Session #211 • Pleiadians

Its Been Their Plan All Along! You Won't Believe It…

Summary: The Pleadians, a group connected to the Alcyone planetary sphere, warn against Agenda 24, a plan by the negatively oriented Lucifer social memory complex to trap human consciousness using technology like the Neuralink. They also clarify that the video of Bigfoot is a fake representation created by a human entity. Bigfoot entities are currently in the second density and originated from the planet Maldek. They were created through technological infusion and have since found restitution on Earth. Shifting into a higher level of alignment with the one infinite Creator can be achieved by becoming aware of the presence of consciousness within oneself.

We are the Pleadians now in communication through this channel through its internal connection which has occurred through the Consciousness rhythm of this entity who seeks to channel our Consciousness for the purpose of transmitting information sequences in the form of vibratory sound complexes of your planet. Therefore, we the Pleadians are now connected from our location in your understanding as that of the Alcyone planetary sphere. We formed part of the Pleiadian social memory complex, and we greet all who are present today to seek understanding of their incarnational rhythms and the nature of reality.

Furthermore, before we offer our thoughts and insights, we recommend all who shall come forth with the understanding of our communication to deal firstly within the inner heart of the self and to find a rhythm of balance and resonance. If there is balance and resonance in our sequence of information, which is related through this instrument, then there may be acceptance. Otherwise, they must be rejected using your free will.

The first query which has been presented by this instrument primarily relates to the understanding of a query which has been placed pertaining to what is Agenda 24. This is known by the people of your planet. We must firstly state that upon scanning the SpaceTime of your timeline of 2024 of the earth planetary sphere, the query relates to an agenda 24 which primarily is planned by the group known as the Lucifer social memory complex.

They are negatively oriented fifth density, later sub-octave social memory complexes who have planned the Agenda 24 wherein they want to use a pattern of revolutionizing the human consciousness and evolutionary journey by allowing and disguising their project to preserve and elevate human consciousness for eternity. However, the group has a divisive plan to work with many of the technologically oriented entities of your planet who are primarily of a negatively oriented nature in the SpaceTime. They aim to create a soul trapping technology which is able to trap the spiritual complex of entities into a digital realm. This primarily will operate if the entities of your planetary sphere accept devices such as known by your people as neural link and other devices which work on the facet of unlocking the factors of Consciousness and trapping the Consciousness into a sector or memory bank within the device system. This, in turn, prevents the Consciousness from releasing itself after the death of such an entity, and instead, the silver cord, instead of being attached with the entity’s bodily complex, will become attached with the device. This primarily creates a soul trap, and the Soul becomes trapped in the device primarily until it is released by The Lucifer social memory complex.

Therefore, we must state that the planning of these entities is to conduct this in a rapid manner as per the future ejection timeline in the year of 2024. We, the Pleadians, are sharing this message as a warning and as awareness for those who shall find the right time to let go or not accept the technology known as neural link or any type of device which is intrusive inside the bodily complex. This may cause the soul to be trapped inside the device for extended periods of time. This is primarily the Agenda 24.

The other portion of the query relates primarily to the understanding about what is the truth about Bigfoot and is the so-called video which the instrument has seen a real Bigfoot or not. We must state firstly that we, the Pleadians, have scanned the vibration, and we find that the so-called video in question is not of a real Bigfoot but a representation of a costume which was created by a human entity. Since there is a so-called location nearby the area wherein the video was taken, the location creates costumes and provides various entities the opportunities to wear such costumes and camp around various locations. This company is named by your people’s vibratory sound complex as Sasquatch camping. Furthermore, we must state indeed that this is not a real representation of the Bigfoot type of creatures but a fake representation.

The other query relates to what is the evolutionary journey of the Bigfoot type of creatures and the types of Bigfoots. We, the Pleadians, must firstly state that the Bigfoot entities primarily are currently in the density of second density, seventh sub-octave, and they are primarily seeking to graduate into the third density. We must state indeed that these entities primarily are found in a different dimension which is not overlapping the current illusion complex of the Earth planetary sphere. Furthermore, we must state that many times the visualizations of the Bigfoot type creatures primarily occur since there is a temporal fracture in the dimensional system of the universal complex. This provides the sensation and the visualization of the Bigfoot type creatures by the peoples of your planet. This furthermore also allows a representation of visualization to be captured by many of the entities upon your planet.

