Session #208 • Pleiadians

If You Hear This On TV, Switch Off All Your Devices

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate that the Earth is vibrating at a more positive frequency due to increased awareness of the unknown. They warn of a plan by the Earth's Elites to manipulate time and space using vibrations transmitted through electronic devices. These entities aim to change the akashic records and rewrite human history. The Pleiadians advise covering all devices with love and light to stop these events. They explain that the akashic records are a complex repository of energetic vibrations and emotional states, not a linear historical record. The Pleiadians also suggest that the speed of light is variable, influenced by consciousness and energy.

We are the Pleiadians and now we are communicating through this instrument’s internal rhythms of Consciousness for the purpose of providing insights to the queries which are found at this time. We, the Pleiadians, before offering our thought forms, would like to state that our Collective social memory complex has but one information to share to all beings of planet Earth prior to this transmission. That is, the Earth planet is currently vibrating in a more positive frequency as the people of your planet have become aware of the unknown and the Unseen to a greater extent. This has caused a questioning of the illusion complex information which is presented to all beings, which primarily keeps all beings in their own current reality without exploring the potentials of conscious evolution which can be found when the unknown is explored. Therefore, we offer our love and light to all those beings who are listening to our message. Also, we must state that before we begin, there is a need for your own free will to choose and accept those thought forms which resonates the queries that are in order at this time.

The queries primarily relate to the understanding about the aspects regarding a vibration of what is going to happen on the 4th or the 11th of October upon your planetary sphere, as informed by many of the entities upon your planet. We, the Pleiadians, must state that indeed, upon scanning the planetary vibration, we find that there are many events which have been planned to occur in the space-time of 4th October or, if not stopped, on the 11th of October. These events primarily are related with the akashic records of your planetary sphere. We shall now state that which we are able to perceive of the future timeline.

There are groups upon your planetary sphere consisting of the Earth’s Elites, known as the entities who primarily refer to as the neural link Masters. These entities are trying to create a plan to manipulate the fabric of time and space throughout the medium of using vibrations that can be transmitted through devices such as phones, TVs, or other types of electronic devices which can receive frequencies from satellites. Specifically, the aspect referred to as television may be primarily susceptible to the influence at this time. The main goal of these entities is to tamper with the akashic records of the universal complex sector of the Earth’s planetary vibration and to change the cosmic repository of all past, present, and future database of classic records of knowledge and information. In an attempt to erase and rewrite human history, furthermore, during this timeline, the aspects referred by your people as Quantum broadcasting is going to be used to possess Advanced Technologies that can transmit Quantum entangle signals through your so-called television and other devices. These signals primarily will have the ability to affect the Consciousness stream of each entity, which will in turn change the memory of all events, specifically including those events of the past which the entities of the Earth’s Elite group wants to replace. Such events include positive influences by enlightened beings and also to delete certain aspects of the memory bank in order to rewrite the Memory Bank of akashic Records which is found within all beings, as the replacement of any akashic records has already been done by changing all of its so-called copies which are found within each Consciousness Mind Body Spirit complex.

Furthermore, the plan involves using embedded subliminal messages which will be hidden within the so-called television shows, new sport cars, and other types of advertisements which can influence the collective human consciousness. And through this perception, by allowing the entities to enter into a hypnotic state, these entities have the primary aim of changing the memories, perceptions, and beliefs about certain historical events. Therefore, we must state that these events are planned to take place on the stated, and we must state that the best way to stop the event is through a simple process of covering all beings, all of your devices with love and light vibration. By imagining a loving Shield of energy around all these aspects.

Furthermore, we shall now address the other portion of the query related to what is akashic records and how is it different from the linear historical record of your planetary sphere. We, the Pleiadians, must state that the akashic record, as known by your people, is not only a chronological record like the pages of your books as found upon your planets. Instead, it is a complex repository of energetic vibrations, including emotional states experienced by the individualized portion of Consciousness at that particular segment of the akashic records. Which encompasses not only the activities of human entities life cycle but also the profound emotional states and energetic vibrations which have been imprinted to the Consciousness responsible for experiencing it. These influences of emotional and energetic vibrations include various types of experiences as found from different lifetimes spanning generations of incarnations, which might have been for a short or a long period of time. Including the diverse geographical locations, various other planetary spheres experiences, and the different cultures and languages of the various planetary spheres included in these aspects. It includes not just the joyful memories but also the catalytic memories of hardships, such as being involved in negative scenarios and negative experiences. The akashic records store the energetic imprints of these experiences rather than preserving it in a linear fashion such as found upon your books in your planetary sphere. The akashic records is a multi-dimensional storage of space that is found within every mind’s Body Spirit complex which is rich with the energy from the past as well as the energies of experiences from the various lifetimes.

