of love and light as the torchbearers of wisdom of love in the Earth planet.

I Metatron shall now address the other portion of the query related to what is the percentage required for service to others and service to self path to harvest into the fourth density of corresponding nature. We must state that I Metatron find the pathway of service to others requires around 51% of service to others, and the pathway of service to self requires around a spacetime experience of 90% or higher, sometimes even entering into 95% or higher. Furthermore, we must state that many of the beings upon the Earth planet do not realize that they may be on the path of service to self. However, because of the state of consciousness they embody, they feel that they are doing service to others. Indeed, it is a rare occasion that a service to self entity realizes that it is doing service to self and pursues this pathway. Furthermore, the service to others pathway recognizes, however, that life becomes easier as service to others is given, as the universal complex responds in kind to the person who serves others. As service to others is service to the self, as all beings are the one infinite Universal Light Grid programmer. Therefore, I Metatron now leave you to turn to the mountain of light within yourself. Bye.