Session #221 • Metatron

They Been Hiding in Plain Sight All Along…

Summary: Metatron, communicating from the Angelic realm, provides information on different types of psychic attacks and how to protect against them. Psychic attacks manifest as dreams or energetic impacts on the body and can have detrimental effects on the mind and emotions. Love and positive emotions act as a defense against these attacks, while negative emotions provide an opening for psychic attackers. Metatron also discusses the truth about "dogmen," evolved entities from the Andromeda Galactic system who have come to Earth to assist in humanity's transition.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness now and communicate from the Angelic realm as known by your people. I Metatron here now connected to this Channel and the Divine lights and love of the universal light grid programmer to provide information to all the love light Childs of the universal Light Grid programmer who are currently on the earth planets undergoing a phase of transition in order to recognize the unity and the Oneness that is to be found within the self. Furthermore, I Metatron must now state that before this session proceeds forward we recommend to all who shall listen to us our thought forms which are relayed in the form of vibration sound complexes through this channel must remember to only accept those patterns which are truly of a nature resonating within the self.

The first query which is found pertains to what are the different types of psychic attacks and how can the people of your planets protect themselves against such types of psychic attacks. We, the Metatron social memory complex, must state firstly that psychic attacks primarily upon your planetary sphere manifest in the form of dreams are energetic impacts on the bodily complex in the waking planetary sphere which may have an effect on the mental intrusions and energetic frequencies of certain entities upon your planet. Furthermore, these types of psychic attacks, if they enter the mind’s complex or the psyche, can have a detrimental impact or they can also extract certain types of energetic frequencies and information from those entities who are experiencing such types of psychic attacks.

Furthermore, we must state that these psychic attacks primarily can only operate when there is no love and when there is negative energies in terms of emotion and thought forms which are found in the surrounding area of such an entity and is compromised of these emotions in its Mind Body Spirit complex totality. Therefore, we must state that the understanding that the greatest defense in terms of protecting the self from such types of psychic attacks is to simply state that the power of love and light is one such as which will protect such entities who primarily experience these aspects. Furthermore, the entities must also realize that the vibration patterns of negative emotions and negative energies must be prevented since these emotions are those aspects which provides for these psychic attackers to use such emotions against the entity who is feeling them. Furthermore, the vibrations of love and positive emotions are a blockage to such psychic attacks.

We must state that firstly the aspect of psychic attacks will be primarily explained for your people to understand. A psychic attack, as referred to by your people upon your planetary sphere, is a phenomenon wherein negative or destructive harmful energies, intentions, and frequencies or influences are sent and directed to warant a certain individual Minds body and spirit complex or a certain psychical space as known by your people. We must state that the attacks primarily are performed by those entities who have the capability of connecting with the aspects of the universal Consciousness and in turn use the universal Consciousness to fill it with a negative charge which is then transferred to the location or the entity which primarily causes harm discomfort and disruption to The Entity who receives such a psychic attack. We must state that there are many signs which are seen which when occur when entities receive such types of psychic attacks. Furthermore, these can be defined as emotional stress. We must state firstly that the aspects of emotional distress cause fear, anxiety, and other types of emotional imbalance within an entity who has experienced such types of psychic attacks. Further, the other type of psychic attack sign is it leads to the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue which cannot be explained by the understanding of the planet. Furthermore, this energy drain leaves the entities depleted and lacking in Vitality.

Furthermore, the other types of physical symptoms which manifest includes the aspect known as bodily discomforts and headaches. Further, there may also be a type of negative thought form energy which may be found in the mind’s complex which leads to a disruption of the thought forms in the mind’s complex leading to an ability to focus, make decisions, or think in a clear fashion. Furthermore, the psychical attacks can also disrupt patterns of natural rhythms such as sleep which can lead to other types of General discomfort such as insomnia, nightmares, or other types of restlessness as found upon your planetary sphere. Furthermore, the negative energetic frequencies emerging from psychic attacks also can disrupt the relationship sequences between various entities which can lead to a form of disconnection between the various types of entities. Furthermore, I Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Services must also say that there may also be spiritual imbalance as a sign of a psychic attack which can indeed disrupt the connection to the internal self and a higher level of Consciousness. Further, this leads to a form of Detachment and emptiness of the mind’s body and spirit complex Union.

