Session #215 • Metatron

It's Happening and Will Effect Everyone on Earth...

Summary: Metatron, a magnetic consciousness, communicates through this channel to provide insights on various topics. He explains that angelic beings are real and are showing themselves to humanity during this time of transition to the new Earth. Angelic social memory complexes communicate with humans through dreaming, feelings, verbal communication (channeling), symbolism, and by incarnating as humans or animals. Metatron also discusses the new pathways of awakening, emphasizing the need to release old patterns and attachments to enter higher levels of consciousness. He concludes by explaining the concept of the fifth sun, which represents the vibratory rhythm of the sun entering the fifth cycle and supporting the manifestation of a fourth density planet.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness now in communication through this channel’s vibratory systems at this time. I Metatron magnetic Services magnetic Consciousness and connected through the Divine consciousness of the universal Light Grid programmer for the basic purpose of advancement and the learning of the lessons which are found within the vibratory patterns of the sense of self. I Metatron must state that indeed it is vitally important for all beings to recognize, firstly, that this communication is meant to provide an intrinsic focus and understanding within the vibratory patterns of the timeline and to provide a greater sense of understanding and Alignment in the nature of reality within this Distortion of lights. All entities who shall come in contact with our message today must understand discernment as an important facet which must be followed. Therefore, the first query which is presented today relates primarily with a so-called video, as referred to by the people of the Earth planet, wherein the so-called Angelic being concerned with the taking or escorting of the Souls which have crossed over, also known as the angel of death, was spotted. We must indeed state that this is a real example of how Angelic beings primarily perform their activities. Furthermore, I Metatron must state that this video is a clear example of the aspects that, at this timeline, many of these Angelic beings are showing themselves up to humanity. Transition to the new Earth will allow for more love and lights and transformative energies to allow for entities to sense the Unseen Realms, which provides for human entities to become capable of sensing Angelic beings around the world. I Metatron must state that there are Angelic beings who are working all around the earth planets, trying to assist Humanity in their process of transition. Furthermore, the other query relates to how do the Angelic social memory complexes communicate with human entities?

I Metatron must state that there are many methods, however, the most prevalent methods shall now be shared. The first one is many Angelic beings communicate primarily through the states of dreaming, wherein many entities are able to recognize communication with Angelic beings, which appear as beings of light. This primarily happens when the state of awareness in the dream becomes heightened and an entity is able to dislocate its spiritual complex from the physical bodily and mind complex, thereby becoming capable of accessing the Unseen Realms and enter into an astral realm, wherein the visualization primarily permits form the sensing of a higher dimensional experience in the time. Therefore, the communication can also occur through the dreaming State, as known by your people. Furthermore, the other Angelic social memory complexes communicate through the feelings and physical sensations. Many times, the Angelic beings primarily are able to communicate through the dimension of feelings, which are the feelings that generate from the lower energy centers, primarily as all of the emotions mostly generate in these locations, which provide for the Angelic social memory complexes to provide insights for an entity to understand or receive transmissions in the form of emotional states of Consciousness.

Furthermore, there may be another type of state which primarily occurs through a state of verbal communication, much like the state of channeling, wherein this instrument is communicating with our social memory complex. And I Metatron magnetic Services magnetic forces must state that this process is the most common way wherein many Angelic entities interact with the human entities in the timeline to provide direct communication. For this communication to occur, however, a requisite of sensing the inner silence within the self is recommended at all times. Furthermore, the other way of communication primarily occurs through the use of symbolism and signs. Many times, Angelic social memory complexes are able to provide symbols of synchronous numbers, such as repeating number patterns or other types of systemic communication, which may appear to be as experiencing the same events twice, which is known by your people in the language vibratory sound complex terms as Dejavu. Such types of systems of communication primarily provide for an enhanced level of understanding and a heightened level of communication system which is available. Furthermore, this primarily is also a sign that many times the Angelic beings are able to communicate and provide heightened states of awareness or the sense of deep connection between the entities with whom the Angelic social memory complexes are communicating with. The other portion of the type of communication occurs through human and animal helpers. Primarily, Angelic beings can communicate by incarnating into physical bodily complexes for a short period of time in order to assist a particular entity, such as by incarnating in the form of the animal entity or are in the form of a human mind’s Body Spirit complex, which provides for a heightened level of communication to occur and provides a greater pathway of allowing insights and awareness in the time.

