Session #218 • Metatron

This will Change How You See Everything...

Summary: The text discusses the Looking Glass event for December 2023, stating that positive light forces are aiming to send light waves to help those nearing graduation to enter the fourth density. However, negatively oriented entities are planning to bombard the Earth with negative frequencies on that day. The text also explains light body activation, which represents elevated consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. It mentions the process of activating the light body through meditation and the importance of love and self-awareness. Finally, the text briefly discusses the soul evolutionary journey of an entity named Klaus Schwab.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness now and communication through through this Channel’s internal vibratory system and we are here with the grace of the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer for the perceptions of our social memory complex Collective transformation happening in this space time of the transition which is happening on the earth planets. Therefore, I Metatron must state that this message is imbued with the vibration of peace and the vibration of energetically allowing the spiritual complex of those who shall listen to our message with the light of the Divine Universal light Grid programmer. Therefore, each love light child of the universal light Grid programmer must also use internal discernment when listening to our message at this time.

I Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Services must state that the first query is related with what is the Looking Glass event for the month of December 2023. I Metatron State firstly that in the Spacetime of 21st of December 2023, primarily positive light forces of the Galactic Federation and the Council of planets including our social memory complex is aiming to send light waves of frequencies which will assess those who are nearing graduation to graduate into the fourth density which will happen on the 21st of December. And this also primarily is a Target by the negatively oriented entities as we can scan from the Looking Glass that the negatively oriented Orion Anunnaki Lucifer social memory complex primarily are planning to firstly bombard the Earth planet with a high energy frequency weapon which may be considered as a weapon which will create imbalance in the Earth’s energetic frequency during that day. These negative entities are planning to bombard Earth with a barrage of negative frequencies on the day of 21st December, which primarily is a highly significant purpose and state in your Spacetime which will allow for many positive energies to enter the Earth planets. Therefore, more these negative entities can be prevented through a simple aspect of practicing and assisting the positive beings in covering the Earth planetary sphere with the vibration of love. This can be done by using the system of connecting with the inner Silence of the Divine Universal Light Grid programmer which primarily can be achieved during the processes of meditation which will assist in the creation of this aspect. This will further organize and allow for a higher Clarity of understanding and vibrational Mastery within the sense of self.

Furthermore, I Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Services must also state that upon scanning the other query we find that the query relates with what is the light body activation and how can light’s body be activated. I Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Consciousness must State firstly that the aspects of the light body primarily is a concept which is found upon the Earthly planetary understanding which transcends primarily the boundaries of understanding of spirituality upon your planet. This primarily represents a realm of elevated Consciousness, a realm which is driven by energetic frequencies which primarily are Beyond the limitations of the physical bodily complexes. Further, the light’s body also symbolizes heightened states of awareness and spiritual enlightenment and interconnectedness with the Divine Universal light grid programmer. Furthermore, there are inter energetic combinations which are energetically connected with the chakras which primarily provides for the essence of sensing equilibrium and also Rejuvenation or a journey of transformation from States Of Consciousness into higher level of activation of light’s body. We must state that the light body activation primarily as understood by your people symbolizes a spiritual progression and the attainment of the highest level of fourth density conscious understanding of Love. Since light body activation primary is available to a soul who is able to understand the nature of Oneness of love to all other beings which symbolizes the attainment of elevated love vibrations of the fourth density. Furthermore, we must state that each spiritual complex has a purpose which is to unite with the Divine Consciousness and this Union with the Divine Consciousness Primarily provides for the activation of our so-called energetic frequencies which primarily is also symbolized by the activation within each energetic frequency of a Divine Universal love light Childs on the Earth planet. Within These energetic frequencies and form many types of energetic dance or energetic manipulation provides for the manifestation of physical realization and reality. This furthermore also provides for a human energetic fields to Encompass into multiple layers which primarily is generated as alignment with the aetheric body, the mental body, the astral body, and the emotional body which collectively constitutes facets of the light body spiritual complex.

