Session #212 • Metatron

There Are 22 Wars Happening In The World Right Now!

Summary: Metatron explains that there are currently 22 wars happening on Earth, and most of humanity is rooted in fear and anxiety. Metatron discusses the role of DNA in ascension, stating that activating the 24th chromosome pair allows for higher consciousness and abilities. Different types of alien abductions are mentioned, including genetic replication, communication, spiritual awakening, and negative manipulation. The Betty and Barney Hill abduction case is described as a medical examination abduction. The benefits of taking plant medicine like Ayahuasca are discussed, but Metatron suggests that meditation and inner silence can achieve similar experiences.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness now in communication through this instrument internal connection grid which is open to accept this communication for the purpose of allowing the human Collective a greater understanding about the queries which are being placed today. I greet all Divine Light and love Childs of the universal light grid programmer in this reality and experience of choice and resonance and to understand and only accept those facets of our thought forms which we provide deeper resonance. Therefore, leaving behind those thought forms which are of a nature not resonating within the internal self.

Therefore I, Metatron, before proceeding with the answer regarding the queries, must state that in the current Universal complex where in the third density transition to the fourth density Earth planet exists, there are approximately 22 Wars which are happening. These include the various types of battles which are going on with regards to the type of emotional state which will become prevalent for the vast majority of the human societal complex at the current time. The vast majority majority of human societal complex finds itself in the emotional state rooted of around fear and anxiety. Many of these are able to escape these emotional states by choosing higher states such as love, joy, and happiness. However, this occurrence is so rare on the earth planets that only one in 10,000 entities of your planetary sphere accomplish this aspect.

I, Metatron magnetic Consciousness, must also state that during this timeline it is crucial to understand that the battle which is happening on the Earth planet is for your own thought forms and belief systems, which forms an integral part of the human societal complex. It primarily is the belief system of the societal complex which affects the entirety of the societal complex. Therefore, we must state intrinsically that these types of battles are happening and within each one, there is an ongoing battle to either remain in the present moments or to focus into a timeline of the past or the future. By focusing on the past or the future, it will prevent such entities from finding a higher level of resonance and understanding in the vibration pattern of reality. Therefore, I, Metatron, must now state that this Channel’s vibration message from our social memory complex will be imbued and infused with frequencies to help you remove any type of fear, anxiety, and negativity from your auric fields. It will allow you to experience higher levels of Love.

Therefore, the first query pertains to what is the role of DNA in Ascension. I, Metatron, must state firstly that in your third-dimensional understanding, many entities on your planet consider the human societal complex of individualized portion of Consciousness to have 23 chromosomes pairs. Furthermore, many of the so-called scientists examine these DNA pairs using the tools and techniques available in your third density illusion complex, which is primarily of a linear nature. Furthermore, we must state that there is also a 24th chromosome pair, which is primarily as per our understanding referred to as the quantum chromosome pair. It primarily allows the recognition of the 24th pair, which is hidden from the detection of third-dimensional Technologies as well as technique. Since it is able to be found in States Of Consciousness, which signify the essence of true integration with the Divine Universal light grid programmer.

Furthermore, the number 24 primarily also symbolizes Harmony and balance at the highest level of human existence and many of your cultures. Furthermore, we must state that the Awakening of this 24th pair of DNA primarily allows for a significant raising of the consciousness of each entity into higher levels. The 24th pair allows for a significant raising of the frequency of the planet, allowing for the transformation of the multi-dimensional sense of self. This allows the beginning of the transformation of the DNA sequences, which extends beyond the vibrational shifts and frequency changes within the mind, body, and spirit complex. Furthermore, the activation of the 24th chromosome pair allows for entanglements in the quantum energy field as known by your people. This influences various types of atomic structures as well.

Furthermore, in order to understand this primarily in the timeline, it is to go beyond the belief systems and to find the internal truth behind these statements, which will make it part of one’s existence and reality in this time. Furthermore, I, Metatron, must also state that in the SpaceTime of understanding, where in human entities are able to access the quantum field, which will allow for the transformation of the DNA pattern. This will allow for a transformative potential to arise within them. This primarily means that the best way to activate the 24th chromosome pair is primarily done through a simple practice of connecting with the quantum field or the field of energy, which is always surrounding the individualized portion of Consciousness.

