Session #220 • Pleiadians

If You Think You Can Handle The Truth, Here It is!

Summary: The Pleiadians are a group of beings from the Alcyone star system in the Pleiades cluster communicating to provide information about Ascension. They explain that the Bermuda Triangle is home to an ancient race of Giants who have formed an alliance with the Reptilian social memory complex. These entities use advanced technology to conduct genetic experiments on captured humans. The Pleiadians also discuss the concept of "As Above So Below" and explain that prayers are more likely to be answered when accompanied by acts of service to others.

We are the Pleiadians now in communication through this instrument at this timeline. We are here communicating from our seat in the Alcyone star system in the Pleiades cluster, as known by the people of your planet. Our transmission is aimed at providing information which will allow for the advancement of knowledge in the experience of Ascension in the human societal complex. Therefore, before we address the queries, we would recommend that all beings and Mind Body Spirit complexes who shall listen to our message at this timeline must remember to only accept those thoughts which generate a deeper understanding and balance within the time.

Furthermore, the queries that are found today relate to what is happening at the location known by your people as the Bermuda Triangle and why many of the flying objects known as airplanes are missing in the location. We, as the Pleiadians, must firstly state that this primarily is related to the energetic core of your planetary sphere. Deep within the Earth, there is a network of caverns beneath the Bermuda Triangle wherein there is an ancient race of entities who may be considered as Giants by your people. These Giants primarily are the results of the Atlantian civilization using technology and other advanced stages of genetic manipulation, manipulating their own bodily complexes which resulted in this clan of Giants.

During the disappearance and destruction of Atlantis, these Giants fled the location and hid inside the caverns which were created beneath the Bermuda Triangle location. These caverns primarily were a location wherein these Giants hid from the existence of the entities for thousands of years. Furthermore, these Giants primarily continued their cycle of evolution of their Consciousness, and they have created many types of knowledge bases and distortions of as known by a people as technology, which is far superior than that of the current human societal complex.

Furthermore, the so-called entities primarily known as the various higher density beings approached these Giants for the purpose of creating alignments and agreements with them. However, during the time period of around 2,000 years ago, there were many types of Galactic species entering the Earth planet in order to create agreements with these Giants, such as the Sirians, the Arcturians, the Andromedans, and even from our race. However, these Giants were not of a nature that may be considered as positively oriented. Hence, they did not get into any type of alliance with the positively oriented beings. However, they were able to enter into an alliance with a group of entities from The Reptilian social memory complex who had approached them for the return of advanced technological understanding and growth in the fields of their own technological aspects. They agreed to enter into an alliance with the reptilians.

Thereby, the reptilians were able to alter the genetic material of these Giants, creating a hybrid reptilian giant bodily complex which currently reside in the location. These reptilian beings primarily are of a nature which may be considered as negatively oriented in terms of their service to self, since they are under the dictatorship of the Orion social memory complex. These entities, after forming alliances, have established sophisticated underground networks which span the entire area of the Bermuda Triangle. By using their combined technological prowess, these entities have successfully created dimensional rifts which allow them to traverse between the inner Earth and other higher dimensional planes using their own imagination.

Furthermore, many times these Giants and The Reptilian social memory complex create disappearances which are primarily orchestrated for the purpose of extracting genetic material or to use the advanced technologies for the purpose of testing them upon those entities who are captured through such disappearances. Specifically, the human Mind Body Spirit complexes are used as testing mechanisms by these entities, and by using advanced technology, they are able to selectively extract vessels and individuals from the surface of the Earth and bring them into the inner Earth for various purposes as stated above. Furthermore, many of these individuals are primarily used for the purpose of genetic experiments which are conducted jointly by these entities. Furthermore, many of the disappearances are carefully orchestrated events designed by these entities to maintain a type of accuracy and also enhance their own activities by using the aspect of genetic materials available.

And now we shall answer the query which relates to what is the true meaning behind the words and the concept as known by your people as “above so below”. We, the Pleiadians, must firstly state that this is a primary understanding which is found to be prevalent upon the history of your planet as well as the ancient wisdom of your planetary sphere. Many of the historical figures as known by your people as Hermis Trismagistus and other entities who created the text such as the emeralds tablets primarily have the meaning of the phrase “As Above So Below”, which primarily encapsulates the understanding of the universal complex which exists as a layered structure.

The reflection of divine attributes is found within those layers. Furthermore, in this aspect, there is a need to understand that the universal complex is primarily created with an infinite amount of dimensions and layers of reality or illusion complexes which exist within the vast expanse of the Creator’s Consciousness. This places Humanity between the material and the spiritual planes, which primarily allows for the Divine Consciousness to evolve continuously until the Consciousness reaches or transcends the material planes completely, thereby entering the spiritual planes which allows for a greater understanding of spiritual evolution.

Furthermore, many entities in this timeline have the notion and understanding that if they are able to use the concept of “As Above So Below”, the entities who are primarily trying to shape their reality complexes of the illusion complex with alignment with these principles of a higher Consciousness mind, they are able to achieve this. Further, we must state that during this aspect, the understanding that the thought forms as well as imagination complexes have a deeper and a higher capacity to influencing reality. Furthermore, the present circumstances are primarily the culmination of mental projections found in the Earth planets.

A journey towards a higher level of Consciousness is involved by setting and creating positive goals and also aligning with the goals that were created with the good of the entire social memory complex, which transcends the dichotomy of selfishness and self-service. Further, we must state that this allows individual entities to envision a reality which is transformed beyond the current understanding which is shaped by separation. The true understanding of “As Above So Below” is that the unification of the entire Universal complex as a singular being, which implies that the events which are happening on the higher density planes have the ability to refract or project a shadow onto the lower densities, which creates events similar to that which is happening on the higher dimensional planes. Furthermore, this can be signified by the understanding that many of the world events which are being shaped today primarily are a culmination of higher density spiritual battles which are reflected on the Earth planet as wars and other battles on the earthly planes.

Therefore, in order for the entire social memory complex and the illusion complex of the Earth planets to transform, the transformation must firstly happen from a higher dimensional space of the Earth’s existence. This can be achieved by transformation within each mind’s Body Spirit complex in the Earth planet who must decide to choose a positive outlook and positive thought form vibration and emotion at each moment, letting go of separation which will result in the reflection of the outside illusion complex.

The other query relates to how to really pray in the Earth planetary sphere in order to get the prayers answered. We, the Pleiadians social memory complex, must firstly state that the people of your planet primarily include prayers as an aspect of communing with the Divine consciousness of the one infinite Creator. We must also state that many of the entities on the Earth planets primarily are unaware of this simple understanding, that prayers which primarily are unaccompanied by a positive karmic collective are futile. It requires a greater amount of force and a larger amount of time for such prayers to be answered.

Furthermore, the simplest and the fastest way for prayers to be answered on the Earth planetary sphere is through a simple process of firstly combining prayers with an act of service to others. Either it be giving alms to other entities, giving charities to other entities, or providing any other type of service to others which is not associated with any expectation of return. This type of action is a positive karmic collective which must be performed prior to the prayer. And as the action is completed, then the entity desirous of praying and seeking an answer to the prayer can then give thanks to the one infinite Creator for answering the prayer. This action is the highest possible probable experience of having the prayers answered on your Earthly planets, which will result in the prayers being answered much more faster than the usual methods of your planetary sphere.

Therefore, we the Pleiadians are now going to leave you all in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Bye.