Session #216 • Galactic Federation

Something Strange Is Happening Worldwide

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through internal vibrations to provide information about distortions and how to connect with their social memory complex. They clarify that a video of a supposed alien body found in Russia was a recreation created to create intrigue. They explain that accurate visualizations can be achieved by connecting with the inner silence and infusing them with the vibration of love. They also discuss methods for connecting with the higher self, such as lucid dreaming and meditation. The agenda behind fake meat is to control the human societal memory complex, by infusing it with chemicals, microbots, and nanodevices.

We are the Galactic Federation, now in communication through this channel’s internal vibrations. As we communicate now, we are hereby going to provide information related to the understandings about the distortions which are in order. This will provide the entity known as this instrument with the capability of connecting with our social memory complex.

We, the Galactic Federation, communicate from the location of the Saturn rings of your Galactic system for the purpose of providing this transmission. This is to aid the Human Social memory complex in their journey of seeking to find the truth about the understanding of the nature of reality of the illusion complex. Therefore, before we proceed any further, we would like to state that this message is imbued with the vibration of assisting the expansion of Love. This vibration will allow the flowering of the heart energy center, which is the most primary and important facet for entities in the timeline.

We, the Galactic Federation, would like to answer firstly the query related to a so-called video which the instrument has watched through its eye complexes. This primarily showcases a video wherein a supposed alien body was found in the location of the lands known as Russia. Indeed, we must state that upon scanning the SpaceTime information of your planetary sphere, we can state that this is indeed a recreation made by several entities. They were trying to recreate this type of experience wherein the vibration of this discovery of a spacecraft, along with the debris of a so-called alien-like bodily complex, was created. This was indeed not a real event but was pre-planned for the purpose of creating intrigue in the mind complexes of your peoples.

Therefore, we must state firstly that the other aspects relate to the understanding of how the people on the Earth planets can make their visualizations accurate. We must firstly state that we, the Galactic Federation, are happy to assist those who seek such types of seeking of assistance. Furthermore, we must state that in order to make the visualization systems of your planetary sphere able to tap into the infinite intelligence energy, which will allow such visualizations to come alive, is of primary importance. This involves realizing and understanding that the best way to create and make visualizations accurate involves realizing and using the aspects of the system known as the love vibration. Since the universal complex, along with all the systems which are available on the earth planets, are created with the vibration of light and love, this vibration of light and love is indeed the vibration which is capable of permitting a higher level of transmutation of any timeline into the desired choice.

This furthermore implies that firstly, the vibration of connecting with the inner silence is recommended. This means that the inner silence must be connected with, which will provide for a connection with the Divine intelligence of the one infinite Creator. This in turn will provide for the entities to visualize. We must state that the visualization process must be accompanied by a simple process of covering the visual images in the mind’s complex with the heart symbol or the love symbol. This means that if an entity were to perform or enter into a timeline using its first person’s perspective viewpoint in the mind’s complex, and then use a heart shape to cover the visual images, this will provide for such types of visualizations to be imbued with the love vibration. Since all of creation is created with the vibration of the distortion known as light and love, this means that once the vibration of love is infused with light, it will create visual images in the mind complex that will allow for such distortions to occur in the timeline. It will provide a higher sensibility of mastery in the nature of the timeline.

Therefore, we must state that this process, if performed by your peoples, will enable the visualization complexes to manifest at a much faster rate and allow for the desires to be found to be created in the Universal Consciousness.

Now, we shall address the other portion of the query related to what are the ways in which the human Mind Body Spirit complexes can connect with their higher selves. We must firstly state that indeed, the connection with the higher self can be done through various processes upon your planetary sphere. However, there are even simple methods for receiving direct communication, but the system of communicating with a higher self of a particular entity, with its own free will and choice, requires it to firstly understand and choose to realize that the type of method being used will be vibrationally of a nature able to provide it with a higher connectivity in the timeline.