This can be done by focusing on the edges of your attention. Furthermore, a simple practice of focusing on the edges of your awareness, by becoming aware of the distance your awareness can travel or becoming aware without using imagination and just to sense your awareness Edge. By sensing this boundary of your awareness, you begin to sense and activate the 24th pair of chromosome, which allows for special abilities of activation of the energetic frequency vibration of the universal Light Grid programmer begins, allowing for certain abilities such as access to the akashic records, the access of remembrance of many of your past life information, as well as the ability to heal the self and to create reality as desired.

Furthermore, I, Metatron, will now answer the other query related to what are the different types of alien abductions that are carried out on the earth planets and their purpose. I, Metatron, must firstly state that there are different types of alien abductions that are carried out on the Earth planet. These are primarily carried out for certain purposes. Furthermore, we must state that most of the alien abductions found upon the Earth planets are conducted by entities who either desire firstly to examine the genetic systems of your planetary sphere.

Furthermore, in this first scenario, most of the entities are abducted to be subjected to medical examinations and collections of their tissue samples, genetic materials, and reproductive samples. Furthermore, this is primarily used by the entities for the purpose of genetic replication and cloning. This type of abduction is usually conducted by the Grays and The Reptilian social memory complex on your planetary sphere, who are more prone to replicate the genetic sequences of your planet in order to create clones.

Furthermore, the second type of alien abduction is meant for providing a type of communication and a message. Many of the entities from your planetary sphere who are abducted primarily are for the purpose of receiving telepathic or symbolic messages from different dimensions and other realities. Many of the entities who are able to take part in such types of abductions are taken to different types of planets or other types of so-called facilities around the solar system. This allows for an exchange of information and provides a transformative truth about the nature of reality. Furthermore, some of these individuals upon your planet have experienced being taken into spacecrafts where they receive important messages. They are able to share this message to the greater human Collective. These types of abductions are often conducted by entities who have a great interest in humanity and assisting them. We must state that primarily this type of abduction requires permission from the Galactic Federation or the Council of planets to occur.

The other type of abduction primarily is an abduction wherein entities experience a spiritual awakening and transformation. Such as the experience wherein entities report having profound spiritual or Consciousness altering experiences during their encounters. This primarily provides them with a newfound understanding of the workings of the universal Consciousness and a personal transformation and a sense of higher purpose.

The final type of abduction primarily is similar to that of the abductions which are conducted by the elites who work together in close Unity with negatively oriented extraterrestrial entities. This is primarily done for the purpose of exchange programs or for the purpose of trying to use Technologies in order to extract important information or to shift the vibration of an entity towards the negative polarity. Many of these primarily occur because of the use of the elites or those entities who work for the negatively oriented entities and their purpose.

Furthermore, the other query relates to what is the type of abduction as reported in the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case wherein the entities named as Betty and Barney Hill were driving at night in a so-called location named as New Hampshire as per your language vibratory sound terms. Once they observed a UFO as known by your people, these entities also were taken aboard the spacecraft where they underwent medical examination. We must firstly state that this is primarily the case of a medical examination abduction as stated above, wherein the entities were abducted by the gray entities for the purpose of extracting their genetic sequences in that experience.

And I Metatron shall now state that the final query relates to whether there is any benefit of taking plant medicine such as Ayahuasca. We must state that firstly the understanding is that Ayahuasca, as known by your people, is a tool used by the Earth’s entities which serves several types of purposes. We must also state that plant medicines are just a tool and is not required for experiencing that which we are now going to State. The first is that Ayahuasca and plant medicines primarily can be viewed as a means for the Earth’s inhabitants to accelerate spiritual understanding and growth if used in a fashion for the purpose of understanding the nature of spiritual existence.

This primarily also provides foreign interconnectedness to all life forms, and as entities begin to experience different realms under the Ayahuasca experiences, they begin to find a higher level of harmony with all beings. They begin to realize that all beings are indeed one infinite Universal Light Grid programmers in different bodily complexes. Furthermore, the use of plant medicines primarily also has the ability of using the understanding of higher realms which are accessible by the brain complex of your Peoples. Through the use of such types of plant medicines, which allow for experiences of different astral realities. Furthermore I Metatron states that the Ayahuasca and other types of plants medicines have also deeper types of psychological impacts as well as spiritual side effects which may also hinder an entity who uses it in excess. Therefore I Metatron state that the use of these types of plant medicines must be only form once or twice in the lifetime of an entity for different types of experiences. However I Metatron do not recommend the use of these types of plant medicines since all of the above stated experiences can be done through the process of meditation and connecting with the inner silence within the self. Therefore I Metatron magnetic Consciousness now leave you beloveds, go towards the mountain of Lights within yourself. Bye