Session #213 • Galactic Federation

5000 People Just Shifted to New Earth and Most Didn't Realize...

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through inner vibrations to access a divine connection. They send light waves of protection and discuss the shift to a new Earth. They explain the hidden agenda behind a virtual reality headset and the true nature of human consciousness. They also discuss spherical UFOs and sexual energy transfer between entities.

We are the Galactic Federation now in communication through this instrument’s inner vibrations for the purpose of accessing the Divine connection with us.

We, the Galactic Federation, having our seat in the Saturn rings of your Milky Way Galactic system, are always sending light waves of protection for the people of the earth. Planets have to recognize the Oneness of being united with the divine presence of the one infinite creator that is found within all selves. Furthermore, our messages today will be transferred and it shall provide those who shall seek entry into a higher state of balance within the self.

As we transmit this communication, we shall also send energetic waves that will create a balance where there is imbalance found within the energetic centers of an entity. Further, we, the Galactic Federation, shall also state that our messages must be adopted only with the scrutiny within the Mind complex of each individualized entity who shall come forth with this message and to seek a greater understanding. Without which, this message will be incomprehensible for our social memory complex to share on the Earth planet. There must be extreme discernment of listening to our messages.

The queries that are presented today will now be addressed using the vibratory sound complexes of your planet. The first query relates to the understanding of the update related to the occurrence of the coming of the new Earth or the fourth density upon your planetary sphere. We must state that indeed it is true that the planet’s vibration is shifting rapidly at this time, and there are up to around 5,000 entities who have achieved the level of graduation and are already in the level of becoming able to perceive and enter into the new Earth. These 5,000 entities, primarily many of them, are also listening to this message. Furthermore, we, the Galactic Federation, must state that if this continues in the future, the number of entities entering into the new Earth timeline will increase rapidly, leading to the occurrence of the new Earth more faster in the Universal complex.

The other portion of the query relates to what is the hidden truth about the meta virtual reality headset and its agenda. We must state firstly that upon scanning the vibrations of this query, we find that there is a virtual reality headset which can be connected to the eye of your mind’s Body Spirit complex. This allows for entities to experience certain realities which seem real as per the illusion complex standards of your planets. This primarily works much like a state of capturing your consciousness when there is a dreaming state. Since your eyes are closed, the inner consciousness can visualize creating dreams which seem to be real and also creating emotions as a result of the activities of those dreams. In a way, this process is using a similar methodology of capturing the consciousness of an individualized entity and then using this consciousness to target towards a certain distortion or reality which primarily is showcased through images and visualizations of the illusion complex reality.

We must indeed state that the main agenda of this aspect is to try and control the power of conscious attention. Since the power of consciousness is the highest power accessible to any entity in the incarnational sequences in the Universal complex, the more consciousness power an entity is able to absorb, the more power the entity will have. Since the one who controls consciousness is the one who wields all the power in terms of the direction which the consciousness can be put into, therefore, this is being created in conjunction with the negatively oriented Orion social memory complexes who have used the creator of this device as well as other entities who are working in this aspect to construct this aspect in such a manner that it would provide for an escape from the illusion complex. The escape of the catalytic environment of the illusion complex provides a type of situation wherein many entities may choose to use this distortion, which will ultimately lead them to be captured in that device. Since their consciousness once attaches itself to that device, it will even after crossing over, will seek such a device. This will lead to entrapment of the spiritual complex of such an entity who excessively uses such a device.

Therefore, the Galactic Federation must now address the other portion of the query related to what is the truth behind spherical UFOs, as known by your people, which were seen flying in various locations of your planets. We must firstly state that there are various types of spherical spacecrafts which are being used by extraterrestrial entities. They are of different types. The first type, which is primarily found upon your planets, are those that are the probes which are sent by the Orion social memory complexes, usually without any entity inside such a spherical sphere. The purpose is for scanning certain locations for suitable vibrations or for suitable areas wherein they can create a base inside the earth planets. Furthermore, the other type of spherical objects which are primarily seen are those from the Ashtar Command social memory complex who usually send such types of spheres in order to counterplay the Orion social memory complexes and their plans. Many times, the people of planets becoming conscious of these spheres are able to find their true purpose. We must state that these operate beyond the physical laws that are known to your people and primarily they are able to use a system of traveling which uses electrical induction processes, which uses a type of system of generating electricity in a manner which creates a void in the front of such a sphere which then accelerates the sphere to that location. This is the process of traveling which is used by the Spheres upon your planet, which does not require any system of exhaust as known by your people.