It must indeed realize that the aspects of the first method can be stated as lucid dreaming, which is the primary method which can be used. Herein, the higher self-social memory complex begins to speak with entities in the dreaming state, which is primarily the realm of the connection with your subconscious mind. Furthermore, the subconscious mind complex is also directly in connection with the higher self-social memory complex and many times acts as a transreceiver or transender of information from the conscious mind of an entity to the higher self. We must firstly state that during this timeline, the aspect of lucid dreaming, which primarily revolves around the state of consciousness wherein all types of mental visualizations and images in the mind complex begin to be activated. However, the bodily complex is completely relaxed. This type of lucid dreaming primarily can provide a pathway to understand and allow for guidance in the form of dreaming states and other types of visualizations to be received.

Furthermore, indeed this is one method in which an entity can, prior to entering into the lucid dreaming state, ask itself in the mind’s complex for some guidance or for some answers. Indeed, in the lucid dreaming state, such guidance or answers will be received because the self-social memory complex of the entity is directly connected with the subconscious portions of the mind, which is activated during the state of sleeping.

The other processes which can be used are through a simple process resembling the aspect known as meditational processes. Herein, during the meditation process, the intention must be to remain in the vibration of unity, as the vibration of unity of Oneness is that vibration which taps directly into the higher self-social memory complex vibration. Anytime the mind, body, and spirit complexes of your planets begin to feel that they are one with all beings, that they are united with all beings, they will begin to attract the similar vibration in the timeline. This will provide for a reception of this level of vibration complex reality in this time.

Therefore, the entity known as the entities of your Earth planet seeking such types of communication can achieve this aspect through this simple process in the timeline. Furthermore, the other aspects of the distortion query in the timeline relate primarily to the vibration of astral projection. Herein, an entity can use the astral projection experience to move out of the bodily complex and to find the energetic frequency of unity, which is the guiding factor that will allow for connection with its higher self. This will provide for the higher self-social memory complex to be connected to the entity through the state of astral projection.

We must state that there are also other methods, such as simply using the process of visualization or imagination. This process primarily can be initiated into a simple facet by imagining the self of Consciousness to be united with the higher self-social memory complex and to observe the self from that vantage point. This will enable the mind, body, and spirit complex to perceive the thought forms through intuition of the higher self-social memory complex, which is the primary way in which suggestions and insights can be received.

For example, if an entity seeks a type of suggestion into its current reality, and the sessions which are being received from the vibration of its current reality, in order to find the thought forms or suggestions from the higher self-social memory complex, the entity can indeed unite with the higher self-social memory complex and its visualization image complex. This will enable it to perceive itself from that location, which primarily will aid it in finding the suitable suggestions for the amplification of the entity’s Consciousness Realms at the Timeline.

Therefore, we as the Galactic Federation shall now address the other query related to what is the agenda behind the fake meats which are found upon your planetary sphere at this time. We must indeed state that there is but one agenda, and that is the control of the human societal memory complex. We must state that there are many entities who are trying to create this type of distortion known as the fake meat under the guidance of the Orion social memory complex. They are trying to create an artificial production of the meat bodily complexes of animal life forms, which are primarily consumed by your people. This is performed for a simple attribute of providing the aspect of usefulness and also to make sure that this type of system can use it as a means of controlling humanity. Since the distortion of the creation process revolves around creating a type of meat which can be infused with certain chemical systems, which can have an effect on the bodily complex over time, or such types of meats can also be programmed with the distortions which cannot be sensed by your eye complexes, such as micro biotics and Micro Devices.

We must state that also there may be chances of these types of meat products being infused with the distortions known as Nano devices or Nanoparticles, which can have an effect on the aspects of a human entity who consumes it. Eventually, such entities will have the signature can also be controlled magnetically by the entities who desire control upon the planetary sphere. Indeed, with the Galactic Federation state that this is one of the various agendas behind the fake meat protocols, as we can sense in the time.

Hence, we shall now leave you, beloveds, in lights and love of the one Creator. Bye.