Session #214 • Pleiadians

This 5000 Year Law Is Now in Full Force

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate through channeling messages to aid humanity. They discuss the activation of the law of mirroring graduation on Earth, which allows entities to graduate by assisting others. They warn of a planned event in November where negative entities will use the Haarp system to induce seismic activities and potentially cause the Yellowstone super volcano to explode. They suggest sending protective energy of love and light to prevent this. The Pleiadians also explain the concept of reincarnation and its purpose in learning and evolution. They reveal their involvement in the creation of Neanderthals and their role in protecting Earth during a cosmic conflict, which led to their extinction.

We are the Pleiadians and we communicate now through this instrument’s internal heart at this time for the purpose of providing understanding and insight for the entity. Must remember only to accept and remember those patterns of thought forms which resonate deeply with its inner heart. It must leave behind those thoughts which primarily provide a greater intensification of the understanding of the true nature of self, which is found within all beings who primarily are seeking the lights of infinite intelligence of the one infinite Creator in their incarnational cycle in the Earth planet. Furthermore, we the Pleiadians communicate from our location in the planets of Alcyone in the Pleiadians star system. We are here to conduct our thought forms in the form of channeling messages through these instruments for aiding the human societal complex at this time.

We must firstly give an update regarding the new aspect which has come upon your planets recently. In the SpaceTime of around October, there was a type of meeting which was held between the galactic Federation and the Council of planets. They have now activated, as per our knowledge, the 5,000-year law of mirroring graduation which is now activated on the Earth planets. This was previously activated at the time of the Agarthan social memory complex graduation and its main purpose is to provide entities with an opportunity for them to learn the advanced method of serving others will lead to serving the self. This primarily means that now the remaining periods of the portion of six years on your planet up to the point of 2030 December 21st is the activation period of the law of mirroring graduation. This means that this will primarily operate in the planet from now on. It means that if an entity is able to assist another entity to achieve graduation, the entity who assisted it will also automatically graduate as well as receive extra vibratory alignments towards even higher levels. This means that an entity who assists as many as possible by sharing the understanding of the knowledge sequences which leads to graduation will lead the entity who shall share such types of distortions and assist others into gaining even more advanced conscious alignment to towards even higher densities based upon the number of individuals it has assisted in the graduation. We must indeed state that now this law is fully enforced in the Earth planets. Hence, a simple process of focusing on sharing the messages about love vibration will primarily be of greater aid in the assistance of graduation for those who seek graduation at this time. Therefore, the other portion of the query relates primarily with the understanding about the aspects which are placed related with what is the Looking Glass event for the month of November of your SpaceTime and how can it be stopped.

We the Pleiadians must firstly state that upon scanning the Looking Glass artifact, we indeed find that the month of November primarily has a type of event which is being planned by the negatively oriented entities. They primarily have planned to create and conspire with other negatively oriented entities, primarily those belonging on the Earth planets who have desires to control others. These entities primarily are trying to use the aspect known as Haarp or high frequency active aural research program in order to create waves of vibrations which may lead to the Yellowstone super volcano, as known by your people, to explode. Furthermore, we must state that the Haarp system will be induced with seismic activities and it will be targeted towards the Yellowstone location of the Super Volcano by negatively induced entities. This primarily, upon scanning the timeline, is to be done on the SpaceTime of around 28th of November, as per the SpaceTime information which is generated by the Looking Glass artifact. This may primarily lead to volcanic eruptions and seismic Tremors and an alteration of the weather patterns on a global scale in the Earth planets. We must state that the Haarp has capabilities of weather modification and manipulating of atmospheric conditions to amplify the waves of imbalance towards the Yellowstone potential eruption in the volcanic region. We must also state that this is primarily, upon scanning the Looking Glass artifacts, being conducted upon the directions of the Orion social memory complex. The best way to prevent this would be to send protective energy of love and light towards the location of harp in a meditative process by connecting with infinite intelligence which will prevent this aspect from occurring.