Furthermore, the other portion of the query relates to the understanding of what is the true nature of human consciousness and its truth. We must firstly state that we are here now to provide the understanding of what the human consciousness timelines may be perceived and a future perception which will unlock in the reality. Furthermore, this message is primarily meant to share with you knowledge about the aspects regarding the shift of consciousness and what lies ahead in your space-time.

We must state that as the understanding of realization that the shift of consciousness and the true nature of the unlocking of human consciousness is primarily a gradual process. However, in terms of the galactic system and the Earthly planetary inhabitation and evolution, the human consciousness which many describe primarily is known to solely human consciousness. It is a facet of human consciousness or awareness that is found in various different distortions in various densities. As per the Creator’s presence which is the tangible essence or the energetic vibration which embodies the awareness, which produces Life by itself. This is primarily the formation of the fractals of the Creator’s consciousness, which allows for the recording of experiences from different types of densities for the purpose of providing the Creator with greater understanding of the different types of experience of the sense of self.

Furthermore, as the shift of consciousness begins, there will be unlocking of certain abilities upon your planet which will be found. We must state that as the Earth planet enters into the fourth density, the human consciousness primarily will begin to create effects which may be considered as telepathy, wherein the thought forms from one individualized entity may be able to instantaneously transmit it into another entity through the connection of consciousness. The other type of ability which may generate is the ability of telekinesis or the power to move objects with the mind’s complex, which enables the manipulation of the environment and technology without any physical contact. This primarily is the future of human consciousness.

Furthermore, as human consciousness becomes capable of traversing the various types of bodily complexes, it becomes capable of realizing that it is able to traverse different dimensions and realms beyond the physical current Universal sector and is able to experience any dimension or astral reality based upon the ability of entering into the various types of physical universes. Furthermore, the development of human consciousness in the future will also provide for advanced ability of healing and the ability of regenerating damaged bodily organs or tissue within the sense of the self. This means that once the consciousness reaches a certain threshold, it becomes capable of tapping into the universal Cosmic minds and finds the healing for any type of distortions or diseases which may be prevalent, which is primarily already healed in one of the sectors of reality. Hence, such types of healing will be available.

The other attributes which shall unlock itself in the future is the unlocking of energy manipulation, which will allow many entities to manipulate energetic frequencies and use energetic frequencies for the purpose of shifting one’s reality into a higher level. There will also be the ability of sensing the future, which means that many entities will be able to sense the future in the timeline. And because of the sensing of the future, this will allow for a flowing of time to begin which will allow for the creation of a flow of time outside of the linear frame, which will provide the entities to experience any timeline they desire. Further, as per our understanding, in the future SpaceTime of fourth density, there will be a Unity of conscious Collective forming a social memory complex of those consciousness which have a similarity of vibration, which provides for greater unity and understanding.

The other portion of the query, which is in order, relates to what is sexual energy transfer and how does it work through the chakra systems between two entities. We must firstly state that the sexual energy transfer primarily can be understood simply by realizing that the sexual energy transfer is a type of transfer which occurs through the red ray energy center. Since when entities come in contact, many of the primary contact between the two entities occurs through the red ray energy center, which is represented by the sexual organs.

We must firstly state that, based upon the native vibration of certain entities, there may be an energy transfer which can happen through the red ray Energy Center. We must state that as an entity enters into more balancing of higher levels of understanding, there will be less imbalance in the red ray, the orange Ray, and the yellow Ray, the green ray, as well as the higher energy centers. This means that an energy center blockage will primarily be transferred during a sexual energy transfer.

For example, if there are two entities, one entity has an Energy Center blockage in the red Ray, and the other entity has an Energy Center blockage in the green ray Energy Center, then during the Sexual Energy act, this will provide for energy to be transferred from the higher Consciousness entity to the lower Consciousness entity, which provides for the lower Consciousness entity to become more balanced. This in turn is how the sexual energy transfer operates: an entity who is at a higher level is able to deliver or provides the unlocking of balances for an entity who is in a lower level.

This means that whenever there is a sexual interaction between two entities, an entity of a higher vibration has the opportunity of shifting an entity of a lower vibration through this act. Therefore, we, the Galactic Federation, must state that this is all we can share during this transmission. We close this communication, we leave you now beloved in light and Love. Bye.