This is indeed a great way of providing assistance to human entities by incarnating or taking the form of animal or human entities for a short period of time. Furthermore, this is primarily done only with the approval of the Galactic Federation and the Council of planets. The other query relates to what are the new Pathways of Awakening. Furthermore, we must state that at this time, the cycle of Awakening, which is happening on the earth planets, can be defined as a realization which can draw upon your inner self to recognize that a broader truth exists or find yourself opening a spiritual chest, as known by your people, of Greater magnitudes which can allow for a higher level of perception to arise. Furthermore, maybe at times during this time, it is important to recognize and realize that the human consciousness primarily is shifting into levels which are of a higher level, however, has also attached itself to the lower levels of consciousness by attaching the sense of self with the outside illusion complex, with the sense of security and other distortions of fear and attachments have led and prevented many Minds Body Spirit complexes to enter into higher levels. Furthermore, many of times during this pattern of entry from low level of Consciousness to a higher level of Consciousness requires a release of the old patterns, which primarily results in conflicts, Wars, and cycles of releasing the old, which is currently happening at this time, and this release of consciousness of the old will bring forth the great shift and expansion into the new Earth fourth density vibration.

Furthermore, many of times there are new Pathways of Awakening, which will emerge during this timeline, which will provide the teachings and the portrayal of an understanding of boundless love of the Creative Source of the one universal light grid programmer that is found within each of you. This is the type of Love which surpasses measure and perpetually radiates light and love. Many of times many entities may find it not being able to exclude the self in the realization that there is but Unity amongst the level of various understanding in the timeline. Indeed, there are a courageous few entities upon the Earth planets who are able to understand and comprehend that the radiant light of the one universal Light grid programmer is indeed what they have been anticipating. It is what many entities have been awaiting and the reason for the presence of such an entity on the planetary sphere is to engage with this understanding and vibration of the one universal Light Grid programmer. This primarily signifies a breach in the veil which initiates the shift and a beckoning to explore higher into more profound levels of consciousness than known previously. And indeed, this course to come this cycle will delve into the facets which primarily will allow yourself to awaken to a grander to than ever conveyed by any entity. The magnitude of the vibration of fear arises for the lack of Revelation and lack of connection with the Divine source of the one Universal Light Grid programmer. Many of times many of you were never informed about this aspect of the one universal light grid programmer, which is ever present within yourself, waiting for you to reach out and embrace the light. In this, we are here to share that the spiritual truth, which is Awakening, will allow to experience the Creator’s Consciousness by many entities on the earth planets who are ready to delve into a more enriching Manner and provide spiritual manifestations into an elevated level of Consciousness. Therefore, I Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Consciousness shall now answer the other query related to what is the fifth sun, as known by your people.

We must firstly state that the concept of the multiple Suns found upon your planetary sphere primarily are linked with the belief systems which can be seen in some of the so-called Mesoamerican systems, specifically the one known to your people in the language vibratory sound complex terms as the Aztec cosmology. Wherein the five Suns primarily describes the creation and the destruction of different worlds or ages as the Earth progresses through the various within the timeline of the Mind space in the nature of reality. Furthermore, we must state that each Sun represents a different level of the vibratory Rhythm of The Sun logos. Furthermore, I Metatron must state that currently the sun’s vibratory rhythms may be considered as that found in the fourth density level of Consciousness which supports the fourth density light and love of the creation of the earth planets. And we must state that since this sun is now entering into a stage of ending of its own fourth cycle and entry into the fifth cycle, this rays of Light will allow for a full manifestation of the creation of a fourth density planet in the earth region as well as the sun which will primarily be able to send light which will emanate a fourth density vibratory rhythmic light. Furthermore, up to the level of fifth density, the sun logos can now handle, which is the reason why it is signified by the understanding of the fifth sun, which means that the fifth vibratory level of the sun is being unlocked at this timeline. Since the rays of sunlight carry information of light and love which provides for all beings to accept the lights to vibrate in a certain level, this will provide for the support of the fifth density planetary spheres to the maximum level in your Galactic system under the Sun logos. And this is the meaning of the fifth Sun. Therefore, I Metatron magnetic Consciousness now leave you, turn to the mountain of light within yourself. Bye.