Furthermore, with the Metatron social memory complex must state that the light’s body experience or embarking on a journey to allow for the light body expansion primarily requires to eliminate the self into all levels. This means that the illumination firstly begins from the lower energy centers and as concentrated attention and concentrated vibration of love and light is focused on each of the energy centers, there will be a beginning of the lights of the one universal light grid programmer which lines up the energy centers much like a Kundalini Awakening. This creates a lightening up of all the energy centers and ultimately the culmination is at the Crown Center which signifies the activation of a type of Lights which can be seen by other entities as well which is represented as the rainbow bodily light complex emanated by many of the enlightened people of the earth planets. Furthermore, this light body activation also unlocks the divine state of the gift of Oneness and healing which is allowed to align with the initiation of the light body within the sense of self. Furthermore, the light body activation elevates the vibration of many entities which also allows for intentions and a higher state of activation to begin. The elevation of the higher state of consciousness also allows for the access to higher states of self-awareness and as entities begin to understand and focus on restoring the energetic frequencies of the inner self, they remember and find that the importance of protecting the aspects of the mind body and spirit complex are important.

Further, the aspects of nourishment primarily the ingestion of complexes or food products will only be of a nature which is considered to be light foods which allow for the light body activation to begin which primarily is purely considering are consistent with a vegetarian diets during this time. Furthermore, many times the light body activation also primarily begins with an understanding of connection to the universal complex through the process of meditation. Each aspect of the thought process allows for a transformative practice and allows for changing of negative into positive vibration and each thought form also allows for an unfolding of the true essence of the vibration which accompanies every single thought. This primarily allows for the reconnection of the light’s body spiritual complex. Further, the final aspects of light’s body activation require a union with the spiritual complex of all Divine beings that are found in the Earth planet and the spiritual complex of all Divine beings will provide for a greater understanding that all beings are indeed one and that they have indeed the Inner Essence of the light which is found within the sense of self at all times.

Therefore, I Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Services must state that currently upon the Earth planet there are around 189,000 Souls which are in the process of achieving this aspect. Further, we shall now address the other query which is related to the soul evolutionary journey of an entity known by the people of your planet as Klaus Schwab whose Incarnation began on 1938. The Metatron social memory complex shall now state and address firstly that this entity known as Klaus Schwab primarily in this timeline has incarnated as a star seed who was on the mission to learn the vibration of Love. However, during the process of its lessons to learn in this Incarnation, it has become attached to the outside illusion complex projection and distortions known as money, and the aspect of controlling other beings has become the primary objective of this entity. Through which, the entity known as Klaus Schwab has many times in its dream state been contacted by the Orion social memory complex and they have created many agreements for the purpose of allowing this entity known as Klaus Schwab with the ability to control others through the use of distortions known as money as well as other aspects of energy of negative Nature by creating fear within the mind’s complex of the human bodily complexes of your planet.

We Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Services must also state that those entities who are in the lower levels of vibration are only influenced by these entities’ methods which are originating from the Orion social memory complex who plan to create more distortions of fear ranging from the moments by moments basis from the SpaceTime of 2024 up to the SpaceTime of 2030. There is going to be more types of energies of negative distortions emerging from these entities. Furthermore, the entity known as Klaus Schwab was prior to this Incarnation found in the location of the lands as known by the people as India in the timeline of 1804. It was known by the name of Mumtaza during this time as a woman entity. It had to learn a simple lesson of overcoming grief during this Incarnation. It had a family wherein it had incarnated with two parents and a sibling brother. During the incarnational experience, there was a conflict which led to the demise of its brother which led the entity to feel grief distortions in this time. The entity learned to overcome grief in this Incarnation which was the primary lesson learned by the entity at the time. However, this effect of experience was highly torturous for its spiritual Mind Body complex in that time which primarily was unable. And then, prior to this Incarnation, it was found in the lands of Agartha or the inner earth Planes wherein its focus was on learning about self-awareness for around six incarnations in the beginning stages of third density. During this timeline, it was also prone to be influenced by negatively oriented entities because of its desires towards activation of more fear in that time. And then, prior to that, it was found on the planet of its origin in Zeta Reticuli one wherein The Entity was found in the SpaceTime of 601 million years ago as a tree entity learning the lessons similar to that of the trees on the earth planets, the lessons of growth and also learning the lessons in first density as a fire elements. It was given the soul’s name of Irat which meant the light of the one Creator. Furthermore, The Entity was prior to that found in the Embrace of the one infinite Creator and we the Metatron social memory complex shall now leave you beloved in the light and the Divine love of the Divine Light grid programmer. Turn to the mountain of Light Within yourselves bye.