Session #223 • Galactic Federation

If You Hear This On TV, Switch Off All Your Devices

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through internal systems to offer their insights. They warn listeners to use discernment. They explain that the recent earthquake in Japan was caused by the negatively oriented Orion social memory complex using advanced technology hidden in Antarctica and manipulated through CERN. They also discuss soul communication, protecting oneself from energy stealing entities, and the sighting of reptilian humanoid beings in Miami. They suggest remaining in alignment with the Creator's Consciousness by practicing conscious awareness through bodily sensations.

We are the Galactic Federation now in communication through this instrument’s internal communication systems. At this timeline, we are here to offer our thoughts and insights, which are being transferred through the inner Silence of this instrument. This has allowed this communication to occur without any hindrance from its own thought forms. However, we recommend all beings who shall listen to our messages at this timeline to use inner discernment when listening and trusting to our thought forms. This is, in a way, a guiding tool for all beings in this timeline to recognize and understand the clarity of experiencing greater levels of balanced nature of regularization of thought forms in the illusion complex.

Therefore, the first query relates to the understanding about what caused the earthquake in Japan on your SpaceTime recently on the timeline of 1st of January. Aspects of the earthquake were primarily created in coordination with the negatively oriented Orion social memory complex. They want to exert their dominance over the Earth planetary sphere. These entities primarily have used their advanced technology, which they have also given to many of those human entities who are their counterparts. They had conspired to utilize a weather manipulation device which was hidden in the depths of the location known as Antarctica. This device primarily has been inserted through the collaboration with the various negatively oriented service to self entities of your Human Social memory complex. They primarily have the power to manipulate atmospheric environmental situations.

Furthermore, this was coordinated in order to not only destabilize the various regions of the Earth planets. This aspect was created by also using the exploration of scientific understanding beneath the veil of distortion known by people as CERN. In CERN, the aspects of the creation of such a type of seismic manipulating device was created. This was done under the orchestration of Orion social memory complex reptilians, social memory complex, and their counterparts. Further, during the recent time of distortion known as the earthquake, which happened in Japan, the aspect of the vibration of seismic activity was distorted by attaching with the Earth’s electromagnetic fields and the vibration of creating false Lines within the tectonic plates beneath the location known as Japan through the use of the CERN particle accelerator as known by your people.

Furthermore, we must state that this was primarily done as we have stated upon your planetary illusion complex. The other portion of the query relates to how soul communication works. We must state firstly that soul communication primarily encompasses profound exchange of understanding, which may be beyond the thought forms of common understanding of your people in terms of scientific experiences. This aspect primarily revolves around receiving messages from a multi-dimensional or multiple multi-dimensional sources and transmitting from the multidimensional facets within oneself, which is found within all beings in the various Universal complexes. Furthermore, by understanding and recognizing the multi-dimensional communication is crucial for each Mind Body Spirit complex. Even though many times the process of multi-dimensional soul communication happens in a manner which may be subconscious, which is primarily often overlooked.

We must state that between the linear and nonlinear communication, there is a distinguishing factor which is essential to distinguish. Furthermore, we must state that linear formats, as seen upon your planets, is in the written and spoken languages, which follows a structured progression and pattern of one thought form of words after another, which may be considered as creation of sentences in a linear manner. Furthermore, this linear pattern primarily is characterized via the human communication, which primarily occurs in the domain of one timeline. Furthermore, this primarily also provides the understanding about the nature of how the brain complex processes information upon your illusion complex. Further, the difference between nonlinear communication is primarily of a different type, wherein nonlinear communication primarily is the communication of all possible timelines compounded together, which may be unreadable by your people. However, this aspect of nonlinear communication is primarily characterized by the vibrations of communication through internal understanding of the information, which may be downloaded from the Akashic records or from other soul communication systems by communicating with other entities.

We must also give an example that this communication of channeling is but a linear form of communication since we cannot express ourselves through the vibratory sound complexes of your planets in a nonlinear fashion. It is much like understanding the aspects of information from all timelines being received in a single time, which may lead to misunderstandings upon your planet sphere. However, the understanding of this aspect is primarily important since the spiritual communication at the core happens in a nonlinear fashion. Furthermore, we must state that the other aspects of the query relate to how entities can protect themselves from another entity stealing its energy and how this energy stealing operates upon your planetary sphere.