We must state that there are many types of psychic attacks which we shall now address for a greater understanding of your people. The aspects of psychic attacks primarily encompass a variety of negative energetic or psychic influences which can impact an individualized entity. However, many entities primarily view these aspects as in variation across various types of experiences. However, the primary types of psychic attacks revolve around thought form projection. This type of psychic attack involves an entity intentionally directing energetic patterns of emotions and thought forms of negative nature towards a mind body and spirit complex. The projected energies primarily many of times create a sense of distress within the entity who is receiving such types of energy frequency. Furthermore, there may be other types of psychic attacks which are known as energy vampirism wherein the energetic frequencies are extracted and drained from the life force energy of the mind’s body and spirit complex who is being attacked. This entities primarily leave the entity who is being attacked with a depletion of energetic frequency which is vital for the purpose of survival. Furthermore, there are also other types of psychical attacks which primarily revolve around the aspects known by the people of your planet as Hexes which are primarily the aspect which cause a belief system alteration within the mind’s complex of the entity. This leads to Misfortune vibration or psychological suffering and hence leads to creation of the Distortion known as bad luck by your people.

We must also state that the other aspect of psychical attacks primarily can be defined as psychic chord wherein the energetic frequencies or connections between the various mind body and spirit complex totality are drains and this prevents the entities from feeling Comfort within the illusion complex. Furthermore, the other type of psychic attacks revolves around telepathic attacks are these psychic attacks primarily involves sending of negative thought forms into the entity’s minds complex through the use of telepathy which primarily leads the entity receiving such types of psychic attacks to only feel the vibration of psychological thought forms of negative nature. Furthermore, there are also other types of psychic attacks which are the as dream manipulation. We must state firstly that the aspect of dream manipulation as known by your people are those attributes which primarily are performed by entities who are in the negative polarity of around fourth density negative polarization and these entities have access to the understanding of space time to a higher degree. Further, these entities primarily targets those entities who enter into states of Dreaming With Fear vibration which disrupts the energies of various entities and which causes these entities to sense or experience a dream which may not be of a positive nature. Furthermore, with the Metatron social memory complex must state that the best way for form protection against psychic attacks as stated previously is to create energetic fields or barrier of light and love arounds the mind’s body and spirit complex and the vibration of light and love once generated arounds the mind’s body and spirit complex will begin to protect an entity from any type of negative Distortion.

Also, such protection mechanisms primarily can be activated through a simple process of remembering that there are many entities who are already hiding in plain sides in the earth planets who primarily are targeting individuals such as Wanderers light workers and star seeds through psychic attacks. Furthermore, we must also state that these psychic attacks can be prevented through a simple attribute of protecting the self through imagination of a shield of heart energy around the Mind Body Spirit complex. Another aspect is to create a shield of positive karmic energy around the self. This is primarily done through service to others which leads to a creation of a shield which is impenetrable by any negatively polarized entity. This involves assisting others and a service to others which is performed without expectation of return leads to a creation of a shield and raising of frequency which becomes the main system which blocks any type of psychic attacks. Furthermore, also a simple attribute of repeating the words thank you in the mind’s complex while entering the Sleep State prevents such types of psychic attacks from occurring at the Earth planet sphere.

Therefore, I Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Services shall now answer the other portion of the query which is related to what is the truth about dog men and their evolutionary pathway. We must firstly state that the aspects known as dogmen found upon your planetary sphere primarily are entities who have experienced rapid evolutionary shifts and these entities primarily are able to enter into states which are similar to the shapeshifting entities who are able to shape-shift into various types of bodily complexes. We will state that firstly the aspects of dogmen primarily were found in a planet named as Conixia in the location of the Andromeda Galactic system. They began using the bodily complex similar to the dogs is found upon your planets wherein they experienced rapid shift of Consciousness because of their unification and understanding of the cosmic energies. They began their journey around types of understanding. Furthermore, they began to learn the nature of unity Consciousness as well as they were able to understand an empathic connection between all beings. They were able to graduate into the fourth density at a time period of around the SpaceTime of your planets around 300 years ago in their own planetary sphere. After their graduation into the fourth density, these entities decided to then incarnate on the Earth planet and they primarily were able to come to the Earth planet to assist Humanity in this transition. These dogmen, however, exist in a different dimension space and many times they only are seen  by those entities who are of a higher level of vibration are those who can sense the different states of Consciousness. Therefore we must state that the Dogman primarily are a fourth density polarized positive entities of the social memory complex who are found many times in the Earth planet to assist in the spreading of knowledge of Love Lights. Therefore we the Metatron social memory complex now leave you and turn to the mountain of Lights within yourselves bye.