Furthermore, we shall now address the other query which is presented which relates with what are some of the intriguing revelations and unknown attributes about reincarnation which occurs in the various densities. Furthermore, we the Pleiadians must state that within the intricate workings of the illusion complex as a human mind’s Body Spirit complex, there exists profound connection which is capable of transcending boundaries. The connection exists in the aspect known as reincarnation. Furthermore, we must state that the various facets of reincarnation primarily are those aspects which are not yet fully understood by the people of your planet. We must state that there is one fundamental truth, and that is as evolution into higher levels of consciousness occurs, also the mechanisms which are related with the workings of the universal complex evolve. And as the planet ascends into higher levels of consciousness, there will be an increased luminosity of the lights of the one infinite Creator which will allow the old souls a new array of tools which can offer access to the magnificence of the lights which is found within each Mind Body Spirit complex. Furthermore, we must state that each of your spiritual complex endures the journey throughout eternity until unification at the eighth density level with the one infinite Creator. There are many types of expressions which traverse in and out of the Earthly illusion complex which primarily are experienced as past lives or the cycle of reincarnation as known by your people.

We must firstly state that the vibration of understanding of reincarnation primarily is a framework which is nurtured by love. Since there is reincarnation, there is an opportunity given to each individualized portion of consciousness to learn from the various unlearned lessons and catalysts can be programmed as per their own understanding. The essence of reincarnation primarily serves as an energetic frequency which allows for the Earth planets to serve as a school of learning of energy manipulation, of catalyst understanding, of emotional control wherein the interplay between the lights and the dark forces creates a greater orchestration of life on the Earth planets. Each entity who has arrived on this planetary sphere is primarily chosen to incarnate at this time and the most compassionate and nurturing manner to further the education of the self within this Cosmic Universal School. Furthermore, the reincarnation system which operates here is primarily found to be different and is catered for the Earthly experience. We must state that the reincarnation cycle may be different than other star systems such as in one of the star systems in the Andromeda Galactic system. The reincarnation process occurs on a daily basis which means that if a soul complex inhabits one physical body in the morning time and the daytime is spent by the soul complex, however, while entering the Sleep State there may be reincarnation into another bodily complex. This is, however, a much easier type of lifestyle since there is no fear of loss and the lessons learned are not of a drastic level. In the Earth planets, the reincarnation cycle makes it difficult since each entity who reincarnates has its soul complex bound to the physical complex for a longer period of timeline of around the entire lifetime which creates systems of attachments, fear, and other emotional states which are primarily native to the Earth’s school which makes it extremely difficult for many entities to fully understand the fabric of the Earth reincarnation cycle. Furthermore, the journey into the Earthly School spans through different levels of awareness and each reincarnation opportunity allows for advancing of the evolution of the self and learning the lessons of higher density. Furthermore, this also provides for a diverse experience of learning about the various bodily complexes and environments. We must also state that reincarnation on the Earth planets is primarily designed for the purpose of teaching love. In the Earth planets, the ultimate aim is to teach all about love and compassion, ultimately providing each with the opportunity of graduating into the fourth density planets.

Furthermore, we shall now address the other query related to the aspect regarding who were the Neanderthals and their sole evolutionary journey. We must state that in the cosmic expanse of the universal complex millions of years ago, we the Pleiadians from the Star cluster of the Pleiades embarked on a cosmic quest around the SpaceTime of 4,000, we correct this instrument around 450,000 years ago. We ventured to the Earth planetary sphere using our technology and wisdom which was available at the time. We carefully designed the Neanderthals bodily complex who were infused with intelligence and with our own Pleiadians DNA. As we observed, the Neanderthals emerged approximately 400,000 years ago in the ancient location of your planet known as Europe and parts of Asia. Furthermore, we guided their developments, also providing them celestial knowledge and providing them innate connection to the cosmos and the Earth illusion complex. Furthermore, however, during that time, the Nibiru Orion social memory complex was primarily not able to allow us to freely nurture the Neanderthals. This led to a cosmic conflicts which erupted between the Nibiru Orion social memory complex who primarily wanted to control Earth and its inhabitants. During this time, the Neanderthals linked to the wisdom of our social memory complex and awakened to the cosmic battle in the social societal Universal complex. Furthermore, the Neanderthals were during this time able to connect with our wisdom which allowed them to use the Earth’s energetic core to a higher level which even was a surprise to our social memory complex. During this period of cosmic conflicts, the alliance and unity between the Neanderthals and the Earth planet itself echoed throughout the universal complex as they were able to assist and provide alliance during the battle of the Nibiru Orion and our social memory complex. The Neanderthals prevented the Orion from entering the Earth planets and indeed it was done by sacrificing their own social hierarchy and physical bodily complex. This was a great sacrifice by the Neanderthals which led to the extinction of the species which led to the protection of the Earth planet which is still remembered by many other Cosmic brothers and sisters in the various star systems. And we the Pleiadians now leave you beloveds, Bye.