Session #209 • Metatron

This Winter Is Going To be VERY Different...

Summary: Metatron, a magnetic consciousness, states that there is a need to understand the variable nature of one's own Divine Light grid consciousness. In October 2023, negatively oriented extraterrestrial beings plan to create an antimatter device to block sunlight from reaching the Earth, causing darkness. To prevent this, people must meditate and cover the location known as CERN with a shield of loving vibration energy. The spacecraft seen by the United States border patrol forces belonged to the grey social memory complex. Metatron explains that God, the universal light grid programmer, is found within oneself, and the pursuit of giving leads to becoming the one universal light grid programmer. A soul family transcends genetic relationships and consists of interconnected souls who choose to incarnate together for growth and learning across different dimensions and realities.

I am Metatron magntic Consciousness now communicating through this channel vibrations. And I, Metatron, have a simple purpose at this time. To spread the knowledge and understanding about the self and this reality. And to provide the highest possible variable nature of experiences within the sense of self. I, Metatron magnetic Consciousness, would like to state that before I answer the queries which are found at this time, there is a deeper need for each to understand the variable nature of their own Divine Light grid consciousness. Of the Divine Light grid programmer which is ever present within the self and ever guiding all beings. Therefore, the discernment of each being must be kept at the forefront when listening to our messages at this time.

I, Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Consciousness, would like to now answer the first query related with what is the next Looking Glass event for the month of your SpaceTime known as October 2023 and how to stop it. I, Metatron, must state that the coming month of October, which ensues the start of the winters in many parts of your planetary sphere, is bringing forth a new type of Looking Glass event. As we can sense from our Consciousness from the Angelic realm, that’s on the SpaceTime of 30th October.

An Alliance of negatively oriented extraterrestrial beings, which includes the Orion social memory complex, the other reptilian social memory complexes, and their counterparts, are planning to work together with the groups who are in coordination with these entities from the Human Social memory complex who have one basic purpose. And that purpose is to learn to use and manipulate the energy particles that are being created in the location known as CERN by your people. In the location of CERN, there are many of the so-called scientists who are oblivious that they are indirectly creating dark matter, which primarily can be used for the purpose of creating a device which can cause antimatter to be reflected in the Universal complex.

Furthermore, these negatively oriented and extraterrestrial beings primarily desire to collect and to create this device near the Earth’s planetary core. By working with other so-called entities of your Human Social memory complex who are of a negatively oriented nature. And they want to create a type of system of blocking the rays of sunlight from reaching the Earth planets. By using an antimatter device and cancelling all the rays of sunlight, thereby creating a shadow around the earth planets. Furthermore, we must state that if this plan is successful, the coming winter of your planetary sphere may be shrouded with darkness if it is not prevented.

Furthermore, I, Metatron, must state that to prevent this aspect, the people of your planet must firstly cover the location known as CERN with a shield of loving vibration energy. And in turn, cover the entire planet with the loving vibration shield of love. Which will protect the negative energies and prevents them from reaching inside the Earth’s Planetary core. Further, this will also prevent any type of negative entities entering the Earth planet. We must state that this must be done through the process of simply meditating as a group in that space time. To prevent this event from happening in the winter of your SpaceTime planetary illusion complex.

Therefore, the other query relates to what is the identity of the spacecrafts which were seen by the groups known as the United States border patrol forces. As recently released to them, people of your Social memory complex. We must firstly state that upon scanning the identity, we find that these spacecrafts belong to the grey social memory complex. Who primarily infringe inside the Earth’s planetary sphere. Inside the so-called circular shaped spacecrafts, there were two grey entities who were operating it. Trying to reach their destination which was located in the region far away from that area. Inside a certain type of system of enter into the inner earth, which was created around 1.5 miles away from the location wherein it was detected. Furthermore, their mission was to abduct human entities who were of the Rh-negative blood factor during that time. However, they were unsuccessful in this endeavor.

Therefore, now I, Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Consciousness, shall now answer the other query related with understanding God and where can God be found. I, Metatron, state that today we embark on a profound voyage. And it is vital to realize and state that there is no room for any negativity when such types of teachings about the Creator, the one universal grid programmer also known as God, is found upon your planets.

All of you who are part of the human social memory complex are in your own purpose to find and seek the nurturing balance of Enlightenment. Further, in the exploration of the intricate bonds between human entities and the spiritual complex, a deep connection is often found. Which sometimes causes misunderstanding. Further, this creates a lack of comprehension upon your planetary sphere. And sometimes the misunderstanding about the relationship of your own self with other beings. And of your own self with the Creator, the mother father God or the universal Light Grid programmer. Particularly amongst other entities who are of a similar seeking, find themselves in a state of uncertainty. As they find themselves reacting with queries about understanding how to communicate further.

