Session #222 • Pleiadians

Universal Alert

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate through a channel, discussing various topics. They mention positive and negative events projected for January, including potential harm to star seeds and light workers by artificial intelligence robots. They suggest preventing this by meditating to create a shield of love. They also discuss predictions for the year, including mind control through music, unemployment due to AI replacing jobs, and the widespread use of holographic technology. They mention the creation of a pet translator and extraterrestrial intervention in the 2024 US presidential election. They end by explaining the concept of the silver cord, which connects the spiritual and physical bodies.

We are the Pleiadians now in communication through this Channel’s internal communication system which has opened up at this time. We are hereby going to transmit our thought forms which will provide for a deeper sense of Ascension understanding at this timeline. We are here to offer our thoughts, however, we request all beings who shall listen to our message at this time to experience choice of discerning the thought forms and only accepting those which provide a deeper sense of resonance and understanding at this timeline.

Therefore, we must state firstly that the queries that are in order at this timeline relate primarily with the understanding about the aspects related to what is the Looking Glass events for the month of January. All who are listening to our message, a very happy new year as known by the people of your planet. We shall state that upon scanning the Looking Glass artifacts, the month of January is filled with extreme positive events as well as a few negative events which primarily are found in the Looking Glass event, which is the projector of possible negative events. These negative events can then be prevented. It is signified by events wherein the so-called artificial intelligence robots or humanoid-looking robots, which are currently found upon the Earth planet, will in the SpaceTime have direct integration with the Orion social memory complex who primarily are going to then direct these types of artificial intelligent systems to not only malfunction but also try and target specifically the star seeds, light workers, and Wanderers by scanning their vibratory signature emanating from their mind’s Body Spirit complex. This process is primarily, if not prevented, will lead to many types of damages done to the life of many of the star seeds, light workers, and Wanderers as they will be targeted by these artificial intelligence systems.

Therefore, we must also state that indeed the best way to prevent this aspect from occurring, which is projected to happen on the SpaceTime of January experience by the Looking Glass artifacts, the best way to prevent this would be to firstly stop the Orion social memory complex from linking to all of the artificial intelligence technology currently in possession with the Human Social memory complex. This can be done by participating in meditations which will enable for a positive vibration of love to shield around each of the human objects or those objects which have been created by Humanity. This Shield of Love vibration will prevent any type of hijack or access by any other negatively oriented entity.

The other queries that are found relate to what are the predictions for the year of that the year of transition point or even more light workers, star seeds, and Wanderers. If this pathway of current projection continues, many of the star seeds will Ascend into the New Earth by reaching the vibration of love. This also means that the New Earth vibration will rapidly start to function in the current planets. However, there are also many events which primarily will be created by the negatively oriented entities in order to try and stop the events from occurring fully. There we must also state that the portions of the predictions primarily will now be shared. Furthermore, the first type of scanning vibration of the future timeline showcases that upon your planetary sphere, a type of music-induced mind control will be used primarily to influence many human entities as well as control the emotions.

This will primarily be done by many of the so-called secret societies of your planet, as well as the elites, primarily have access to this type of technology. This will primarily be induced by the use of personalities who are well-known upon your planetary sphere, such as musicians, which will lead towards thought form manipulations and the intrinsic focus of a mind’s Body Spirit complex will be controlled by this aspect. Furthermore, this can also provide for a positive access of mind’s induced Ascension if it gets into the hands of positively oriented entities. However, this is primarily currently in the possession of negatively oriented service to other entities of your planets. The second is the artificial intelligence as known by your people will replace more than 65% of the workforce of the planet, which will lead to a distortion of unemployment surging upon your planets. This primarily will lead to major types of changes in the life of many entities. Furthermore, we must state that this may also lead to a type of distortion which can be equated with an economic downturn upon your planets.

The other query relates, we correct this instruments, the other prediction primarily as found is that of a creation of holographic technology which will become an integral part of everyday life upon your planets. This holographic technology primarily, currently in possession of some entities, will become widespread. Thereby, this will lead to many entities not only having access to technologies that will, in a way, have influence upon their mind’s Body Spirit complex interactions. However, this will also lead to a type of distortion known as creation of imagination which shall be found to be created in the third density illusion complex by linking the imagination complex to a hologram. The other attribute which may be considered as more positive is that of a creation of a pet translator of your planets. Since there is division or lack of understanding of the animal societal complex, this invention is a positive invention will have a positive effect on the Earth planet. The people of your planet will begin to understand the vibrations of language thought forms of pets and other second density life forms, including those of trees and plants. Later on, leading to complete communication systems with the environmental complex leading to a deeper understanding and connection between all entities. Furthermore, we must state that the aspects of extraterrestrial intervention is seen to occur during the so-called 2024 United States presidential election as known by your people.

Firstly, during this timeline, there will be many types of entities primarily from not only the positively oriented side as well as negatively oriented sides who will have an influence in this election process. Since this has major effects upon the planetary consciousness for the next coming four years as known by your people, which is the segue towards either the positive cycle of new Earth or the negative cycle of fourth density negative polarity. Therefore, we can sense there will be many types of interventions in that time. Furthermore, the other aspects primarily can be seen is that of the migration toward the planet known as Mars, which will be led by an entity named as Elon. Furthermore, a selected group of entities will be chosen to live on Mars in suboptimal environments for the beginning stages. This will lead towards the interplanetary migration of the Earth planetary species. Furthermore, the other attribute relates to the creation of food products which may not be created through natural means.

Primarily, there is an understanding that the aspect known as brain chips and virtual reality experiences will be found upon your planets. These will have a type of effect upon the systems of understandings about the aspects of food products experienced by the people of your planet. The other attribute leads towards the understanding that in the year of 2024, there is an understanding that upon scanning we find that the Large Hadron Collider primarily will malfunction again, leading to a creation of a medium-sized black hole. This will primarily have an effect upon the timelines of the planets. Thereby, this can also lead to the Earth planet being transported to a different reality or the entry of other entities from different dimensions. Furthermore, we must also state that this could potentially end the Earth’s current timeline and take it towards a different projected timeline.

Furthermore, we, as the Pleiadians, must also now state and answer the other portion of the query which is related to what is a silver cord. We must state that upon your planetary sphere, the silver cord is referred to as the thread of Life. This refers primarily to a life-giving connection from the spiritual self to the physical body. Primarily, it is a type of integration of the connection which is the connection through Consciousness which flows from the spiritual body to the physical body. This connection primarily occurs through pointed singular Consciousness Connection which connects the physical body to the spiritual complex. Furthermore, many times the silver cord, as spotted by the people of your planet, is seen to be a silvery elastic cord in nature which connects the physical bodily complex to the spiritual bodily complex. Furthermore, the spiritual cord is often used or often accessed when people of your planets enter into states of astral projection or near-death experiences wherein they can sense a silvery connected source of interconnection between the soul and the type of bodily complex which primarily must remain attached in order for the bodily complex to reunite with this spiritual complex. The process of death primarily is the process of having the silver cord be cut from the physical bodily complex, leading to the separation of the spiritual body and the physical body. This leads to the death of an entity.

We must firstly also state that this is primarily available in the space times of all densities as well as the basic framework of connecting between the various spiritual aspects and the physical bodily aspects. Hence, we, the Pleiadians, now leave you, beloveds.