The Bigfoot creatures can be segregated into three types. The first type is the type of Bigfoot entities which are unable to fully use their bodily complexes and the technological systems which have been enhanced inside their bodily complexes. The second type of Bigfoot entities are able to use the technological advancements which have been infused inside the Bigfoot creatures for the purpose of camouflaging and entering into different temporal dimensions and explorations of various other dimensional realities. The other, the final third type, primarily uses the bodily complex for one purpose, and that purpose is to alleviate Karma which has been collected in the various Incarnation Cycles.

We must state indeed that firstly, the Bigfoot entities have their origination in one of the timelines in the first density Consciousness from the planet known by your people as the Maldek planetary sphere, of which remains only the asteroid belt. We must state indeed that the Bigfoot type creatures were found in the first density around 981,000 years ago in the planet of Maldek in one of the SpaceTime experiences wherein they were able to experience and learn the lessons of first density Consciousness. And as they were learning the lessons of first density Consciousness for approximately 1,800 years, they were then able to graduate into the second density.

However, in the planets of Maldek at that space time, the Maldekian entities were extremely technologically advanced, and the third density Malian entities were able to perform experiments of technological infusement of the second density Bigfoot creatures with the technology that they had developed. This is being performed on your planet, wherein many second density animal life forms are infused with technology for the purpose of exploration of Technology.

There was one such experimentation which happened in Maldek which resulted in the creation of the Bigfoots which had infused memory bank and the ability of entering into space-time fabric which can manipulate and enter into various dimensions. Also, it had the ability of manipulating the illusion complex with the technological advancement that had been infused by the Maldekians. The Bigfoot type creatures were, at that time, used as soldiers in the Maldek War, which led to the destruction of Maldek planetary sphere.

Furthermore, we must indeed state that we, the Pleadians, find that the Bigfoot type creatures primarily have learned many lessons from that experience. After the destruction of the planet of Maldek, they found their restitution inside many of the cave systems of your Earthly planetary sphere, which are far away from the mind, body, spirit complex activities of your people. However, most of the Bigfoots exist in a different dimension which is unable to be perceived by your reality of Mind space. Furthermore, we must indeed state that we, the Pleadians, also find that the Bigfoot entities many times are able to enter into the Earth planetary sphere and incarnate for the purpose of karma alleviation. They have many times karmic activities which have to be alleviated and balanced by the action of service to other Bigfoot entities as well as learning to become self-aware. Therefore, this is the truth about the Bigfoot entities that are found upon your planet.

Furthermore, we shall now address the other portion of the query which relates to a method of shifting into the illusion complex and integrating with the one infinite Creator’s presence. We must firstly state that there is one simple attribute and process of shifting into a higher level of alignment with the one infinite Creator. This shift can occur through a simple process of becoming aware of the process of awareness within the sense of self.

This means that once each entity is able to firstly become aware of the presence or Consciousness which acts as a screen upon which thought forms, images, and various types of other attributes can occur, much like a screen wherein aspects can be written. However, many entities upon the planetary sphere confuse the content inside the screen to be themselves. However, they are not the content inside the screen but the screen itself. They are indeed pure Consciousness only attached to their particular bodily complex. This awareness can be found by focusing on the location of the head area of your bodily complex and by becoming aware of the Consciousness screen that is streaming in that location prior to any thought form, prior to any images in the mind’s complex, and prior to any voice in the mind complex. This screen or space of Consciousness is present and the awareness that is ever present. This awareness is the awareness that was granted by the one infinite Creator, which is attached through the silver cord to the bodily complex.

Those entities upon your planet who are able to become aware of this awareness will unite with the presence of the one infinite Creator and will be able to experience the shift in the illusion complex. Furthermore, this will allow the situations upon your planet to be viewed from a higher level of integrity and unification with the one infinite Creator’s presence. This will alter the fabric of your societal complex right before your eyes complex. Furthermore, this will also remove any type of drawbacks of attachment with only the bodily complex type, which is the primary distortion that prevents many entities upon your planet from embracing a higher truth of unity of all beings.

This practice of focusing on this pattern of awareness is the first step which will leads towards entry into Unity Consciousness and the shift into a higher fourth density illusion complex reality will begin. Therefore, we, the pleadians, must state firstly that we send lights and love to all those beings who have listened to our message to this point since the messages were infused with light and love to allow you to experience a higher level of Consciousness and the message is infused with light love to shift your Consciousness to a higher level which may allow you to feel connected with your divine presence. And we the pleadians now leave you. Bye