We must state that in the Earthly illusion complex, the aspects of energy transference primarily is an aspect which traverses multiple dimensions. Entities, in their diverse forms, primarily interact with each other energetically, which fosters exchanges that encompass sharing, influencing, or inquiring potential appropriation of energy. Furthermore, the aspect of safeguarding one’s energetic frequency is a multifaceted approach which primarily resonates with the vibrational frequencies that may be of a unique nature to each individual Mind Body Spirit complex. Therefore, establishing energetic boundaries with self-awareness, intention, and thought forms is a foundational Shield which is able to shield against any negative entities. Furthermore, this primarily encompasses cultivating self-awareness and maintaining a harmonious energetic frequency or state of consciousness, which can be equated with the state of balanced emotion such as peace, joy, happiness, or any other positive emotional state which must be nurtured. This will provide resilience against external influences.

Energetic appropriation primarily manifests through various types of means, which often involve subtle manipulations or imbalances within the energetic field of the individual entity. Furthermore, some interactions with other entities who are of different vibrations can lead to drainage of vital energies, creating imbalances or emotional turmoil. Such entities are those entities primarily who create emotions of fear, anxiety, or discomfort within the internal bodily complex feeling state of the affected individual entity. Indeed, every time an entity who is of a higher vibration interacts with entities of a lower emotional vibration state, the entity of a lower emotion state always wants to pull the entity of a higher vibration state to the lower emotional state by inflicting words or thought forms of negative nature, actions of negative nature, and other attributes which may be of negative nature.

However, we must state that an entity who has already stabilized in a higher emotional state cannot be affected by a lower vibration entity. Since the higher vibration entity, who is in the emotional state of peace, love, joy, will see through the tactics used by the negatively oriented entities to pull it down in its vibrational state. Therefore, these entities are immune to such types of distortions. We must state that also a simple method of visualization by surrounding the self with white lights, which shall be infused with love vibration, is the best way in which each entity can protect itself. This process can be done prior to waking up in the morning timeline of your planetary sphere, wherein each entity who wants to protect itself can cover itself by imagining a white light of Shield covering its mind’s Body Spirit complex, which shall protect it from any type of negative distortions in the timeline.

Furthermore, we shall answer the other query related to what is the truth about the events of supposed alien beings spotted in the location known as Miami by your people. We must firstly state that the recent sightings of peculiar beings in the location of Miami of your Western Hemisphere primarily might not be understood properly by your people. Upon scanning, we find that these were indeed reptilian humanoid entities who were primarily 90% humanoid beings. However, 10% of their bodily complex was transmuted and genetically modified to have the ability of reptilian entities, such as shape shifting and other abilities to enter into the shadow realm.

We must state that these reptilian entities primarily were unable to control this technology during the incident which happened in Miami, which primarily resulted in them having these types of distortions which were found by the people of your planet. Furthermore, we must state that if such types of images or such types of beings are showcased upon the television or any other devices of your planets, it is requested that all beings must turn off the devices when such types of projections are transmitted. Since the reptilian Orion social memory complexes upon sight also transmit negative vibrations, hence each entity must protect itself at this timeline.

The final query relates to the understanding of a simple method to remain in alignment with the Creator’s Consciousness, which suggests each entity to practice simply the movements of conscious awareness through the bodily organs and sensations. This primarily requires the understanding that thought forms are primarily attached to Consciousness only if the Consciousness remains static in a certain location without awareness. This leads the thought forms to use the conscious attention. Furthermore, we must suggest that the Consciousness attention or awareness must be moved faster than the thought forms can catch up to the conscious attention within the bodily complex. This can be done simply by moving the conscious awareness through various bodily organs, simply by cycling attention from the top of the head, ears, the eyes, the nose region, the throat region, and slowly moving downwards the bodily complex by taking attention to each point in the bodily complex.

This practice, if done properly, will elevate the attachments of thought forms to Consciousness, thereby uniting truly with the Creator’s Consciousness and will allow each entity to remain in the present moment’s awareness. Hence, we, the Galactic Federation, now having answered the queries, send love lights to all who listen to our message. And we leave you now, beloved. Bye.