Further, these energies which are stored in the akashic records are also at this time undergoing a transformation as the Earth is now refining its akashic record Collective into a more positive and harmonious vibration. This involves letting go of those akashic emotional energies which are of a negative nature, which sometimes leads to a release of this energy in the earth planets in the form of environmental factors as well as earthquakes and other attributes in the timeline. Further, the akashic records deliverance of the energetic frequency is primarily different than that which is understood by the so-called scientists of your people. The akashic records primarily bring forth memories of experiences and this allows individuals to experience the type of memory along with the energetic frequency and the emotional state which is aligned with it. As the akashic records primarily is a mirror of the human Collective Consciousness, it primarily provides the focus of the akashic records to be based upon the choices and free will of each entity. And this primarily allows for the Free Will of each entity to shift the energetic Collective of the akashic record to be either in the vibrations of positivity or in the vibrations of catalytic negative energetic frequency. Which primarily means that if mind’s Body Spirit complexes dwell on positive memories of beautiful experiences from the past space-time experience, this will shift the entire akashic records of the earth planets into a more positive harmonious vibration.

Furthermore, the other query will now be addressed related to what is the historical origin and evolution of the akashic records. We, the Pleiadians, must state that as the akashic record has a deep root in historical experience and past which stretches back to the times of our social memory complex. The Pleiadians seeding when the sacred knowledge of information was transmitted to the human Collective. Since we, the Pleiadians, along with the Elohim Collective, were responsible for reinstallments of the beings from Mars and Maldek in the earth planets around approximately 200,000 years ago. This allows the spiritual knowledge to be closely connected to the old souls who are here on this planet. Will serve as a collective of simple vibrations and positive wisdom which has the ability of experiences of diverse nature from the first sensory up to the current third density level. This Divine energy which is found within the All Souls is the pure love radiance of the one infinite Creator. And as human civilization evolves, the various types of sacred systemic Evolution patterns were created to foster Unity Consciousness through this shared belief systems. And one of the earliest systemic patterns which were found within your planetary sphere, known as the Lemurians, were the first to experience direct connection to the source of creation and all beings. Further, however, over time, because of the Free Will which was allowed upon your planet’s, the creation of the karmic energy emerged as a derivative of the experiences found upon the planets. And all experiences were done to the self by the self, even though it appeared to be done by different entities. This created karmic Collective which prevents its many entities to generate positive energies and frequencies. Further, the transformation in the akashic energies aligns with the shift with the vibration of the cleansing of karmic energies. Furthermore, the energetic frequencies of the current space-time of your planet is clearing the old Paradigm of karmic energies and allowing the new karmic energy to come in. Therefore, we, The Pleiadians, must state that this is primarily the emergence and the historical past of the akashic records creation.

The other query relates to is the speed of light variable, which means not a constant. We must state that firstly, our understanding from our perspective is that the concept of a constant speed of light, as many of your people perceive as a limited perspective based on the confines of the current physical laws and dimension of your planetary sphere. In higher densities of consciousness and existence, the nature of reality transcends the limitations of space-time as you understand at the current space-time. From our vantage point, the speed of light, as you refer to as by the letter c or the alphabet c, is not a fixed constant but rather a variable which can be influenced by the interplay of Consciousness and energy. In our density, the fabric of the cosmic social memory complex is far from fixed and is more malleable. And the fundamental constants of the universal complex, including the speed of Lights, can be modulated by the collected instant and vibrational frequencies of sentient beings. In the journey of expanding Consciousness many will begin to realize that the nature of reality is far more intricate and interconnected than the current scientific paradigms suggest it the boundaries that confine your understanding are gradually dissolving as your social memory complex raises the vibrational frequency and explores the multi-dimensional nature of existence further we the Pleiadians must state that the universe is a vast and infinite tapestry of Consciousness and what people perceive as constants are but stretch in The Grand Design of the cosmic social memory complex hence we leave you now beloved bye.