Session #219 • Galactic Federation

A Message to Citizens of the World...

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates from their location in the Saturn rings to offer insights on the advanced stages of Ascension and Awakening on Earth. They explain the concept of Kundalini as a dormant energetic frequency within each individual, waiting to be unlocked for self-realization and self-improvement. The Federation also discusses the anomalies and parallel dimensions observed at Skin Walker Ranch and describes the Starseed Project as a collaboration between positively polarized extraterrestrial entities to support the growth and evolution of consciousness across the cosmos.

We are the Galactic Federation now in communication through the instruments vibratory systems as we commune from our power location in the Saturn rings. We, the Galactic Federation, are here to offer our insights and thoughts at this time for the human Collective social memory complex finds itself entering into advanced levels of stages of Ascension. However, the negatively oriented entities are also planning to enter into stages of activating their own protocols at this time. Hence, the most intense phase of Ascension is undergoing in the earth planets, which may be considered as a tug of war between the negative entities trying to prevent the Earth planet from entering into a positively polarized vibration and the entities primarily working towards the bringing forth of the love and lights in the Universal complex. Therefore, we, the Galactic Federation, must state that at this time we have a message to the citizens of the Earth planet that it is time for all to prepare within this illusion complex for the most advanced stage of Ascension and Awakening.

As the highest possible stage of Ascension and Awakening is happening in this time, the query which is in order relates primarily with what precisely is a kundalini Awakening and how can it be activated. We, the Galactic Federation, must now answer this query related to the aspect of Kundalini as known by your people.

Which primarily denotes an energetic frequency which is primarily dormant, which lies within each individualized portion of Consciousness unknowing that it can realize its full potential within each Mind Body Spirit complex. There is present a substantial reserve of untapped potential energy which is waiting to be harnessed by such a desirous individualized entity. This energetic pattern is patiently waiting to be unlocked as the Journey of becoming an enlightened being is still under process in the Earth planet and many have not finished their aspect of truly becoming an enlightened being. Further, we must state that the concept as known by your people as Kundalini primarily emphasizes the ongoing opportunity for self-realization, self-awareness, and self-improvement into an illusion of a greater and more enlightened and Creator centered version of the self in the evolutionary pathway of understanding the various lessons in the various densities of Consciousness.

When each entity was in the second density Consciousness as animal life forms, there was no conscious desires present to become a human entity at the time. However, it was a natural progression after learning the second density lessons for such an entity to become a human being in the third density. However, once many begin to attain the aspects of bodily complex of a human Mind Body Spirit complex after graduating from the second density, the unconscious evolutionary cycle ceases and there is a certain self-awareness which arises within each Mind Body Spirit complex. At this time, many entities still remain unaware wherein they are unable to learn fully the lessons of self-awareness. These entities primarily have to realize that it becomes essential for an evolution of further activity in this time and in this aspect of alignment Consciousness is the prerequisite for any type of meaningful evolutionary Journey or change in the patterns of a Mind Body Spirit complex.

This untapped reservoir of energetic vibrations is primarily a type of energetic gold mine that can be utilized by the people of the Earth planet in order to bring forth Transformations and to become more self-aware. This energetic frequency primarily is like a treasure which is being explored by the conscious awareness of each entity which is allowing for the pathway of Consciousness Evolution to begin. Further, we, the Galactic Federation, must now state that the vibration of how can the aspects of Kundalini be tapped into which is an unexplored potential energetic vibration that can lead an entity towards higher stages of densities of Consciousness and Enlightenment.

Furthermore, in the aspects of realization that within the human bodily complex there exists a point wherein there is an energetic culmination of frequencies which primarily are for the purpose of understanding of your people subdivided into seven chakras which primarily represents the connectors or the points of energetic culmination and Union in the these seven energy centers. The energies represent the different types of frequency alignment and vibratory signatures whereas also the different types of natures of the lessons which are triggered when each of these aspects are activated. Furthermore, once an entity learns to open an energetic Center Within the self, there is a flow of energy into that energy center which allows it to open and allows the energy to flow from the energy center to the next Energy Center wherein there are also certain types of blockages which must be released in order to allow for the energy to transfer to the next Energy Center. By doing such, the energy centers primarily will begin to become aligned. Furthermore, as each Energy Center opens up, there is a formidable energy and a force which allows for the energies of the various dimensional spaces to enter into such a mind’s body spirit’s complexes Vortex which allows the untapped potential of the Kundalini Awakening to happen. When all of the energy centers are aligned, The Entity begins to feel a rush of energetic frequency which is more powerful than any type of energetic vibrations found upon the Earth planet. And these energy frequencies once reach the Crown Center will touch the Helm of the Creator’s presence within each mind’s Body Spirit complex allowing for the access of the Divine intelligent Infinity which allows such an entity to not only affect SpaceTime but also affect time space in a manner which may be considered as positive. We must also state that in order to balance all the energy centers, it is a type of lesson which can be done for a short period of time. However, the continuous expansion of the energy of Kundalini is equivalent to providing energy to the entire Milky Way galaxy. We must state that the aspect of Kundalini primarily must be practiced in a stable fashion and in a steady manner. All energy centers must be slowly activated. The activation points primarily revolve around the aspects of focusing on each Energy Center and releasing any trapped energies and other belief systems related to such an Energy Center leading to the opening and allowance of energy from one Energy Center to the next.

Furthermore, we shall now at this time and answer the second query placed today related to what is happening in the location named by your people as Skin Walker Ranch. We, the Galactic Federation, state firstly that there have been many anomalies which have been spotted at the Skin Walker Ranch. Furthermore, there have been certain things which have been spotted such as bright lights flying objects, strange vibratory sound complexes, and electrical disturbances as well as mutilations of animal bodily complexes which have been spotted. And we must state that indeed the occurrences which have been happening in the Skin Walker Ranch is primarily a testament to provide that there is another parallel Dimension which can be accessed from that location. We must state that the Skin Walker Ranch is located in such a location which provides entities who are in a way able to access the dimensional space-time and create a type of rupture in the SpaceTime architecture and travel from one Universe location to another using it much as a portal to travel into the Earth’s planetary grid. We must state firstly that the Skin Walker Ranch is a portal which primarily is being used by mostly negatively polarized extraterrestrial entities. Since these entities do not respect the Free Will of the Earth planetary sphere, thereby causing many of them to enter into the Earth’s planetary grids which results in such types of cattle mutilations and other aspects which are spotted. Furthermore, we must state that the vibration of the other portion of the query relates primarily to what is the starseed project with the Galactic Federation.

We must state firstly that the star seed project primarily is a project which was is created in collaboration with the Elohim social memory Collective as well as all other nine positively polarized extraterrestrial social memory complexes who are in the density of sixth density and higher for the purpose of providing a type of support in the growth and evolution of consciousness throughout the cosmos. Furthermore, we, the Galactic Federation, must state that as per the star seed project, this is primarily a type of involvement wherein those entities who are from other planets ready for graduation will primarily be escorted to the Earth planet for this upcoming graduation period of which is the assistance of the human Collective to allow for more positive vibrations to enter into. Many of the star seeds are those beings who are already at a level of later third density ready to graduate. Hence, we, the Galactic Federation, now leave you beloved. Bye.