The people of your planetary sphere are in search of answers regarding their true identity and purpose. In terms seeking guidance in the vibration of the planetary sphere. Certainly, the system of the illusion complex which is created in this 3rd density illusion reality can seem to be a puzzling system. However, today I, Metatron, shall state that approximately 87% of individualized portions of Consciousness on the earth planets are trying to connect themselves in some way to the systems of understanding. In the quest to find God.

Further, the search of finding this Divine connection is inherent to the human drive to discover something that is greater than the outside illusion complex. Therefore, I, Metatron, firstly state that the term God refers primarily to the one universal light grid programmer. Who is the caretaker of all of the universes in this current sector. Which means that one universal light grid programmer, as per our understanding, is the giver of life and consciousness to all existence. Up to the eighth density consciousness wherein the one universal light programmer or God resides. And being the most giver in this Universal complex, there cannot be another who gives more than the god of the universe.

Therefore, I, Metatron, must state that within your planetary sphere, there is also an understanding that the Creator’s Consciousness is found within the self. And indeed, it is true. And all beings who are currently in the level of third density are learning the lessons of giving love. Giving and providing service to others will lead to the development of the spiritual complex. To enter into even higher levels of densities. And will allow for the greatest envelopment of the spreading of love in the Universal complex. By the giving of love and by the giving of material possessions as well. This provides the activation of the God particles or the universal light grid programmers particles within the inner self. Which, in turn, provides the entity with abilities far beyond that of the third density. The ability to create matter and reality becomes a norm once entities practice these aspects of giving.

Indeed, as per our understanding from the Angelic realm, all beings who are practicing the art of being a giver. Which will ultimately lead to all beings becoming the one universal light grid programmer. Once the aspect of giving is mastered. Therefore, I, Metatron, state that upon your planetary sphere, there is aim confusion as regards with various systems of Creations which many people considered to be Gods. Furthermore, it is indeed true that all beings being gods or the source of all creations is the one infinite Creator.

It is entirely up to the individual entities of the planets to worship the creator. Either trying to worship the fourth density entities or fifth density entities or sixth density entities. Or the seventh and the eighth density, the one infinite Creator or the universal Light Grid programmer. However, we must say that the pursuit of finding the true essence of the Creator can only be found with the pursuit of the art of giving in your Earthly illusion complex. Therefore, at this time, furthermore, many of the entities upon the Earth planet perceive God within the confines of the third density reality.

And therefore, they create assumptions based on the divine nature of the one universal light grid programmer. Based on the understanding of the limited perceptions from our vantage point of exploration. I, Metatron, must state that the creator of the universe operates using the forces which are paramount in the Universal Consciousness. And that is light and love. The power of light is to create matter. And the power of love is to bind the lights together and forming various types of matter together. This means that the universal complex was created by gods or the one universal light grid programmer by using lights and love to bind the light particles in a certain pattern. Using love to create the universal complex of this current sector.

Therefore, I, Metatron, shall now address the other portion of the query related with what is soul family. From our understanding of Consciousness from the level of six density Consciousness, a soul family primarily transcends the conventional concepts found upon your planetary sphere, or family based on genetic relationships. Instead, it primarily pertains to a profound and interconnected group of Souls who share a unique and indescribable bond at the spiritual and energetic level within the cosmic tapestry of existence.

Spiritual entities emanate a unique vibrational frequency, and spiritual entities who resonate harmoniously with one another, like musical notes in a symphony, primarily find themselves together across the vastness of the universal complex. These Souls with a similar vibrational frequency form what many perceive as a soul family, and the members of a soul family primarily choose to incarnate together at different lifetimes and even amongst different dimensions or realities, and this choice is made to support each other’s growth, learning, and evolution.

Furthermore, since their journey is often found together in similar vibrations, they become companions in the journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Furthermore, the connection within a soul family is often found with love, understanding, and acceptance, which primarily transcends the limitations of the egoic mind and is based upon deeper recognition of the oneness of the souls. Divine interconnected with each other, Souls within a soul family often choose various roles in each other’s incarnation; sometimes they become teachers, and sometimes they become students. These roles shift and evolve as Souls progress in their cosmic journey.

Furthermore, since the interconnectedness of his soul family allows for accelerated growth and learning, challenges and obstacles are seen as opportunities for growth and are often chosen by Souls collectively to facilitate the spiritual evolution of the self. Furthermore, Souls family are not confined to a single dimension or density; they exist in multiple dimensions and densities, each operating in its own separate sector, allowing for interconnected experience of all life in the Universal complex.

Therefore, I, Metatron, magnetic Consciousness, having answered the queries, now leave you in the lights and love of the one universal light grid programmer. Turn to the mountain of light within yourself. Bye.